Hogwarts and the Wolf in the Fold

Voldemort puts a spy into Hogwarts.
Set during the year of the Half-blood Prince.


2. A Man with a Problem

A Man with a Problem

A bright blue flame burst into light and streamed into an open fireplace where the logs took hold and started to crackle and smoke. It appeared to emanate from the end of a stick that someone was holding and pointing towards the fire.
The man flicked his wrist to stop the flame and sat back in his armchair.
This was no ordinary man, however. He was a wizard and the stick that he was using to light the fire was a powerful wand. The wand was powerful and the wizard who held it was perhaps the most formidable sorcerer that the world has ever seen.
His name was, well his real name was Tom. Tom Marvolo Riddle. Not many people knew this because he had been very careful to hide this information for a long time. Years, in fact.
He had taken steps to ensure that his past, the details of his birth and upbringing that he despised, had been wiped from people’s knowledge.
Once, he had been a star pupil, head boy and then a young man with a very bright future ahead. As far as his teachers and peers had thought.
But from a very early age Tom had already planned his own career.
Tom was ambitious, but in a very dark and unpleasant way. He thought nothing of using the darkest magic and violence to achieve his goals.
His ultimate aim was to become the leader of the entire wizarding world and thus the whole world as well. He did not consider that non-magical people, muggles, would be difficult to overcome.
But in order to achieve this he had to take steps and to plan carefully. He had killed when he was still a schoolboy. Killed his own father. There was nothing and no-one that mattered to him. He used people according to their value in his schemes and their abilities or savagery.
He had killed his father because it was he after whom he was named and he hated that name. Tom, so common, was not worthy of the great and glorious wizard that he was going to become.
He dropped his real name and chose another, one that would strike fear into his enemies. He named himself Voldemort.
The people that he gathered around him as henchmen and women, the followers of his ideals were called death-eaters. They had a common aim and that was to bring the wizarding population out of hiding and to rule alongside their Master.
They called Voldemort their Master and many of them adored him, seeing him as a strong leader who could unite them and bring them power and riches. Many, however, were terrified of him and only carried out his orders because they feared the reprisals if they did not satisfy his wishes.
Voldemort demanded full loyalty and obedience from his death-eaters and any others in his service. It was that or death.
His most ardent followers and his closest confidants began to refer to him as the Dark Lord. When Voldemort heard rumour of this he was not displeased and indeed much preferred it.
From there on he became more known for this title than any other and the number of people who even remembered that Tom Riddle had existed became fewer and fewer.
Along with the change in his name, Voldemort had changed his physical appearance. He was still a tall and slender man who carried himself with an air of great bearing, but his features were no longer handsome to behold.
He had been a good-looking young man at school and had even attracted the attentions of the prettiest girls. Now, however, his face had been become strangely contorted. Changed by the many spells and transfigurations that he had used upon himself in his study of the dark arts, black magic.
He had become more snake-like in appearance. His nose was flat and more like slits, his eyes were almost blood-red with cat-like pupils and his attractive long dark wavy hair was gone. If the name of Voldemort were not enough to put fear into anyone who had reason to come to his notice, then the sight of him alone would certainly terrify the unprepared.
Voldemort sat and stared into the fire. He had a problem and the problem was this..
There also lived another wizard who was as powerful, if not more so, than himself. This wizard was his nemesis. He had worked against Voldemort for a long time and his interference in the great plan was a constant thorn in his side.
This wizard was called Albus Dumbledore. He was the headmaster of the only wizarding school in Britain. A renowned school with a long and wonderful history.
Almost every wizard born in Britain was educated in this school and because Dumbledore had worked there for such a long time, he knew much about Voldemort and the death-eaters themselves. He had played a part in their training and upbringing as wizard children.
He did not, however, share their beliefs of wizard rule and had worked against them in the past and at this time too. He had contacts in the ministry and a small army of followers who also wanted to stop Voldemort and his followers from achieving their goals. The Order of the Phoenix was what they called themselves.
There was also another problem. A problem that ate away at Voldemort and it was one that he had tried to resolve several times. There was another wizard. A boy.
This boy had almost cost Voldemort his life and in an attempt to kill him he had himself been torn out of his physical body and was forced to spend the ensuing thirteen years as a mere ghost-like being.
He had been returned to a real body over a year ago using dark magic and now he wanted revenge.
The boy was called Harry Potter. Voldemort had killed the boy’s parents but something had gone wrong when he cast a killing curse at the boy.
Voldemort still didn’t fully understand why this had happened and he was nervous of what would happen if he tried again.
Dumbledore had taken control of Potter’s life from that time onwards and had protected him from any intervention by the death-eaters. He had taught him skills to help him fight against Voldemort and had surrounded him by do-gooders and blood traitors.
Voldemort needed a solution to these problems and he had thought long and hard about how to overcome them.
This year was going to be Harry Potter’s sixth year at Hogwarts. Voldemort had recently had a duel with Dumbledore at the Ministry of Magic in London and had got close to killing both him and Potter, but he had been thwarted by the arrival of aurors and hit-wizards.
Aurors were the cream of the wizarding world. Powerful and highly trained wizards and witches who acted in a similar way to the muggle police.
After that episode Voldemort had decided to eliminate both Dumbledore and Potter. He didn’t believe that Potter was a more powerful wizard than himself, but he knew that the boy possessed some hidden quality that was yet to be understood.
Voldemort had not yet formulated a plan to complete this task, but he had put a few small ideas into action. He had ordered the son of one of his death-eaters to kill Dumbledore at school, a place where Voldemort himself could not enter. This was because of the magical protection that had been put in place by the school’s founders in the long ages ago.
The boy had no real chance of achieving this objective, but the information about Dumbledore’s security and the protection around the Hogwarts castle would be very valuable.
But why did he not entirely trust this boy and his helpers? Sons of other death-eaters.
The reason was simple. They were only performing these tasks because they were terrified of him. They did them in order to save their own worthless lives and their families. They were not willing participants in the plans.
What he needed was another, a boy or girl who would be utterly devoted to him. He could, of course, cast a spell over a suitable candidate to make them do whatever he chose.
But those kinds of spells were short-lived and not infallible. The victim could fight against the spell over time and eventually break out of it. This would be of no use.
He needed someone to be counterpart to Harry Potter, whose relationship with Dumbledore was already shown to be one of respect and admiration.
This would be difficult because Voldemort was known and feared throughout the wizarding world. What he required was someone who, like Potter, was a young wizard but had grown up not knowing this fact. Someone at an age where he would soon be contacted by Hogwarts and be told that he was ready to attend the school and begin his wizarding education.
At birth, every child born to a witch or wizard was spellbound with the Trace. This was a simple spell that ensured that the child could be tracked or found at any time. The spell only broke when the child reached adulthood at seventeen years of age.
Voldemort had kept all his secrets close and only the most trusted death-eaters were ever given partial knowledge of his thoughts and ideas.
There was, to his memory, only one child that might fill the requirements of this particular situation. This child was also considered to be dead.
When Voldemort had been at the height of his powers fifteen years ago, he had waged war against the Ministry of Magic and the Order of the Phoenix. He had identified many of their number individually and had targeted them for elimination.
Two particularly irritating enemies were husband and wife, called Arcturus and Marlene McKinnon. Auror-trained, they worked hand-in-hand with Dumbledore and the Order.
Voldemort had sent a team of death-eaters to kill them and they had successfully completed the task. At least, Arcturus and Marlene were dead along with two children and grandparents. But news had also reached him that the McKinnons had a baby that had not been accounted for.
It was a minor irritation at the time and Voldemort had taken steps to find the whereabouts of the child, so that he could send out a message of fear and intimidation to his enemies.
Eventually, a witch from the muggle-liaison committee of the Ministry of Magic had found the child at a hospital where it had been taken for a routine check-up, by family friends. Muggle friends.
Without knowing exactly why, but with a sixth sense for future events, he had murdered the witch and kept this nugget of information to himself.
Now, he understood that the child could be the answer to his problem. But first he had to find the child again and then to play a particular role. He had to gain the child’s confidence and to groom him for a specific task.
The child had to become devoted to Voldemort and the cause of the death-eaters, to be trained to perform many spells. He would have to use secrecy and concealment to spy upon Dumbledore and Potter.
He would also need to be placed inside Hogwarts itself. There had to be a means of him gaining entry without it looking suspicious and for him to be able to blend in with the others. That meant giving the boy certain information, but not allowing him to know anything that could arouse the suspicions of Dumbledore, if rumour got back to him.
It would be a difficult and subtle undertaking.


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