secert little sister

Hi my name is Blair, Blair Styles. ya i know I'm Harry Styles little sis only by 3 mins though because we are twins this is my first year going back to school Harry said it would be best if i go under a differt name so i would be treated normal. but thats not realy what happened i get bullied every day by my own brother and this is how it all went down.


1. new name


Today is my first day of school since harry joined the band One Direction i've been home schooled ever since then. I have light brown hair hazel eyes and slightly short. but enough about me lets go back to the story.


Blairs Pov.

today is my first day of school finaly i havent been some where public by myself for years ever since mum and dad died Harry has been really over protective. I got in the shower nad got changed into blue floral shirt with little orange flowers on it neon orange shorts white sandles which were studed little silver bow earings sivler head band starfish necklace silver braclet heart ring nad an american flag bookbag yes i am from london but i like americas flag better personaly.

then i ran downstairs and saw harry all dressed too. Ok when do we start i asked nervously

right now he said, on the drive down he said that my new name was in the envolope that paul gave me last night.I opened it up and it said my new name is lexi brown and thats when it all started.


the picture bellow is bairs outfit like and comment on the plz





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