Just kiss me?

Justin Bieber <3


3. that was...weird?

Justin's P.O.V.

Jakes kinda like my best mate not as close as Ben though, he's also the 'school bully' I honestly think he needs anger management classes or something coz this kid has problems. He's also known for continuously getting every single girl he wanted.

Class is now over and it's lunch. I don't even remember what class I just had... Wow I need to sleep more often but my priority right now is food. Just, I need food...

"Hey look theres that gay kid talking to the new chick" Jake nudges me as we're walking down the hall pointing ahead

"Oh yeahh" I was kinda jealous still, "let's go say hello" and I walk over to her and Michael.

Michael sees me coming a quickly pretends to put something in his locker to avoid talking to me. I lean on the locker next to her and introduce myself.

"Hey, I'm Justin, I saw you walking by earlier, I just thought I'd come say hey"

"Hey I'm Lilly" She giggles and holds out her hand. I take it; it's soft and small and there's a small ring on her index finger. God that's cute and her laugh.. My thoughts were interrupted by jake yelling behind me, I turn to see what's going on.

Jake's P.O.V.

I could see a small crowd gathering around me, it only fuelled my anger. How dare Michael say I needed anger management... Furious I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pushed him backwards against the locker. he smelt strangely nice, I was almost intoxicating. No! why was I even thinking that!? but his cheek bones where completely perfect angles, up close all his features seemed to stand out. Omg jake are you gay?! I growled at my thoughts and banged his head further against the locker. I grabbed his chin and he whimpered, I had to, I couldn't resist it, I crashed my lips onto his, even I was surprised... Then he returned the kiss and our lips moved in sync, his hand started venturing up the front of my shirt. Right that's it. Even though I was deeply enjoying it, I was straight. I pulled away and furrowed my eyebrows and pushed his shoulders into the locker and stormed off shoving people as I went, Ben and Justin were quick behind me.

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