teachers's pet

Bryan Breeding falls in love a teacher when he becomes a student teacher, but there's only one problem he's 16 years old.and the teacher is is 25years old will this relationship work or naw you get to decide what happens next i except all requests and will put them in the story the best i can


2. The first day: Bryan's p.o.v.

I walked into America high, where I went to school. To my surprise, it looked the same as it did when I left. I walked to the office to find out what room I would be student teaching.

Excuse me. I was wondering what class i needed to go to for student teaching.

She took off her headset off. 

What's your name? 

Bryan Breeding

I responded sheepishly. The lady looked back at the computer and typed something.

Come with me.

She took me down the 9th-grade hallway which looked unfamiliar to me. The halls were painted a light blue. The halls I remembered were gray and dirty looking.

Here you go room 531.

She shook my hand and left. That's when I saw her. She looked like a size 2 with triple d titties and a Nicki Minaj ass. It was just like you see it in the movies. You know the girl seems to be moving in slow motion with her hair blowing in the wind. That's exactly how it was with me.

My me is Ms. Angel,but you can call me Jane. If you want to.

I kept staring at he titties.

I-I-I'm B-B-Bryan. B-B-Bryan B-B-Breeding.

I said nervously.

Well hi Bryan. Welcome to me classroom.

She said. I was stuck. I didn't know what to say. She was just so damn pretty.

So just to let you know i'm splitting the class into two groups. You'll teach one group and  ill teach the other group.Okay. We'er going over how to make a popper business letter. You think you can handle that ? 

I just stood there in silence.

Hello earth to Bryan.Did you hear me. 

It took me a second but finally understood what she said.

Oh yeah i can handle that no problem .

She smiled and when she smiled it was the cutest smile I've ever seen.

Great that's what i like to hear. The kids will be here any minute so be prepared. 


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