Just kiss me?

Justin Bieber <3


2. new students

Justin's P.O.V

I pulled up in my parking space, I got out and locked my new back Lamborghini. Walking up through the front gates to my crew I noticed a new student, a girl, honestly she looked really lost.

"Hey Justin, you in there bro?" Ben was tapping on my arm.

"Oh hey yeah bruv who's the new chick?" I kept looking at her to see where she'd gotten to, I watched as Michael walked up to her and put his arm behind her back and lead her into the building. Ben saw the look on my face.

"come on bro you know Michael gay" he laughed "let's go, well be late to class"

Ben was like my bother and literally lived at my house.

Late as always I walked into class, I've given up being subtle and now I just walk in as if I was the only one there.

"Your late..." The teacher stated without turning around.

"I am, well done" I clapped slowly in his direction.

"Justin just because your an intonational pop star doesn't give you the right to turn up to class late, you're the same as all of us" he glared over his glasses

"I know, I know I am, you can have my autograph after" I smiled sarcastically " or now? I can do now? It's not as if I have anything better to do"

Everybody laughed "Justin just sit down" I scanned the room for spare seats and too my half surprise half horror and shock I saw the new girl again, wow what a great first impression I must have just made -_- I have her a grin and a wink but she turned away to look at Michael as he rolled his eyes. I plonked down in a seat next to Ben. The girls in the surrounding seats leant towards me twirling their hair round their fingers and giving me "the look"

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