The Only One

Two teenagers quickly become tangled up in the world of wizards and witches, but as enemies strike and relationships are lost, the world of magic comes crashing down; taking everything and everyone down with it.


6. New Family

*Maggie's POV*

"What do you want?" I scream with tears running down my cheeks. 

"Your…friend…" A snake like voice says.

I can't see the voice, but I can hear it everywhere. Wherever I run, it's always there. 

"Go away!" I scream backing into a corner, sliding down the wall with my hands covering my ears.

Suddenly the voice goes away. I take my hands slowly away from my ears, and stand up.

I'm standing in the dark hallway, but if i squint my eyes enough i can see a light approaching.

"Hello?" I say.

I reach for my wand, but it's not in my boot where i usually put it.

"Child…" The snake-like voice whispers. 

I see the body who matches the voice. A tall man with red eyes, white skin, and a nose that looks like it had been stretched upwards. 

He doesn't look very friendly to say the least.

"Where is your friend…Anna?" He says coming inches from my face. I try backing up but i hit the wall.

"I don't know what you're talking about! Who are you?" I demand.

"They haven't told you about me yet? Poor Albus…always in fear. Child, I am Lord Voldemort."

I've heard Draco talking about him before. I needed to get out of here. 

"Sorry, doesn't sound familiar." I say with fake confidence as I brush past him.

He grabs my arm with a surprising strength, given how skinny he looked.

"I need your friend. She needs to help me with something." he says.

"I told you. I don't know where she is." I say.

"Well, that just won't do." He says spinning he wand in his fingers. 

"Crucio" Voldemort says, which causes me indescribable pain all over my body.

I fall to the floor screeching, tears welling in my eyes. It feel likes the whole body is on fire. I claw at my skin. 

"MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!" I scream through tears. 

"Please…" The pain was causing me to see black spots in front of me.


My body jerks upright. I'm in the Hogwarts hospital.

The pain is gone. 

It was just a dream, i tell myself.

"Are you okay?" Draco says while studying me. He's sitting on a chair next to the bed.

"Really bad dream…"I say wiping the sweat off my face with a tissue. 

"You were screaming…" He says 

"Yeah, like I said, it was a bad dream." I say with a fake grin on my face. 

Draco looks at me watchfully.

"So, how long was I out for?" I ask trying to change the subject

"Just a few hours."

"Wheres Anna?" I ask.

"She doesn't know you're here. I was told by the nurses to stay by you." He says.


"In case you woke up." He said like it was obvious.

"Right, well I feel fine. Can i go?" i say anxiously.

"Yes, you are free to go." A nurse appears carrying a bottle of pills.

"Take these incase your head starts to hurt, but don't take more than 2 every 6 hours. They can numb your emotions when taken in excessive amounts." The nurse says handing them to Draco.

"Take care of her, young man." She says smiling. 

Draco and I say nothing.

"What was your dream about?" Draco asks.

"Oh, um, I was drowning." I say looking to the floor. I was an extremely bad liar. 

Draco just nodded and looked ahead. 

"Can you make it back to your room without falling down?" He asked sarcastically.

"I'm pretty sure I got it." I roll my eyes.

"Here." He says giving me the bottle of pills.

"Don't take too many." He says with a wink, and turns down the hall way to the boys corridor.

I decided to turn in for the night, even though its 5 pm. I was exhausted and my head was throbbing.

I took two pills and fell asleep.


*Annas POV*

"Darling! How are you? How do you like your school? It looks brilliant." My mother says pulling me into a tight embrace lacking love. My parents looked nothing like me. They were both gingers, while I had dark eyes and black hair. They say i get it from my grandmother, whom i've never met. She died when I was 3, but i've heard that she was an amazing person. 

"Hey mom, I'm fine…" I say.

"When was the last time you washed your hair, darling?" She says while laughing.

This morning. 

"Just kidding my dear, don't take like too seriously." She says rubbing my head.

"Kind of hard to do when this is my life." I say gritting my teeth. 

"Don't talk to your mother like that, Annabelle." My father says, using my full name. I almost didn't remember "Anna" wasn't my real name.

My father is business man, not the type you'd hug when you see him. He just nodded at me and I smiled. 

"Anna dear, this is a blessing! Being a wizard is a gift…you're grandmother was also a wizard…and amazing one at that." Mother says.

"Who was her Grandmother?" Dumbledore suddenly asks.

"Lou Bennett." My mother says nervously.

Dumbledore nods and continues his work.

I decided to get straight to it.

"Tell me about my birthmark."

"What is there to say? You were born with it." Mother says.

"You're lying. Why is everybody lying to me?" I say, my voice rising with anger.

"Sweetheart…Maybe you should go back to the institute…with Kyle and Emily." My mom says while rubbing my shoulder. 

"Kyle and Emily? They're dead." I say blankly.

"What?" My father says looking at dumbledore.

"Dementors…" Dumbledore says.

"How did you let it get this bad?" My father says raising his voice.

Dumbledore remains calm.

"We didn't know it was this bad. You need to tell us what you know about Anna being connected to Voldemort."

My father looks at me with pain in his eyes.

My father walks over to me and cups my face. I'm pretty sure it's the first time he's touched me.

"Anna…We kept this from you for you own good…We thought it would be safer this way…It was what they wanted." He says.

"Who?" I say in desperation.

"Your parents…Lilly and James Potter." he says.

"What…no…You're…I don't believe you." I say sinking to the floor. 

"Anna, think about it. It makes sense. You and Harry share a connection. You both share a connection with the dark lord, you have the same wands, and you look identical." Mary, the woman who i thought was my mother, said.

It did make sense, but I didn't want it to. It would mean that my parents were dead. 

"My parents are dead…" I say.

"That is true, but they loved you. I knew your parents personally, and they were wonderful people.  The night they died, you were staying at your grand mothers house that night. After that night we all agreed that it would be better to separate you until Voldemort found out about you. Which, he obviously did." Rob, my former father, said. 

"This is all too much…" I say.

"I know it's hard to grasp, but you're in a safe place right now. Hogwarts is where your parents wanted you both to go. Harry just got exposed earlier, because Voldemort knew about him. Now he knows about you both, but if you and Harry use each other's power…you could defeat him." Rob says.

I look over at Dumbledore and he nods in agreement. 

I hug Mary and Rob goodbye and thank them.

I needed to get to Harry.

"Harry?" I call while opening his dorm room. 

"Yeah?" He says, pulling on his shirt.

"We need to talk…" I say sitting down on his bed and mentioning for him to sit down too. 

"How'd it go with your parents?" He asks. 

"Yeah, um…They're not my parents." I say.

"What?" He asks confused.

"James and Lilly Potter…they're my parents…I'm your sister, Harry." I say smiling.




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