The Only One

Two teenagers quickly become tangled up in the world of wizards and witches, but as enemies strike and relationships are lost, the world of magic comes crashing down; taking everything and everyone down with it.


5. Mudblood

*Maggie's POV*

"Morning Saner." Draco says as he approaches me. His pale skin looked gold in the light, and his blonde hair looked almost yellow.

"We're on a last name base now?" I ask him teasingly. Me and Draco have gotten quite close since I've come to Hogwarts, he's very understand and he has this dark side of him that i think is interesting. I haven't told Anna about us hanging out yet because Draco admitted to not getting along well with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and since she's close with them I didn't want to make her uncomfortable. Plus, I don't really fit in with them…I'm pretty sure Ron is the only one who knows my name. I haven't been able to talk to Anna about anything in so long…Emily and Kyle, especially…

"Hey, you okay?" Draco interrupts my thoughts.

"Yeah, just thinking." I say smiling.

As we round the corner laughing, we bump into Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Anna talking together. I feel Draco shift uncomfortably next to me.

"Morning, guys." I say to them. I smile at Anna who smiles back, clearly confused as to who this boy next to me was.

"Draco." Harry says with a straight face.

"Harry." Draco says with no emotion in his voice. Ron, Harry, and Hermione smile at me, and excuse themselves.

"Draco, this is Anna." I say.

"Ah, the famous Anna…Nice to meet you." He says extending his hand, which she kindly accepts.

"You too…I'll catch you with you later Mags, bye!"She says running of to Harry who is waiting for her by the bench.

"Why was that so awkward?" I ask Draco.

"We don't like each other."

"Why not?" I ask him, curious.

"We just don't. Okay?" He says with serious tone, while turning around to look at me.

"I was just asking…" I say looking at the floor. I'm usually the type of person that doesn't apologise until they made me, but Draco made me feel…powerless.

"I have to go to class." He says while walking away.

I wanted to say that we had the same class, but i didn't. I stayed back and started walking when he was out of site. I had Herbology first, which I enjoyed very much. Our professor's name is Professor Pomona Sprout, and is very kind. I took my seat next to a girl named Luna. She had waist-length dirty blond hair, pale skin, and she put her wand behind her ear for "safe keeping". Although she was strange, she was very nice.

"Hey Luna." I say as i take my seat. Draco sat directly across from me.

"Morning, Maggie. How are you?" She asked cheerfully.

"As good as I can be at 8 am." I say with a smile.

"Attention please, students." Professor Sprout announces.

"From today onwards, classes will be held in the the greenhouse."

"Follow me." She says as she leads us down the corridor, outside the castle, to a big greenhouse. For the next hour and a half we were taught how to care for a plant that I don't know how to pronounce. When i was talking to get to some water for my plant, Crabbe and Groyle, two of Draco's friends, knocked into me causing me to fall in the wet dirt face-first.

"Thats where you belong, Mudblood." Crabbe says while they laugh, and a couple students join in. Luna comes running over to help me up, which i kindly accept, but I wasn't about to let people talk to me that what.

"What did you call me?" I say coming close to Crabbe.

"A Mudblood of course, what else is there to call you?" He says laughing.

"You're dirt…filthy…fake…poor." Groyle says coming behind his friend.

"At least i don't look like I eat my weight in cake." I say smiling.

"At least I can afford cake." he says and now everyone is quiet except for him and Crabbe laughing at their jokes.

I swing my harm around to slap him, but Draco grabs my waist before I hit his cheek.

"Hey! What was that for?" I say angrily to Draco, trying to wiggle out of his grip, but its too tight so i give up and stare at him.

"Your aim was off. Your hand would've slapped his chin, not causing any harm. And you'd just be more embarrassed." He says while letting go of him, and looking at me a little while longer before walking away.

I decided that they weren't even worth the fight, and get back to work.

"Thanks" I tell Luna.

"Anytime." She says smiling.

"Be careful with Draco, he's…troubled." She says quietly.

"Thanks, but theres nothing going on between us anyway." I say, which is true…I think.

By the time it's lunch time, I can barely keep my eyes open. It's mandatory to sit with your house during lunch, so i sit next to a girl named Cassie. She has long, curly blonde hair, and hazel eyes. "Mind if I sit?" I ask her.

"Of course not!" She says a little too cheerfully.

"Can I ask you a question?" I say

"Sure.." "Whats a mudblood?" I say "

A wizard with no magical parents or grandparents…Why?" She asks.

"Oh, no reason." I say.

I spot Anna, she's sitting next to Harry, across from Ron and Hermione laughing about something Ron said. I felt a pang of jealousy. She was my best friends…not theirs. I shift my gaze over to Draco, who happens to be staring at me curiously. I look away and roll my eyes, knowing that he's watching, and i see the smallest of smiles form on his lips.

Once all my classes are over I meet up with Anna in the Library.

"Hey." I say flopping down on the sofa, dropping my books next to me.

"You okay?" She says laughing.

"Yeah just tired." I look up to her and smile goofily.

"That boy, Draco was it?" She says thinking.

"Yes." I say, knowing this was coming.

"He's cute." She says leaning into my shoulder.

"Yeah, and a jerk." I say laughing.

"But a cute one?" She says smiling.

"Sure." I say.

We talk for about an hour, and study for another hour.

Harry walks in with Hermione in deep conversation about something.

"Hey guys." Anna says, waving.

"Maggie, sorry, but could we borrow Anna? It's really important…" Harry says.

"Yeah, okay.." I say getting my things.

"Bye…" She says with a sad look on her face.

"It's fine." I mouth, and hug her. I wave to Hermione and Harry. I wonder what they had to talk about?

No I don't…It doesn't matter, it's not my business. Obviously.

Walking though the halls I realise how alone i feel. It's all too much. Emily. Kyle. Anna's new best friends. Magic. Hogwarts. My head starts spinning.

I start to see black spots in front of my eyes, and i feel dizzy. I hear foot steps behind me, but when i try to turn around i fall and bang my head against the cement wall.

Seeing Draco running towards me is all I remember.

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