The Only One

Two teenagers quickly become tangled up in the world of wizards and witches, but as enemies strike and relationships are lost, the world of magic comes crashing down; taking everything and everyone down with it.


7. Rest In Peace

*3 weeks later*

*Anna's POV*

Things have surprisingly been very good lately. I told Maggie everything about Voldemort and my family. She seemed to be holding something back when i was talking about Voldemort, but i decided to let it go. I'm currently on castle arrest, so Voldemort doesn't find me. Things with Harry have been really good, i've learnt about my parents and my ancestors. As soon as the word got out that I was Harry Potter's sister everyone immediately loved me, it was strange being the centre of attention. Ron and Hermione have been great friends and supporters through all of this. I've also been noticing Maggie hanging out with Draco a lot, but she wouldn't talk about him at all. Whenever i mentioned his name she changed the subject. We've been doing a lot of work with our wands, Harry says I'm a natural. Maggie seems to be struggling with magic, but she won't let me help her. In fact, she doesnt even really talk to me anymore. 

Saturday morning i was finally able to leave the castle. Harry took me to our parent's grave in Godric's Hollow. Of course, we traveled by apparition. 

It was snowing in Godric's Hollow and dark outside. 

It was a small town with only a church, a post office, a pub, some houses, and a few retail shops that looked very run-down.

"This is the first time i've been here since my parents were killed." He says taking a deep breath.

"Why haven't you come before?"

"I don't know…I was scared, i think…or maybe i hoped i see them…I don't know." He says looking over at me despairingly.

"I understand…I'm glad we got to be together to do this, though." I say squeezing his hand reassuringly.

"Me too." He says with a distant smile.

Suddenly he stops in his tracks in front of a half torn-down house.

I Immediately knew where we were. This was where they were killed. 

"Harry…" I whisper. Suddenly I was scared too.

"Thats it." He says pointing to the window on the top left corner.

"Thats where it happened." He says with a sort of anger i've never heard him speak with before. 

"I want to kill him." He says clenching his fists.

"Me too…But we can't…we're not ready yet, and you know it." I say gently pulling him away from his misery. 

We walk down the empty road to the cemetery, and part ways to look for the grave. 

I saw a lot of Dumbledore family graves.

Then I saw my parents. 

"Lilly and James Potter. Loving parents and dear friends." I read on the grave. 

I felt my heart fall to the floor. Seeing their grave made me sick at heart. 

"Harry." I called out. "I found it…"

"Which one i-" He stopped himself and looked down.

Suddenly it was dead silent.

I knelt down and ran my fingers over the words crested on the grave. Their grave was bare and cold-looking.

"Orchideous" I whisper.

A small bouquet of red and white roses appear before us. I place it in front of the grave and smile to myself.

"You're getting pretty good at that." Harry says quietly.


I stand up look down at the bouquet. I think my parents would be proud of me.

Harry kneels down, I hear his breath louden and quiet sobs escape his lips. He drops his head and runs his fingers through his hair. He looked like he was in physical pain.

"They shouldn't be dead. We didn't even get to know them…Sometimes i can't even picture their faces in my mind..or their voices. I'm forgetting things about them that I don't want to forget." Harry says through breaths.

I kneel next to him and rest my head on his shoulder.

"They wouldn't want you to feel this way, Harry. I bet they're extremely proud of you. You're an amazing wizard and person, you don't deserve to put yourself through this."

"But it's my fault." He says while gritting his teeth and sucking in his breath.

"What?" I ask worriedly.

"Voldemort came to get me…They sacrificed themselves for me. FOR ME." His voice getting louder. 

"No its not. You were a baby, what could you do? They loved you so much that they saved you instead of themselves. They loved you so much." I whisper.

Harry doesn't respond. He just looks at his parent's grave. 

"We should probably get back, Dumbledore will kill us if we're back after dark." Harry says after a few minutes of silence in honour of our brave parents. 

"Bye mom and dad…" I whisper so quietly that Harry didn't hear. 


*Maggie's POV*

"Saner." I hear a voice say, pulling me out of the book I was reading in the library.

Of course it was Draco.

"I'm reading." I say looking back down to my book and readjusting my seat. 

"Thought you'd be with the Anna, its Saturday." He says ignoring me trying to ignore him.

"She's out with Harry." 

"Ah, the new Potter clan." He says smirking to himself. 

"What do you want, Draco?" I ask letting out an annoyed sigh and putting my book down. 

"Ouch, do you really hate me that much?" He says placing his hand over his heart dramatically.

"I don't hate you, you're just annoying." I say with a small smile escaping to my lips. 

"If only i could say the same about you." He says smiling.

"Was that a compliment, Malfoy?" I say laughing. 

"Almost." He says smirking. 

"What are you reading?"  he asks.

"A spellbook." I say showing it to him. 

"Did you know theres a spell that can give someone the sensation of being tickled, Rictusempra." i say pointing down to the book.

"I did, are you ticklish Maggie?" Draco says with a teasing tone in his voice.

"No, no, no please don't do that Draco." I plead. 

"I won't." He says winking at me. 

Suddenly i feel weak, and the spell book falls out of my hand. 

My vision turns blurry as I see Draco reaching out for me. I feel him grab hold of my hand, but i slip away before he can pull me out. 

I'm back in the corner of the dark corridor.

With Voldemort.

"How did i get here?" I ask confused and with fear creeping in on me.

"It wasn't very hard. You've let me inside your head, and now I can do anything i want inside of your mind. I can control you if I wanted to. Fortunately, that won't be needed…Yes." Voldemort says coming closer to me. 

"I told you all i knew about Anna." I lie. 

"Your desire to protect the ones you care about is truly remarkable, but sadly It doesn't matter. If you don't tell me I will kill every last person you care about, including Anna. But I will keep you alive. I will make sure you feel pain every day of your life until you die." He snarls at me. 

"What do you need her for?" I ask, hoping that I sounded more confident than I felt. 

"She could keep me alive." He says. 

"She wouldn't do that." I say.

"Child, it wouldn't be her choice. Now that i've found out about her being Harry Potter's brother it would only make sense to use her as well."

"What are you talking about?!" I demand. Anger takes over my fear. 

"I have 6 parts of my soul in objects scattered all over the Earth. I need one more object to be able to put the last part of my soul inside. Your friend Maggie is going to be the last object." He says, emphasising Maggie being an object.

"I would keep her safe, but I need to reach her in order to do it." Voldemort says.

"No. You're not going to be able to do it. She is guarded 24/7." I say inching backwards. 

"Tell me where she is, no harm will come to her." he inches towards me.

"I won't." I say.

"Then this is your fault." He says turning away.

I was about to ask what he was talking about, but then I saw Draco emerge from the shadows. 

"Draco? What are you doing here? You have to get out of here." I say franticly. 

"I cant." He says blankly. 

Voldemort takes out his wand and points it towards Draco.

"NO!" I scream as run over in front of Draco. 

"Maggie, get away." Draco says pushing me aside roughly. 

"Please don't de this." I plead to Voldemort. 

"None of this would've happened if you'd just cooperated." Voldemort says.

Draco looks at me terrified.

"Good lu-" Draco was cut off by Voldemort.

"Avada Kedavra." Voldemort shouts pointing at Draco. I immediately recognised his words, it was the killing curse. One of the three unforgivable curses, and it was the same one that killed Anna and Harry's parents.

As soon as the force hits Draco he falls, lifeless, to the floor. 

"NO!" I run over and fall down next to his body. 

"No…Please…" I say, tears streaming down my face.

My head falls to his chest, and I cry. My quiet whimpers turn into loud sobs and anger. 

I stand up and look at Voldemort with wet eyes.

"Why do yo do this?" I scream at him.

"I told you what was going to happen if you didn't tell me where she was."

I snarl at him. 

"Rot in hell." I say, taking my wand out. 

Voldemort laughs a terrible teeth-gritting laugh.

"What are you going to do with that?" He says pointing towards the wand. 

He was right, what was I going to do? I wasn't powerful enough to perform any serious spells. 

"One day, karma is going to come around the corner and kill you." I say gritting my teeth.

"I'll be counting down the days." He says, with a sinister smile on his lips.



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