The Only One

Two teenagers quickly become tangled up in the world of wizards and witches, but as enemies strike and relationships are lost, the world of magic comes crashing down; taking everything and everyone down with it.


8. Protego Horribilis

*Maggies POV*

I woke up feeing confused and lost. I was staring at a high, wooden ceiling.  I heard voices all around but, but my vision was blurry. With all my strength, I pushed myself up onto my forearms. I heard gasps, and saw bodies walk towards me. 

"How do you feel Maggie?" I hear someone ask. 

I managed a grumble.

"Here, drink this, sweetie. It will help." The same voice gently pressed a cup to my lip and I leaned back to let the liquid inside slip into my mouth. 

It was a very bitter taste, but i swallowed it. After a few moments, I could see clearly and I felt my strength come back to me. 

I was in the Hogwarts hospital. Dumbledore was there, Hagrid, other professors I didn't know, Ron, Anna, Hermione, Harry, and Draco. 



"Draco!?" I scream as I got out of the hospital bed and ran over to him. I threw my arms around his neck. I could feel a huge smile on my face.

"I though…I though you were dead…" I say releasing my grip and looking him in the eyes.

"No, i'm pretty alive." He says confused. 

"What happened?" I suddenly ask looking around at everyone. 

"We were in the Library, and you passes out. You've been out for almost three days." Draco says, eyeing me. 

Immediately the memories came back. Voldemort had gotten inside my head again. He needed Anna to help him "preserve" his body, so he can be immortal. He made me think he killed Draco to scare me. 

"Anna, you're in danger." I say running over to her. 

"What do you mean?" She says looking at me worriedly. 

"He…Voldemort…he's looking for you. He needs your help." I say in one breath. 

As soon as I said his name everyone gasped once again. 

"How do you know this?" Dumbledore says, walking over to me.

"He's gotten inside my head. He said he needs Anna to put a piece of his soul inside her. He has 6 pieces of soul inside objects and people all over the world. Once he puts the last one inside Anna, he will be immortal. He wouldn't be able to die without destroying the objects…or people." 

"Harry, theres is already one inside you…" I say, not looking at him. 

"Horocruxes…" Dumbledore says to Snape. 

"It can't be…" Snape says to himself.

"What do you mean that theres already one inside him?" Hermione says anxiously. 

"I guess when Harry encountered Voldemort, he put one inside him." I say. 

"How do we get it out…" Ron says, angry.

"I don't think that we can…" Dumbledore says. 

Anna looks over to Harry with pain in her eyes. 

"Then we have to keep Anna safe. If he doesn't get to her, he won't be immortal." Harry says.

"We have to kill him before he reaches her." Hermione says matter-of-factly.

"Snape, you must teach Maggie how to block him out of her mind." Hagrid says. 

"And from now on, no one is to leave Hogwarts." Dumbledore says. 

"We will use the Protego Horribilis spell to protect Hogwarts." Dumbledore says the the professors. 

"Start now." He says, and all the professors hurry outside. 

"The Protego Horribilis spell will not let any dark arts enter Hogwarts." Harry says. 

"Thats relieving." I say letting out a breath.

The next week is complete  chaos. Voldemort being inside my head must've gotten around, because I could hear everyone muttering things when I walked by. Snape has been trying to block him from getting inside my mind, All the professors preformed the Protego  Horribilis around the castle, and all the professors. were teaching us defences against the Dark Arts. I barely had time to take a shower, but i managed. 

I've only talked to Anna about everyone twice, the first time we could interrupted by Hermione and Ron, and the second time she got mad at me for not telling her any of this. 

Saturday morning, since I had no classes, i decided to go to the library to read more of the spell book. If we were going to kill Voldemort, we had to be prepared. 

I saw Draco sitting in my usual seat by the window. I hadn't really talked to him since I woke up. 

"Hey." I say walking up to him and sitting across from him. He was reading the spell book I came to read. 

"You're up early." He says looking up at me, half-smiling. 

"Yeah, well, sleeping isn't any fun when all you have are nightmares." I say matter-of-factly

"Sorry…Self pity is annoying." I say laughing. 

"Nothing you do is annoying…" He says looking to the floor.

I look at him smiling and surprised.

"Except when you speak." He says laughing, trying to lighten the mood.

I laugh, there was the Draco I knew. 

"So, you seemed pretty happy to see me alive." He says smirking. 

"Yeah, i was." I smile at him. 

"I would've missed you." I say, smiling.

"I would miss me too." Draco says smiling at me.

"What are you doing?" Anna asks me, with Hermione behind her.

I look over at her and Hermione, confused.

"What do you mean. Im in the Libr-" Anna cuts me off. 

"No. With him." She says motioning to Draco. 

Draco shifts uncomfortably.

"Excuse me?" I say standing up. 

"Draco. We all warned you about him, he is bad news. You don't even talk to me anymore." Anna says. 

"Draco has nothing to do with that. In fact, he's the only one here I have to talk to. I don't even talk to you!? Whenever I try to talk to you, you always have to go run off with them." I say, i could feel the tears welling in my eyes. 

"When you realise that he's bad news, come find me." Anna says looking away and walking out with Hermione behind her.

I sit back down in my chair, put my head between my hands, and cry. 

"Hey…its okay…It's going to be okay." Draco says coming over to me and sitting down.

"No….nothing is okay." I say shaking him off me and sitting up. I hated crying in front of people. 

"I gotta go." I mumble before walking down the corridor.

I was looking down at the floor, when i bumped into someone. 

"Hey! Watch where you're going." I say, kneeling down to get my books.

"Sorry, I'll get it." He chuckles, and reaches down to help me gather my books. 

I look over at him, and probably drool. He was beautiful. He had shaggy brown hair, green eyes, and tan skin. 

"You okay?" He asks me.

"Oh..uh..yeah, I'm uh…I'm good." I say looking away and wiping my tears. 

"I'm Daniel." He says extending his head.

"Maggie." I say smiling. 

"You're the girl everyones talking about! Is it true that he-who-shall-not-be-named is inside your head?" He asks excitedly. Usually people were scared when they talked about him.

"Yep, thats me." I say sarcastically laughing.

"Sorry, I'm new here. How long have you been here?" He asks. 

"Only a few months." I say.

"Really? I saw you practicing spells and you were a natural!" He says grinning sheepishly.

"Thank you…" I say blushing.

"Which house are you in?" I ask, even though I was pretty sure it was Gryffindor.

"Hufflepuff." He says proudly. 

The Hufflepuff house is for those who are loyal, kind, and hardworking.

"Nice. I'm in the Slytherin house." I say.

"It was nice meeting you, Daniel. But i gotta go, i'll see you soon." I excuse myself.

"You too, Maggie." He smiles adoringly at me and it made my stomach tickle with butterflies. 

I walk back to my dorm smiling to myself. 

*Anna's POV

I felt horrible for yelling at Maggie, and I didn't mean any of it. I let my frustration and fear out on her, which wasn't right of me. I went to her dorm to go apologise, but she wasn't there. 

"I shouldn't of yelled at her like that…It wasn't right." I say to Hermione. 

"I know, but you were only trying to warn her. Draco is dangerous person. He fools people with his charm. I would know…" Hermione say, obviously embarrassed about that.

"Why is he so dangerous?" I ask.

Hermione signs, and leads us into our dorm room so no one can hear us. 

"Draco's parents work for Voldemort." Hermione says.

"That doesn't mean Draco is with him too." 

"Draco once tried to kill Harry, because he was influenced by Voldemort." Hermione says.

"What!? He tried to kill Harry?!" I say astonished. 

"Voldemort told him he would give Draco some of his powers if he did this, and Draco being Draco agreed. Eventually Draco realised he was being a complete moron, and apologised to Harry and refused Voldemort's request. And since Voldemort wasn't powerful at the time, he didn't have the strength to do it himself." Hermione says.

Later that day, Dumbledore announced that the Annual Hogwarts ball was his Friday.

"You should ask her to be your date…" I whisper to Harry.

"Who?" Harry asks, pretending not to know.

"Hermione! I see you staring at her all the time." I say.

"She likes Ron…" Harry says.

"No she doesn't."

"How do you know?"

"I asked her." I grin.

"You what!?" Harry immediately panics.

"Relax, I didn't tell her that you liked her." I say, and Harry lets out a breath.

"Maybe I will." He says smiling.

"Who are you going to ask?" Harry asks.

"I don't even know. I haven't had time to even look at boys." I say laughing. 

"What about Ron?" Harry asks.

"I never really thought about him that way, I don't know, we'll see." I smile. 

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