The Lost Ones

Alisha knows her way around without being seen, it's been that way since she was 12. And she likes it that way.
She's not one to get attached to people, she doesn't have friends unless she needs connections and she definitely does not talk to anyone at the hell hole she must call school.
She may be unseen but she knows how to get the things she needs and wants, all without anyone noticing her much. But that all changes when things get a little weird around.
Blake or 'Blade' is the new guy in town, and when there's new people they normally tend talk. He stumbles upon Alisha and for some reason is interested in her. She can't see why, but he does. And when she gets closer everything hits the fan.
~~Some explicit things in here WARNING~~


3. Trips

Ch. 3 


I look down at the small little white pills, that yet so small can do so much. 'The pills are just a cover up you know.'  The little voice in the back of my head spoke smoothly, but with harshness in it. They say you know you have split personality when the voices you hear in your head don't sound like you. This does not sound a thing like me. It's a male's voice, deep and smooth, but electrifying. The voice is soothing, and the shocks it gives me isn't bad, but yet it's so irresistible that what ever it says I'll do. Especially when intoxicated. 

The fog of the drugs mix with the voices and perfect numb comes back. I can't describe this feeling, but something about it feels so fast and rushing, but so calming. My head spins with the pills, I blanked on. Destiny, with in seconds had a hard surface and sharp razor blade she had in her hand cut them up and turned it into a powered substance. She handed me the shiny hard service and a rolled up piece of paper with a smile painted on her face. The excitement behind her lips is what I imagine drugs would look like if drugs so happened to be a person. I take it from her and lean down to the rolled paper. It tickles my nostril, I hold the other and breath in, the little pieces of substance burned as I inhaled. My vision blurs around the edges and the colors blend together. The thoughts in my mind start to fade and all I can feel is the humming all through my body. 

I feel a hand on my shoulder, and I see Destiny at the other end. A bubbly laugh boils out over the edges and I start to laugh hysterically. Destiny joins in with me. 

My mind blanks out for a moment and when I'm back I am standing now, alone, on the dock. The wind off of the shore brushes my hair back. I can feel foot steps stepping up from behind me, my heart started to race at the thought of who it might be. A little panic stirred in my stomach but I repeat "Stay calm." His eyes pierced through my head, and I knew it was him. 

I felt a hand on my waist and the hot chill of his breath on my neck, "Hey babe." His words in my ear brings back the feel of his forceful arms on me, pushing me to the ground. I don't feel panic, but instead rage. The feeling in my body urns for his blood in between my lips, and the feel of his pulse fading underneath my teeth. I gather my voice inside of my throat and have the courage to speak. " I would suggest, if you would like to keep your balls attached to the pathetic thing you call a dick, you should step away now." My words spilled out, I didn't really comprehend half of what I said. But his grip tightened on my waist, I could feel the churn in my stomach to kill him. I had every intention to turn around and knee him in the balls. But a voice from behind echoed and stopped me from making a move. 
"Step away." A man's voice said and Josh's hand automatically pulled away and the heavy feeling in my heart started to release.The anxiety went away only for a few seconds until I heard his voice again. 
"Who are you?" He sneered. I turned around to see what was going on behind me. I could barley see the man in front of Josh because of the blurred blackness from the drugs. "Step. Away." The strange unfamiliar voice said in a stern tone, that if I was Josh, would have made me pee my pants. The black shape in front of us stepped up closer, out of the shadows. His facial expression didn't match his angered voice, it was calm but serious. My mind wandered to the thought, why is he so protective?and who is he? 

His facial features came into view and I could see the definition of his jaw line, if he were to be punched in the jaw I am almost positive that you would break your hand before you broke his jaw. His eyes were almost glowing, the light here wasn't much so it was almost feline like. It was almost as if I could feel Josh's fear radiating off of him, I know it's the acid, but I can understand. Without hesitation Josh stepped away and walked around the strange man. The illuminating eyes was still looking at me, at first they still held anger but then it went to sympathetic, as if he actually knew me. I try to search in the back of my head for a face that matches his, but I come up blank. I have never seen this man in my life. And it seems though he is acting like he cares for me. A complete stranger, the drugs impair me from being able to grasp this concept. 

My wandering mind leaped to Destiny, I wonder where she could be. If she knows where I am. We seemed to drift off when my feet took me away. I was pulled out of my thoughts by the strange man in front of me, his hand on my shoulder, the hard touch was scary but it felt as if his hand was sliding through my skin. His hot breath trickles down my spine, as he whispers in my ear. "We must get you out of here." And with that his grasp got tighter and he was pulling me from the dock to the sandy land. The lights passed us, creating shadows and blurred people around me. I try to stop, I try to say something, but everything was blocked and the little voice inside my head wanted to scream. But I knew if I did anything I would burst, which is not what I want on these drugs. 
His guiding hand lead me through the passing people and to the edge of the woods. I stopped in my tracks, without saying anything. His grip on me didn't matter. I would not go into the woods with this man I do not know nor trust at all. I could see him turn back to me and his words tingle my nose, as his breath hits my face. "What, what's wrong." The worrying tone was in his voice. Giving me false trust, and I know it. 

I found my voice in the back of my throat and speak. "I need to go find my friend Destiny." I attempted to pull away. As I tried his eyes seemed to glow more and my heart started to pound and the voice in the back of my head got deeper, and more scary. 'Bite him and run. He's trying to hurt you.' I wanted to give in to it, but I knew I couldn't. I just tried harder to pull away, but to no avail I couldn't get past his muscle. Our eyes met and its hypnotizing powers stopped me from trying any harder to pull away. His glowing eyes got closer to me and I could feel his temper rising. Something inside me curled at his horrific eyes and, everything about him at that moment made me want to rip out his insides and eat them. 

The man's grip tightened and his other hand was around my mouth and his lips pressed up to my ear. "You don't scream. Got it? I'm not afraid to twist." His fingertips were at the edges of my cheek, gripping my jaw. Instinctively I knew he could, with a twist, break my neck. I sneered out something, my conscious self didn't understand what I was saying, but it sounded rugged and low. I'm not sure what is going on with myself right now, but for some reason I am not in control. Something that was buried in the bottom of me has come out. My jaw opens, without me noticing and my teeth come down on his hand. His face is still angered, and it doesn't seem to phase him in the least bit. His fingertips tightened and his palm had a better grip. In seconds all I heard was a million different cracks, and no pain, just the image of his face in front of me go dark. 

Even if I am dead, I still can know what I am thinking. And this amazes me. 

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