The Only One

Two teenagers quickly become tangled up in the world of wizards and witches, but as enemies strike and relationships are lost, the world of magic comes crashing down; taking everything and everyone down with it.


13. The Rebellion

5 weeks later...

*Draco's POV*

"I'm not just going to sit around doing nothing, Daniel!" Anna shouts.

"Thats not what i'm saying. I'm saying that going after her when we have no idea where she is, is not going to be helpful…" He says, softly in reply. 

"He's right, Anna." Harry pitches in. 

Anna just nodded in response. 

It's been five weeks since Voldemort took Maggie, and no one has any idea where he took her. It's been horrible without her, i feel so hopeless. 

"Are you okay?" Hermione whispers to me, breaking me out of my trance. 


"Are you sure? Cause you lo-"

"Yes Hermione! I said I was fine." I shout, standing up. Everyones conversation's stop and I feel all the eyes on me. 

Hermione blinks back in surprise. 

"Draco!" Anna whispers fiercely. 

I turn around and walk away. 

*Maggie's POV*

"I brought you back some bread from breakfast..." Nathaniel says, placing a ceramic plate on my bed. 

"I'm not hungry." I reply.

"You're going to get too weak to fight soon, Maggie. You need to eat. You've lost a lot of weight since you've arrived." He says, pushing the plate closer to me.

"Fine, you're right." I mumble, biting into the bread. 

"What was that? Did Maggie Saner actually agree with something I said?" Nathaniel says, teasingly. 

"Don't get used to it." I say, hiding my smile. 

Nathaniel was also convinced to join Voldemort the same way I was; torturing the person we loved. We're not the only ones…there are hundreds of kids our age here, stuck serving Voldemort in order to protect the ones we care about. It turns out, Voldemort has been recruiting kids all over the world with outstanding wand skills, to create an indestructible army. 

And we're planning an attack. There enough of us to outnumber Voldemort's team if we train enough. We wake up everyone morning at 4 to train while everyone is still sleeping. The guards are awake, but we've learned our ways around the castle without being noticed. Voldemort picked extremely good wizards, they're all fantastic. Compared to most of them, I'm bad.

I've actually gotten close to some other wizards. Nathaniel, being one of them, is 16 and Voldemort tortured his mother in order to get him to join. He has blond hair that reaches just above his ears, and blue eyes. I've also gotten close to another wizard names Kelly. She's 16 as well, and the best wizard i've ever seen in my life. She can name all the spells and do most of them with her eyes closed. She had her boyfriend, Derek, tortured in order for her to join. Everyone one has a story here, and Voldemort is the monster in them all. 

"Voldemort has ordered us all in for a meeting." He says, sitting down next to me. 

"Something about his horcruxes." He says. 

"Let me just get dressed. Wait here." I say, throwing my feet over the side of the bed and picking out one of the dresses Voldemort has ordered the girls to wear. As I look at myself in my bathroom mirror, I notice that I had lost weight. My cheekbones were more defined, and my collar bone was popping out. My lips wer-

My lips.


I run my finger over my lips, trying to recall the sensation of kissing him.

"Are you ready?" Nathaniel calls out. 

"Yeah.. Coming." I say, pulling the zipper of my dress up, and opening the bathroom door. Not daring to look back in the mirror, afraid of crying. 

"Are you okay?" Nathaniel asks me, with a puzzling look on his face. 

"Yeah. I was just think about.." My voice crackles, and i feel my eyes burn. 

"You don't have to say it. I understand how you feel." He says, putting his arm around my shoulders and guiding me towards the door. 

"Guys!" Kelly shouts, bursting open the door. "Oh, I'm sorry…." She says, suddenly feeling embarrassed at disturbing. 

"I didn't mean to disrupt, but he's going to be there any minute." She says, ushering us out. 

"You didn't disrupt anything, thanks for checking in on us." Nathaniel says winking, and I smile. 

Once we took our seats in the ball room, Voldemort appears in front of us all. Although i've seen countless times, every time he startles me. 

"Do you know why you're all here?" He says, calmly. 

No response.

"I said…DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU'RE HERE?" He screams, causing me to jump.

"You." He points at me. 

"I brought you here because you are close with the Potters." He says, walking towards me. 

"And as you all know, I want to put my last horrcrux inside the girl." He snarls at me. 

"I've been more than patient with you, Maggie. You said you would do anything I asked you to do."

"Because you promised my friends no harm. Including Maggie." I hold in my snarls. 

"Oh, thats right…I did promise that didn't I?" His laugh has no humour in it. 

"Consider this me breaking that promise." He says grinning. 

"No…" I say shaking my head. 

"Quirrell, bring me Malfoy." Voldemort says. 

"Don't do this…" I plead. 

"You brought this all on yourself." He says, and then dismisses us all. 

"Oh god. What am I supposed to do?" I say to Kelly and Nathaniel. 

"We'll help you." Kelly says. 

"I'll get a group of people to watch the front gate, so we know when he gets here." She says. 

"Then the rest of us will attack the guards, and then we just make a run for it." She says. 

"It needs to be late at night…when he's asleep. And we have to be quiet." Nathaniel says. 

"How are we supp-?

"The killing curse." I say, cutting her off. 

"I'll do it, just watch my back. Then we run, and we take everyone with us." I say. 

"I'm in." Nathaniel says, grinning. This guy is up for anything .

"Me too." Kelly says, while a mischievous smile plays on her lips.

Later that night, we explained to everyone what was going to happen. We were going to find attack the guards watching Draco, and if any of them become to much to handle we use the killing curse. Once our way is free, we make a run for it, but before so we all need to grab brumes from Voldemort's weapon room.

"Draco's in the dungeon." Timothy, one of the other wizards, comes running in out of breath. 

"Cmon!" I shout to everyone. 

We tiptoe accrues the foyer and then burst into a sprint down the halls. 

Once we reached the dungeon, we stopped to a halt. There were two guards.

"Incarcerous!" I shout, jumping out from behind the corner. Rope flies out of my wand and ties the two men together, tightly. 

"Obscuro!" Nathaniel shouts, causing blindfolds to appear over the guard's eyes. 

"Draco.." I say, running over to him. 

"Where are the keys? Nathaniel, go get the keys from the guards?" I say anxiously. 

Once Nathaniel's hands have unlocked the gate, Draco gathers me in his arms. 

"I thought you were dead." He whispers, tightening his grip around me. 

"I tried to keep you out of this, I'm so sorry." I say. 

"No, don't be. You did everything you could." He says, kissing my forehead. 

"I'm sorry to ruin your moment, but we're sort of on a tight schedule." Kelly says.

"Right. Draco are you hurt?" I say, holding onto his hand. 

"No, but we all will be hurt soon if we don't leave." He says. 

"You guys ready?" I say, facing everyone. 

Nathaniel and Kelly smile encouragingly.  

"Lets go." I say, pushing to the front, getting my wand ready. 


We eventually made it out of the castle, but not without killing. I killed three guards. Three people. I didn't want to but I had no choice. One of them had Draco pinned to the ground, one of them was about to kill me, and the other killed Timothy. We lost a lot of people, there are only five of us left. Draco, Nathaniel, Kelly, myself, and another wizard named Sara. We managed to lose the guards flying behind us, and decided to camp out in a deserted motel.

"It looks like people have been here recently.." Sara says, lifting up a half full water bottle that was still full. 

"Lets group up. Sara, Nathaniel, and Kelly and Draco and I. Scream If something happens." I say.

Once Draco and I were out of ear and eye shot he stopped me and pressed his lips against mine. 

"I missed you so much.."I say, curling my fingers through his blonde hair. 

"Maggie?" I hear a voice call out, that wasn't Draco's,

Sara's, Kelly's, or Nathaniel's.

But i recognised that voice. 

"Kyle?" I call back. 

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