I'll keep you save

Autumn Hartley is 16 years old and what people call an 'emo girl.' She gets bullied all the time, but she does get support from her best friend Reed. He's the captain of the football team and of course all the girls are over him. When Autumn was 12 her parents and little brother died in a plane crash. She had no family to take care of her so she went to live in an abandoned house. She inherits a lot of money from her family when they died so she went to school and also had money for food. Not like she needed food because she was suffering from an eating disorder. This is her story.


1. Characters

Autumn Hartley - Kind but insecure girl who gets bullied


Reed Cartwright - Autumns best friend and captain of the football team

Ethan Winters - Lives in the house next to Autumn, doesn't go to school

Cody Brown - Player in the football team, bully of Autumn and friend of Reed

Chelsea Barnes - Main bully of Autumn, Cody's girlfriend and a cheerleader

Rose Reynolds - Nice, popular girl who wants to help Autumn

Jay Porter - Popular guy who's in love with Autumn

Emily Severs - Popular girl, cheerleader who's in love with Reed. Also a bully of Autumn



Hii guys, I hope that you're all going to like this story. I'll try to update as much as possible :)
Love you all x Daphne


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