I'll keep you save

Autumn Hartley is 16 years old and what people call an 'emo girl.' She gets bullied all the time, but she does get support from her best friend Reed. He's the captain of the football team and of course all the girls are over him. When Autumn was 12 her parents and little brother died in a plane crash. She had no family to take care of her so she went to live in an abandoned house. She inherits a lot of money from her family when they died so she went to school and also had money for food. Not like she needed food because she was suffering from an eating disorder. This is her story.


3. Him

They were the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen in my whole life. They were green with blue and they had this sparkle in 'em. "You can tell me" the boy smiled at me. I shook my head and looked down. "Don't worry about it, I'm fine."

I was about to get up but the boy grabbed my arm, I tried to break free but that hurt even more cause he was holding onto my cuts. I tried to look away so he couldn't see my tears but he did.

He quickly let go of my arm and I looked at him. "Why are you crying? Tell me!" "I don't even know you!" "I'm Ethan Winters and you are?" "Autumn Hartley." I said quietly while playing with my fingers.

"Where do you live?" "Bond street 74" (made that one up) I whispered, not wanting other people to hear. He looked at me shocked. "What's wrong?" "I live on Bond street 73! But the house next to mine, where you're saying you live has been abandoned for 10 years"

I shook my head "I've been living there since I was 12, since my....since my parents died" He gasped "I'm so sorry" "It's okay, it's been 4 years." "How can you live there? Where do you get the money from, why don't you live with family?"

I looked at him and chuckled at him. "Calm down, I bought a bed and some furniture with the money I inherited from my family and I can't live with my family because I don't have any family left."

I heard yelling and I looked up "HEY FREAK!" Ethan looked at me and raised his eyebrows "I ehh.. I have to go." I took my backpack and started running home. I went inside and locked the door.

Someone knocked on my door. "Open up Autumn! Please open the door." I sighed and opened the door. Ethan walked in and looked around. "Wow..I never knew this place was so big" I chuckled. "It's the same as your house?"

He shook his head "no, this house in way bigger" I walked to the kitchen and Ethan followed. "You want to stay here for dinner?" "yeah sure" he said smiling. I smiled back at him and got my phone out of my backpack to order pizza. I put my phone on the table. "I'm just going upstairs to change" he nodded and I walked upstairs and into my room.

I changed, fixed my hair and my make up. I heard the bell ring and walked downstairs. Ethan was closing the door and he walked to the kitchen to set down the pizza.

I walked to the kitchen "did you pay for the pizza??" he nodded and I got money out of my backpack but he stopped me and told me it was fine. I smiled at him and we both walked to  the kitchen.  

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