The Only One

Two teenagers quickly become tangled up in the world of wizards and witches, but as enemies strike and relationships are lost, the world of magic comes crashing down; taking everything and everyone down with it.


9. The Attack

*Anna's POV*

It's Monday morning and i still do not have a date for the ball. I know there are much bigger things going on right now, but i'm allowed to have fun once in a while.

"Hey, do you know where Professor Dumbledore's office is?" I hear a low voice say behind me.

I turn around to find a gorgeous boy with shaggy brown hair, green eyes, and tan skin. 

"Just around the hall to your left" I say smiling. "Are you new here?" I ask.

"Is it that obvious?" He says blushing.

"No, I've just never seen you around. I'm kinda new too." I say.

"I'm Daniel Bander." He says extending his hand, clumsily shifting his books to his other arm.

"Anna Ben-" I cut myself off. "Potter. Anna Potter." His grip was tight, but not in a painful way. It was comforting, safe.

"Forgot your last name?" He says chuckling. If only he knew. 

I suddenly had a horribly stupid idea.

"Hey, have you heard about the dance on Friday?" I ask blushing.

"I have." He says grinning.

"I know we don't really know each other or anything, but I have no one else to ask and i'd be fun." I say, trying to show my confidence. 

"I think thats a great idea." He says grinning. "How about we meet at the library after classes today and get to know each other? For all I know you could be a serial killer, and this is your plan to lure me to my own death" he says dramatically.

"You never know." I say winking.

*Maggie's POV*

The dance coming up was the last thing on my mind. Some girls were taking about it all day, and i wanted to drown myself. I can't take one more conversion about which fabric, colour, or style their dress is going to be. I'm probably not even going to go, who would i even go with?

Besides, with everything going on i should probably spend my time practicing spells instead of dancing in heels that are going to give my blisters.

I had Herbology first period, and I saw Daniel standing by himself at the end of the table.

"Hey." I say smiling.

"Morning, how are you?" He says grinning.

"Im good. You seem awfully happy about something." I say laughing.

"Do you know Anna Potter?" He asks.

"She's my best friend." I say, although, i wasn't so sure if she thought the same anymore...

"She asked me to the ball on Friday night." He says beaming. 

"Wow, lucky you." I say smiling.

How didn't I know who my best friend was taking to the ball? 

My thoughts were interrupted by a loud booming side coming from outside the greenhouse. 

"What in the name of toads was that?" Professor Sprout says, putting on her eyeglasses and making way to the window to look out side. We all followed her and growled around the window. 

The magical "shield" that was surround Hogwarts to protect is was being destroyed from the outside.

"He's come…" Professor Sprout mutters under her breath along with some Latin words I didn't understand.

"We must go to the safe-hall." She shouts to the class.

"Follow me, she says running out the door and up the hill to the castle.

I looked behind us at the Dementors trying to get inside Hogwarts. Were they coming for Anna?

The safe hall was filled up with the entire student body. Hundreds of people were screaming, and the younger ones crying. 

"Draco?" I call out to him and he turns around.

"We need to go find Anna!" I shout over the noise and he nods, taking my hand to lead me.

"Come on Daniel!" I call back to him, looking excited and terrified at the same time.

"She's over there, with Hermione, Ron, and Harry." Draco shouts over the loud noises.

"Anna!" I say running over to her and hugging her.

All of a sudden the booms stops and every slowly quiets down. Dumbledore shuts the doors the the safe hall and looks out the window.

He looked at Snape and nods. 

"The dark lord has returned." Dumbledore says to all of us. Gasps escape out of peoples mouths.

"He has come for Anna Potter. Anna, you and yours friends need to leave. Draco, show them the tunnels. They will lead to safety. We will send you a letter when it's safe to return." Dumbledore says, everyone now staring at us.

"I can't you let you risk your lives in order to save me." Anna says, standing up tall.

"We're a family here at Hogwarts, its our duty to protect the ones we care about." Dumbledore says.

Students smile at us and some come over to hug Anna. 

In a matter of seconds, the windows of Hogwarts hurts open, with Dementors flying inside.

"GO." Dumbledore shouts with fierceness i've never heard him express before.

"Come on, I know where the Tunnels are." Draco says leading us out of the safe hall.

We run down a set of stairs, and turn left to find a solid brick wall.

Draco taps one of the bricks twice and they form a door.

"Hurry." He mutters, ushering us all inside a dark room.

He closes the door, and we all say Lumos to activate our flashlights.

"They should be somewhere over here." He says grunting, while lifting some bricks aside.

"We'll help." Harry says, kicking Ron.

"Uh..yeah." Ron says shooting dagger eyes at Harry.

Hermione, Anna, Daniel, and I stay quiet. 

"Got it." They say.

"Cmon, get inside and crawl." Draco says pushing every one in.

"Once everyone one is in I meet eye contact with him.

"Is voldemort here?" I ask, already knowing my answer.

"Yes…But he's not going to hurt us." Draco says, closing the door to the tunnels.

At first the tunnels were short and very small, but they extended to that we could stand up, and there were fire torches on the wall. 

Above us, i could here screaming and breaking of things. 

We ran down the tunnels until we were out of breath. 

"Where do these lead?" Hermione asks.

"Not sure, but apparently to safety." Draco shrugs, clearly not worried.

"You mean to tell me, you have no idea where these lead? Why should we even be trusting you?" Hermione snaps at him. 

"Hermione…" Ron says quietly.

"You tried to kill Harry! What have you done to trust us." Hermione yells.

"Wait, what? You tried to kill Harry?"  I ask Draco.

He looks down at the ground.

"Why would you do that?" I demand.

"Maggie.." He says.

"Shut up! Do you hear that?" Ron says, hushing us all. 

There was a swishing of wind, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Dementors coming around the corner.

"Expectro Patronum!" Harry and I yell at the same time, and the Dementors go back down the corridor without hurting us.

Everyone gawks at me.

"I've been practicing…" I say smiling.

"I'll say! That was brilliant!" Hermione says grinning.

"Guys. We need to go." Draco says, and we all run down the tunnels, not knowing where we were going, but hoping it led to safety.

*Anna's POV*

The tunnels seemed to go on forever, and the farther we got away from Hogwarts, the worse I felt. People I didn't even know were trying to save me. 

We stopped running to catch our breaths.

"Are you guys okay?" I ask everyone.

They all nod in agreement, breathing heavily. 

"How long do you think these tunnels are?" Daniel asks.

"Couldn't be much farther, you would think." Ron says hopefully.

"I'd say a mile more or so." Draco says.

"Aguamenti" I say, and water sprays out of the tip of my wand. I point it towards my mouth and feel instantly refreshed. Everyone else does the same.

"You guys ready?" Draco asks. We all nod in agreement. 

Draco was right about in being only a mile or so longer. We arrived at a set of wooden doors in about half an hour.

The only downside was that the doors were locked.

"Is there a spell that can unlock doors?" I ask Hermione. She was the spell-queen.

"Yep." She boasts. "Alohomora" She points her wand at the lock and it clicks open. 

"Why do they even use locks, if theres a spell to open them?" Daniel asks.

"Because there is another spell that can charm the lock to not open, even using that spell." Harry says.

"Of course there is." Daniel mutters. 

Harry pushed open the doors to reveal a foggy, dark, cold forest. 

We all walked out the doors, and as soon as we did, they disappeared. 

"Where are we?" I ask, looking around.

"No idea…" Draco mutters. 

The forest was full of Pine trees, Evergreens, and just about every other type of tree you could think of. There was a small pond to our left, and soft snowflakes were falling from the sky. 

"How is this considered safe? We're in the middle of nowhere…Anyone can attack us here." Maggie says.

"We should explore around the area. Split up into two groups." Hermione says. 

"Me, Ron, Harry, and Anna. And Draco, Daniel, and Maggie. Are those okay?" She asks.

Everyone nods, and Hermione takes two walkie-talkies out of her backpack. 

"I take it everywhere." She says gesturing to her backpack. "Never know when you're going to need something." She says smiling at us. 

"If anyone sees any signs of danger, we tell the other group and meet up right here, next to the pond." She says.

"Okay." We all say. 

I smile over at Maggie and wave. 

"You okay?" Harry asks me.

"Yeah, just a little scared I guess." I whisper, not wanting Ron to know I was scared.

"Its going to be okay. Dumbledore knows what he's doing." He says reassuringly.  

As we walk deeper into the forest, it begins to get colder and colder.

"Here." Hermione says, passion us all sweaters and putting on her own. 

"I see nothing, you guys?" Ron asks us.

"Nope." We all say.

"Hey, have you guys spotted anything?" Hermione says into the walkie-talkie. 

"No, you?" A muffles voice that sound like Maggie came back through the Walkie-Talkie.

"Nope, want to meet by the pond?" Hermione responds. 

"Yeah ok- AH!" Maggie screams into the walkie-talkie and then it goes blank.

Four of us look at each other terrified, and run back to where the pond was. 

"MAGGIE?" I call out. 

"Over here!" I hear Daniel call out, and I see them kneeling down next to a tree, with Maggie lying down in the middle.

We run over and fall down to our knees. 

"Maggie, what happened?" I ask.

"She just tripped, but I think she twisted her ankle, and got some pretty bad cuts." Daniel says.

"I can fix the cuts, but not the ankle." Draco says.

"Episkey" Draco says, pointing the wand to her face. The wounds slowly fade away, leaving just a twisted Ankle. 

"We'll go set up the tent." Hermione says to Ron and Harry.

"You brought a tent?" Daniel asks, amused.

"Of course, didn't you?" She says smiling, and walks off.

"Does it hurt?" I ask Maggie.

"A little bit, but when i put pressure on its probably going to hurt much more." She says chuckling.

"Here, lean on me." Draco says, putting his arm around her back. She hesitated at first, but when she had no other choice, she put her weight on him. 

Daniel put his arms around her on the other side, so it was even.

I followed them, and we made our way to the huge tent that they had set up.

"This is incredible." I say when i enter.

It was warm inside, and there were lights all over the walls. There were 7 sleeping bags, set up on the foam like floor. There was a table and chairs, a desk, a radio, and a fire place. 

Daniel and Draco softly lay Maggie down in her sleeping bag.

We all sit down on the floor, forming a oval around her.

"Anyone hungry?" Hermione asks, taking granola bars and apples out of her bag.

We all nod vigorously and we pass them down the circle, eating them as fast as we could. 

We all talked for a while, and then went to sleep.

I was sleeping in the middle of Maggie and Hermione. Hermione was next to Ron who was next to harry. On the other side of Maggie was Draco, and then Daniel.

I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

*Maggie's POV*

The sleeping bag was warm and cozy, so as soon as i cuddled up i fell fast asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night to find Draco not in his sleeping bag. I immediately panicked.

"Draco?" I whispered, looking around the tent. He was nowhere inside.

I got out of my sleeping bag, put my shoes on, and went outside. 

He was sitting on a rock near the pond, skimming rocks across the water. 

He must've heard me coming, because her turned his head around and looked at me. 

I limped over to where he was sitting, and sat next to him. 

"Why aren't you asleep?" he studies me.

"I don't know. I just woke up to find you gone." I say. 

"Well you found me." He says.

"Why did you try to kill Harry Potter?" I ask, looking over at him. 

He sighs.

"I didn't do it because I wanted to. My parents told that Voldemort was after him, and that he was going to kill him. It was all an act. Voldemort was supposed to be there when I killed him, so that when I was about the preform the Killing Curse, i would turn around and preform it on Voldemort, when he didn't expect it. Although, Voldemort didn't show up, so I couldn't go through with it. I pretended to mess up the spell, so it would only harm him a little. I told everyone that Voldemort offered some of his power if had killed Harry Potter. No one actually knows what happened. Well except for you, now…" Draco says, skimming another rock.

"Why…why don't you tell people that?" I ask him. 

"Because then they will expect good things from me, and I'm not good." He says. 

"You are good. You should let it show more often." I say softly.

"You make me want to be good, Maggie Saner." Draco says, looking at me. 

"I'm glad." I say, resting my head on his shoulder. 

"Hows your ankle?" He asks me.

"Better." I say.

"Are you cold?" He asks me.

"A little." I say.

He places his sweater over my shoulders, and wraps his arms around me. 



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