The Lost Ones

Alisha knows her way around without being seen, it's been that way since she was 12. And she likes it that way.
She's not one to get attached to people, she doesn't have friends unless she needs connections and she definitely does not talk to anyone at the hell hole she must call school.
She may be unseen but she knows how to get the things she needs and wants, all without anyone noticing her much. But that all changes when things get a little weird around.
Blake or 'Blade' is the new guy in town, and when there's new people they normally tend talk. He stumbles upon Alisha and for some reason is interested in her. She can't see why, but he does. And when she gets closer everything hits the fan.
~~Some explicit things in here WARNING~~


2. Little Escapes


Ch. 2 

When I wake up from me dozing out earlier, I smelled metal. I looked around my room and the light outside that I feel asleep to was not there anymore. It was replaced by the night. I look over at my clock that's sitting on my nightstand next to my lamp. 12:50, wow I was asleep for a while. I flip around so I'm not laying on my side, and stare up at the ceiling. 
I wonder why my mom was acting weird earlier. She's not normally so bitter, but she has her off days sometimes. Some days worse than others. I think it's the infection that's getting to her. She's not able to mover her legs, the doctors say that she will probably never move her legs again. When she first found out she went into a very harsh depression, she wouldn't eat or anything. All she did was sleep and stare at her blank wall all day. I can feel her pain, it's like my heart aches with hers. The doctors say the infection is going to get worse and she won't be able to walk again. And the chances of her dying is very high. 

I push the thought to the back of my head so tears don't spring to my eyes. I reach for my phone that's sitting on my nightstand and type in a number that I've memorized. I know exactly what to do to avoid sitting in my room over thinking every last detail, as much as I want to. The dial tone turns into a ringing and the ringing turns into a sweet high voice. "Hello?" Her voice sounds pleasant, unlike mine. "Hi.It's Alisha." I say with a hush voice. Her voice beams through the phone "Well of course! Hey! You wantin' somethin'? Cause I got you something! We're having a little something right now, you can come down and party with us tonight if you want." I smile at how happy she is. I wonder what she's not on. "We're at the peer, like always." 
The peer is where all the dope heads go to hang out and spend their time because no one goes there. If they weren't over there getting shit faced, that place would probably be where someone hid bodies because barely anyone even knows where it is. It's hidden back behind the woods. That's where the tides are too high to swim or boat or anything so people normally just stay away. 
There's also this stupid superstition, but that's all bullshit anyways. 

I speak up. "Yea. I'll be down there in a little. But hey, Destiny, is Josh there?" I ask hesitantly. "Yea he's here. But don't worry, I'll keep him away dear. Now get your ass down here before I have to slap it. I probably will anyways but oh well. Hurry up whore." And with that the click sounded and she was gone to her other world that she's probably been living in since this morning. 

I lean back my head, trying to decide if it's really worth it to go down there with Him there. But I need a break. If I stay here I know I'm going to do something stupid, so I stand up off of my bed and walk to my closet. Stripping my shirt off, exposing my bare chest and throwing it to the ground next to my laundry basket. I was already in my panties, I don't like pants very much. 
I pull out stockings,and a long purple lace shirt. I get dressed in it, pulling my hair out from the collar when I get my shirt on. And pulling each leg into the stockings, the softness of my legs brushing against the fabric. I look down at my completed outfit, cats looking up at me on my stockings and the purple lacy top flowing down past my mid thigh. 

I huff out, looking at myself in the mirror. My black curls were more intense than this morning when I had straightened it, they were bunched up on my head. Tangled and mangled, much like my heart. I turn on my straightener that lays on my night stand and attempt to sort out my curls with my fingers. They lay better now but still tangled. I take chunks and glide the warm straightener through my curls just to stretch them out. Once I'm done they look a little better, and you can a see the little strands of blue through the bottom. 

As I put all the things I need in my black bag I carry around everywhere, I hear my phone go off on my dresser. "Hello?" I answer right away, instead of looking who it was. "Ayye girl, so you know the new kid?" Her high voice speaking through the phone. "Um, no?" I say with a questioning tone behind it. "Well, he's here and he asked about you." Her words confused me slightly and I furrow my eyebrows. "You HAVE to see him, he is drop dead gorgeous. And I bet if you talk to him the bonus will be pissing off Josh quite a bit." I could hear her excitement in her voice. She didn't let my voice escape my lips before she spoke again. "Oh but I gotta go sweetie, they're handing out party drinks. Get here quickly or you'll miss the pills." And with that the click on the other line ended it. 

I stood for a moment, pondering who the hell this kid was and how he could have known me. I was honestly very confused but I put it aside and tossed my phone in my bag, along with my wallet, keys, some makeup and a couple sharpies. Incase I choose to be creative. I slide my shoes on and open the window, throwing my bag out and myself. My car is parked on the street so the lights don't disturb my mothers window. 

~The peer~ 

I pull up to the parking lot of a small town mini mart, that at this hour is closed, and park. I pull out my phone before getting out of the car to call Destiny. I type in the number and open my door. The line goes straight to voicemail. "Damn it Destiny." I say low to myself, I close my door and lock it. The darkness fills the open space past the mini mart. I'm right next to the peer, but it's dark and I'm sober so everything isn't as familiar. I know that sounds backwards but I'm mostly always tripping on something so things sober in the night don't look as familiar. That's partly why I think the drugs just make me normal, at least the drugs I use. I'm not the type girl into serious drugs, like crystal meth or crack. I like the ones that make me feel as if I'm with myself, not the ones that make me feel on edge, or super hyper. But ones that my mind can go somewhere else and I can still have a control on what I'm doing and how to do things. 

Like certain psychedelics, the ones that aren't dangerous and can't hurt you physically but they take you somewhere else mentally. Those are the ones I like personally, but at these types of parties I want to drown everything out. I want erase all the pain with the numb of a high. I know I don't like the highs but that's why I do it. Just make me feel some other way than I do right now. 

I pull myself out of my thoughts and pull out my pack of cigs and lighter, put one to my lips and light it. That familiar sting to my lungs and the cool chills through my body lets me know I'm okay. Walking through the cool night, letting my feet sink into the grass as I walk towards the small patch of trees that covers the peer. I can smell from here the weed smoke. I smile slightly and put the death stick between my fingers up to my lips. I can also hear the faint sound of teenagers screams of sex and scandals.

Not many people know this place but all the people that do are the ones that aren't afraid to party hard and loud. I guess that's why they picked this place, it's secluded and away from main population. No boats are able to ride up around those waves so they really can't get caught. And most people are terrified of it considering the legends that are here. When people tell them I mainly zone out, but from what I've heard the owner of the lighthouse that is up on the side of the hill, his daughter died from some accident or something and right after his wife was brutally murdered so he was super suicidal, and he jumped off of the highest point to his death. 

They say the whole peer is haunted. But do I believe that at all? No. If he was pissed off at all he would have done something by now. I think it's just townspeople making a big deal out of it just to scare people during halloween. 


The woods gets closer the deeper I get into thought. I'm eventually on the path through the woods and I can see the lights illuminate the night through the trees. And the howls of teenagers gets lowder. The smells get stronger. I put the cigarette up to my lips again, and my phone vibrates in my hand. The name Desbear pops up and I click answer. "Hello." I say. "Heyy," her voice is loud in my ear but I felt as if she couldn't hear me because the music got louder. "I guess you're here, so I'll come find you." And click. She was gone. I was through the woods and now there were paths light up by glow sticks going down to the sides of the peer and to the actual peer. The music was booming next to the entrance and people were dancing, obviously intoxicated. Two seconds into the party and I was already offered a drink, I took it from the girl that was familiar but I couldn't put a name or cared to her face. I pick up a couple glow sticks from the ground and put them in my curls. A hand went around my neck quite tight and a high voice spoke in my ear. "I'm here to sex you." I smile,and turn around to Destiny's face. Her blue hair comes to her shoulders and in her face, and she stands a few inches higher than me. Her arms go around me and mine around her, and I'm pretty sure everyone could hear her squeals over the music because I could feel peoples eyes on me. It was hard hugging her with a cig in one hand and a drink the other so I let go and pulled the cig to my lips. 

"So pick your poison, what drugs would you like. Doses? Some special pizza? Pills, what?" She jumped right to the drugs. "Doses, and whatever pills you can find." I say right back, not even caring how fast we got here. The nagging voice in the back of my head makes me want to explode I just need to drown it out. "Okay darling." She opened her bag and reached in. Pulling out a little bottle and a few multi colored tablets. She smiled down at me, "Open wide!" Her voice high. I stuck my tongue out and dropped a few drops onto my tongue. "So what would you like to do with these pills? Just take them or would you like me to break them up?" We started to walk over to a small sand spot and sat down. My voice came to my lips. "Broken up." I said.

"Of course, I don't know why I asked." I could feel the doses kick in, my body became weightless and my mind went a little clear.  



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