teachers's pet

Bryan Breeding falls in love a teacher when he becomes a student teacher, but there's only one problem he's 16 years old.and the teacher is is 25years old will this relationship work or naw you get to decide what happens next i except all requests and will put them in the story the best i can


1. the chaaracters

Bryan Breeding

the 16 year old student teacher who is in love with Ms. Angel, graduated as a sophomore in high school.

Ms. Angel

Real name is Jane Angel which only Bryan knows, 25 years old, lives in the Bronx New York 20 minutes outside of where she works, after hanging out with with Bryan for quite some time she starts to gain feelings for him..

Jenifer Gomez

Bryan's ex-girl friend, 17 years who became Maria's best friend, started becoming a stalker and tell maria everything that happens good or bad, it get to the point that she wants to kill Ms. Angel for spending so much time with him.



If you would like to be in the story please tell me your name with a picture age and a description.


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