Hogwarts and the Wolf in the Fold

Voldemort puts a spy into Hogwarts.
Set during the year of the Half-blood Prince.


4. A New Home

 A New Home

David felt a thrill of intense excitement at the name. He didn’t know why but the name seemed to carry a powerful enchantment. He looked around for anything that he could take with him but there was nothing there.
“What about my things at the house? He asked.
“You will no longer need the trappings of a muggle home” said Voldemort.
“I will provide for you. Now we must go.”
“But where are we going?”
“A place that is hidden. The servant of one of my followers will look after you and has been given strict instructions not to ask any questions of you. I will attend to your education and instruction in your task for me when time allows.”
“Now take my hand and see how one of the true blood can move time and space at his command.”
David grasped Voldemort’s hand and was surprised to find it cold and clammy. The vice-like grip on his own hand became increasingly strong, almost painful. Then with a sudden stomach-wrenching pull he felt himself dragged into a whirling spinning world. He felt sick and dizzy as colours spun around him and he fell through a never-ending space.
Then just as he was about to scream for it to stop, he felt himself hit solid ground. David however kept on falling and only the grip of Voldemort prevented him from bashing his head on the floor. He hung stupidly by his arm and Voldemort laughed his mirthless laugh again.
“You will get used to that” he said.
“I hope so.” Said David, who didn’t feel at that moment that magical travel was so great.
He looked around and saw that they were no longer in the hospital room but outside the front door of an old house. A big house that must have had five or six bedrooms and surrounded by large grounds with many trees. It looked old like a country estate that David had seen pictures of in a magazine.
“This is the home of two of my most devoted followers. They are how can I put this, indisposed at the moment. They have recently been released from the wizards’ prison called Azkaban and are at present living as permanent guests in the home of another of my followers. This is but a temporary inconvenience. They shall soon be allowed more freedom and then one of them will come here and help in your training.”
Voldemort led David into the house, the door opening before them. Inside was a double staircase leading to the upper floor and a large wooden double-door opening into a large sitting room.
The room was sparsely furnished with just a few dusty old armchairs with high backs and one large settee in front of an open fire. There was also a big dresser with a selection of books. The room was lit by an oil lamp on a table and candles in holders around the walls.
As David looked around and tried to take in the whole situation he noticed something move near the fire.
He jumped back as a terrified-looking tiny figure moved into the light. There before him crouched an emaciated creature of human form but not a human.
“You! Elf.” Growled Voldemort.
“Fetch food and drink for my apprentice, then show him his room and the rest of the house.”
David stared in amazement at the thing as it squeaked and ran off as quickly as it could. He saw that it was wearing a filthy potato sack and no shoes. From the short glimpse of it before it ran off he could see that it had a large knobbly head with huge protruding eyes. Its ears were as large as a donkeys but without the hair. They were pointed at the end and flapping down at the sides of the head.
“It is a house elf.” Said Voldemort.
“It will give you what you need. They are vermin but can be used to perform menial tasks.”
David was speechless. Were house elves dangerous?
“I must leave now to make other preparations.” Said Voldemort.
“Read the books and remember as much as you can. Expect my return in a week or two.”
Voldemort spoke that last few words with a finality that suggested that David would have to fend for himself for a short while and that questions about Voldemort’s whereabouts would not be answered.
Voldemort gave David one final look and then turned and with a swish of his cloak walked out of the room and with a crack was suddenly gone.
David was alone. Alone in a strange house and who knows where? It was a lot to take in for a fifteen-year-old boy.
Over the years of being moved around David had acquired a tough way of dealing with new people and places, but this was something different. He had become used to taking things as they came, but going from boy in hospital bed to boy being show real magic and taken to a house inhabited by strange creatures in such a short time was, well, odd to say the least.
He looked around and tried to take it all in but it was all a bit overwhelming. The room was very big and because of the flickering light of the lamps was filled with dark shadows.
He wandered over to the table and looked at the books lying there. They were dusty old volumes with leather covers and with curious titles.
The first that he picked up was surprisingly heavy and the pages were of thick parchment though David just knew it as paper. The colour was a dark red and there was a gold-lettered title “The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1” and an author’s name Miranda Goshawk.
David let it fall open and saw a page with a pencil drawn picture of a man with his head resting on a table and “Aah!” he dropped the book and stepped back.
The man in the picture had raised an arm and scratched his head. The picture had actually moved! The book lay open on the table at the same page and David edged forward and peered warily at the image. The man seemed to have stopped moving again, or was he? He was snoring. The man was asleep and the picture was moving to show it.
Above the picture was a heading “Simple Sleeping Spells” and below and on the opposite page were several words in a bold text and presumably a description of the spell accompanying each one.
This simple spell will cause the recipient to go into an instant sleep. The spell will last for five
minutes or longer depending on the power of the incantation. The motion of the wand and wrist action is illustrated below.
Again there was a drawing of a hand holding a wand that was making a circular motion and flicking towards the intended victim of the spell.
David laughed with glee and picked up the book, flicking through the pages and noting with relish that most of the pictures in the book were moving. More magic.
He threw the book to one side and read the titles of the others. There was a dirty black book with a silver lining and silver lettering showed it to be called “An Introduction to the Dark Arts” by Gerontius Filbert.
Inside the cover was a library card holder with a coat of arms printed on it. There were four animals on the crest and a big letter ‘H’.
Again David flicked through the pages and he noted that someone had written in the margins of the book here and there. This book didn’t seem to be as interesting as there were few illustrations and a lot of writing.
The third book was a bright blue colour and with many pages. It was titled “Potions for Beginners” by Hereward Tincture. It looked more like a recipe book and was full of lists of ingredients and short descriptions of how to make the various brews. David thought it was probably very boring and he dropped it onto the table.
Just then he heard a door creak open and then close with a click. From the darkness at the side of the room he watched the little elf move towards him carrying a large silver salver. She checked around the room to make sure that Voldemort was no longer there and then she placed the salver on a little table by the fire and removed the lid. The delicious smell of roasted chicken arose and David felt suddenly very hungry.
The elf beckoned David to come and sit in the armchair beside the fire and as he approached he could see that there was a jug of juice as well.
The elf sat David down and pulled off his shoes putting them by the side of the fire where it was warm and dry.
“Pinky has made chicken sandwiches and cream buns for you” she said. On the salver were a white plate with a pile of sandwiches and a side dish with two huge cream-filled buns. David took a sandwich and began to eat with relish. He looked at the elf, who stood there watching him eat and seemingly pleased that he liked the food.
“Who is Pinky?” Asked David.
“I is Pinky” squeaked the elf. “I is called Pinky. I made the supper for you, Master apprentice”.
“You don’t need to call me apprentice” laughed David.
“You can call me..”
“No-oooo!” squealed Pinky, covering her ears with her large hands.
“Master must not say his name to Pinky.”
“Why not?”
“Because the Dark Lord commands it” she replied.
“We must obey the Dark Lord whenever he asks for something. Nobody dares to disobey him. Pinky will not disobey her orders.”
David could see that she was serious and although he couldn’t see why she should be so scared to disobey Voldemort, he accepted it.
“Can you tell me more about yourself?” He asked.
“I don’t know where I am or what this place is or anything.”
“I is Pinky the house elf of Master Rodolphus and mistress Bellatrix Lestrange.” Said Pinky with a sense of pride.
“I is looking after this house since I was young and even when the Master and mistress is away.”
David had spent a lot of time in children’s homes and was used to having his meals made for him by housekeepers. Although Pinky was a most unusual person he was not taken aback to find that this big house needed a live-in housekeeper.
“The house is called Maison Des Charmes. We is hidden from muggles by spells put on the forest around us. If they comes into the forest they gets lost and always comes back out from where they started.”
David was impressed that magic could do such a thing. Was there anything that magic couldn’t do? He began to get excited at the thought that he might one day be able to do the same kind of thing himself.
“Has Master apprentice visited the South of France before?” Asked Pinky.
“South France?” David was stunned.
“Yes, Master.”
David and Voldemort must have travelled hundreds of miles in a matter of seconds. It was unbelievable.
“No. I thought we were in the North, somewhere near Paris.”
Pinky giggled and her ears flapped as she tried to hold her mouth shut to stop the sound.
David giggled too at the sight of her.
“Pinky is a pretty cool name. Is there anybody else living here?”
“Oh no, Master apprentice” said Pinky.
“We house elves is the only ones here now. The Dark Lord returns every now and again, but Pinky hides when he is here and only comes out if he commands it. Pinky must follow orders from the Lestrange family and many years ago they telled Pinky to obey the Dark Lord.”
“Can I look around the rest of the house?” Asked David.
“Of course, Master apprentice. Pinky will like to show you the home of the Lestranges.”
She held out a hand to indicate the direction of the door and David instinctively took hold of it. Pinky jumped with shock and looked fearfully at David, but when she saw his smiling face she gave a look of sheer joy and pulled him quickly towards the opening.
They almost ran together through the door and along the corridor and David laughed as Pinky gave a running commentary of everything that could be seen in the semidarkness.
“This is the library when Master Rodolphus keeps his collection of books and papers. Lots and lots of shelves in there..”
“..and here is the portrait of Mademoiselle Eloise Lestrange, the great-aunt of Master Rodolphus..”
“..Here is the dining room. You can eat here if you likes; there is a nice view of the garden and forest through the tall windows..”
Pinky yanked on David’s arm and turned him round and up a magnificent spiral staircase at the end of the corridor. Davis felt dizzy with the turn of the spiral and the laughing combined.
Pinky seemed to be having the time of her life and David wondered if she had ever had the chance to do the same thing before.
“..this is the bathroom that Master apprentice will use and next to it is the visitor bedroom where young Master will sleep.”
David made to open the door of the room, but Pinky dragged him further on and continued to describe the rooms and furniture.
When at last Pinky seemed to have run out of energy and had shown David almost every corner of the huge house. Three floors and an attic, plus cellars that Pinky said contained a great collection of fine wines that Rodolphus had collected over many years. There were rooms that Pinky said were out of bounds to David and there must have been many other secret or hidden rooms, but there was just too much for David to take in all at one go.
“Pinky will show Master apprentice to his room and Pinky will come and wake him in the morning for breakfast.”
They went back to the room she had shown him earlier and she opened the door and led him through.
David was pleasantly surprised to find a big four-poster bed with thick heavy drapes. It looked very comfortable and big enough for four people to sleep in.
The room was still lit by the dying sun and clouds of dust could be seen floating in the sunbeams. David let go of Pinky’s hand and walked over to the window to take in the view of the forest. It looked very green and dark inside.
He turned around to say this to Pinky and was stunned to see now that she had beautiful large pink eyes. She was standing looking at him with almost adoration.
“I didn’t see before that you have pink eyes. They look amazing.” He said.
Pinky blushed almost as pink as her eyes and she squeezed her hands together with delight.
“Pinky will wake Master apprentice in the morning. Good night, sir!”
She did a small curtsey and fled the room. David gazed after her and felt that he might possibly have a friend that he could spend his time with in the new home.


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