The Only One

Two teenagers quickly become tangled up in the world of wizards and witches, but as enemies strike and relationships are lost, the world of magic comes crashing down; taking everything and everyone down with it.


4. Memories

This morning i attended my first classes at Hogwarts: transfiguration, charms, potions, history against magic, defence against dark art, astronomy, and Herbology.  All the teachers were really nice, except for one, Professor Severus Snape, he teaches the Defence Against the Dark Arts course. His shoulder-length black hair, black eyes, and pale skin made him extremely intimidating. He was rude, extremely strict, and he had an edge to him that seems to get sharper when i spoke during class. Every class besides that was really interesting, and i had all my classes with Maggie. I had some classes with Harry, to with Ron, and one with Hermione, which was also nice. All three of them have been so nice and welcoming. After the classes, I went to my dorm and decided to change out of the uniform. I slipped my tie off, and pulled my cardigan over my head to reveal the button up shirt I was trying to hide. I then put on a black long-sleeved shirt with a white moon in the middle, and some jeans. As I was pulling up my jeans I felt my phone in my pocket. I had completely forgotten about it since id been here. I turned it on to reveal my background; a picture of me and Maggie with two other people…that i didn't recognise. Why would I have pictures with people i didn't know as my background? I decided to go through my camera roll and found a bunch of pictures with these two people I didn't know. A boy, who looked about my age, with tanned skin, brown eyes, and long blond hair. And a girl, also my age, with curly red hair, freckles, and blue eyes. I decided to go to maggie about it.  I found her reading with Ron in the Library. 

"Hey guys" I say while approaching them with my phone in hand.

"Hey. Woah, I totally forgot about my phone until now." Maggie said while mentioning to my phone. 

"Thats why I'm here. Do you recognise these people?" I ask her while showing a picture of us and them to her.  Immediately I see Ron's eyes flash a sign of panic.

"No…I don't. Who are they?" Maggie says to both of us. 

"I'll take you guys to Dumbledore." Ron says without another word. 

"Okay?" I say confused.  Once we reach Dumbledore's door, Ron says "don't be mad", and then walks off. Me and Maggie look at each other before knocking. As soon as we knock, the doors swing open to reveal Dumbledore Sitting at his desk, with an owl on his shoulder. 

"Good evening ladies, what can I do for you?" he says. 

"Well, i found my phone today, but when i turned it on my background was of me and Maggie with two other people we didn't recognise, and Ron told us to come to you." I say while showing him the photo. 

"I should've known you'd be smart enough to figure it out. Instead of me telling you, why don't I show you?" Dumbledore says while leading us over to a cauldron with some kind of clear liquid in it.  Without any warnings, Dumbledore pulls out a strand of Maggie's and my hair. We look at him confused, but decide not to say anything. 

"Now, I want you to both stick your head inside it. You'll be able to breathe, don't worry." We do as told, and immediately i'm back at the Crazy house. Maggie isn't next to me anymore, and I don't think anyone can see me.  Then the weirdest thing happens, I see myself, Maggie, and the two people from the photo sitting at a table together laughing hysterically about something the boy said. I walk over to them and I can hear their conversation. 

"Kyle, why would you ever do that?" other me says while laughing, to the boy, who I assume is named Kyle.

"Because he's Kyle." The girl with curly red hair says while patting his shoulder apologetically. "No Emily, it's because he didn't know us." Maggie says to the girl with curly hair, her name is Emily. Emily and Kyle…Those names started to sound very familiar.  Other me, Maggie, Kyle, and Emily disappear and i'm in front of another scene; other me crying with Kyle's arms wrapped around me. 

"Ann, it's going to be okay, i promise…You know your parents love you more than anything." He says. 

"Then why did they send me away?! Things too complicated for them and they ran away. Just like they always do." I say while i tear rolled down on check and splattered on the red carpet.  "Hey" Kyle says while wiping a tear from my cheek.

"Dont cry, you're only allowed to cry if I die." He says while smirking.  I laugh and lean my shoulder against him. 

"Thanks for being an amazing friend. I don't know what i'd do with you. Or maggie and Emily." I say.  I'm switched to another scene of me and Emily sprawled out on my bed playing Uno, with my CD of coldplay playing in the background, and Kyle and Maggie laughing about something at the other side of the room. 

"Promise me that us 4 will never forget each other, even if we stop being friends, we have to remember moments like these. When everything is so complicated and messed up, except when we're together." Emily says to all of us. 

"I Promise." I say while taking her hand. 

"Me too." Kyle says while pulling Maggie up from the floor and walking over to us. 

"Me too." Maggie says while flopping down on the bed. 

"GROUP HUG!" Emily yells while squishing us together.  The scene in front of me disappeared and I was back in dumbledore's office with Maggie next to me. She had a tear rolling down her cheek, and i did too.

"Did you see that too?" I ask her.

"Yes" She says while reaching for a hug. 

"Did you make us forget about them?" I asked Dumbledore. "

Yes, and for that I am truly sorry…But we did it for your own good" He says.

"What do you mean? How could making us forget about about best friends be for the better?" Maggie asked. 

"Your friends…They're dead. The dementors got to them before we could get them. I'm so sorry girls…" Dumbledore said while placing a hand on my shoulder

"They died trying to save you…They didn't die for nothing."

In bed that night, i couldn't sleep because all i was thinking about was Kyle and Emily. How could i forget about them? My best friends…The ones I've been through everything with. They died trying to save us. Thats how much we meant to each other. We were willing to sacrifice our on lives for the ones we love. I looked over at Hermione and she was sound asleep, so i slipped on my robe and slippers and decided to take a walk.  I didn't know where I was going, but i knew that i needed to go somewhere. It was dark in the hallways, so I got out my wand and said "Lumos", and a light appeared from my wand, just like Hermione said. I walked through the hallways until i reached Dumbledore's room. I heard voices inside, and normally I wouldn't listen but I heard my name, so i stuck my ear next to the crack between the 2 doors. 

"So she knows?" A voice that sounded like Snape said. I got a look at him and realised that it was Snape.

"Not entirely. She doesn't need to, not yet. She's not ready." Dumbledore says. 

"Maggie is tough, but Anna seems to be the strategic one. She will know something is wrong. She has a connection with the Dark Lord." Snape says while pacing through the room.

What were they talking about, and why did I have a connection with Voldemort?

"Just like Potter." Dumbledore stated. 

"Do you think-" Snape was cut off by Dumbledore.

"No, it can't be." Dumbledore says more to himself than Snape.  I hadn't realized id been holding my breathe until i let out a sigh and Dumbledore and Snape immediately looked towards me. Not knowing if they saw me, i turned off my flashlight-wand, and sprinted down the halls until i got to the Gryffindor common room. I ran up the stairs the boy's dorms and knocked on Harry's door. After about 5 minutes Ron opened the door.

"hi" I say out of breath.

"Are you okay?" Ron says while running his fingers through his hair. 
"Yeah, fine. Can I talk to harry?" I ask.
"Er, he's sleeping right now, bu-" 
"it's really important." I say.
"okay then, come in." he says while holding the door open for me. 
"thank you. Sorry for waking up." I say.
"It's okay, I was reading anyways." he says while flashing a smile while sitting on his bed. 
"Harry.." I say while getting shaking his shoulder. 
"Harry, it's Anna." I say while continuing to shake his shoulders gently. 
"I got it." Ron says while slapping Harry's cheek. 
"Ron!" I say as Harry jerks up, with a manic look in his eyes. 
"Sorry mate, it's just me." Ron says while patting his shoulder and walking off to the bathroom. 
"Anna?" Harry looks at me confused. 
"Hey..." I say. 
"What's wrong?" he asks. 
"I found out about Kyle and Emily...they're dead." I say while looking at the floor. 
"I know, I'm so sorry about that. Dumbledore said that it would be the best option, you'd been through so much." Harry says. 
"I know, I understand why he did it, I'm just sad about it." I say. 
"which is expected...your best friends died. I don't know what id do without Ron and Hermione." Harry says. 
"Also, I couldn't sleep so I went for a walk and ended up by Dumbledore's room." I explained the conversation that Dumbledore and snape had to Harry. 
"It makes sense how I'm connected to him...I survived him. But it doesn't make sense with've never encountered him." he says, confused. 
"What if I have? I just didn't know that it was him." I say. 
"You would've had a mark or something. You would've remembered something..." he says. 
I suddenly remember a birth mark I had on my lower back. My parents always told me to hide it, although I didn't know why. 
"I do have something...on my lower back. My parents told me it was a birthmark, and to always keep it hidden." I say. 
"Do you mind...uh...showing it to me..." Harry says quietly and awkwardly. 
"Sure." I say while the heat rises to my cheeks. 
I took of my my robe to reveal a purple tanktop and black shorts. I lifted up my shirt just high enough to expose my birth mark. 
"Ive never really gotten a good look at it, since it's in the low of my back." I stated, breaking the silence. 
"it look at it sideways" Harry said while tilting his head.
"it's exactly the same as the one on my forehead. A mark only the killing curse can leave..." he says as I turn around looking confused.
"so you mean..."
"Voldemort has tried to kill you." he says with fear in his eyes.
"But I survived." I say blankly.
"Which makes me and you the only people to ever survive the killing curse." He says while getting out of bed and putting shoes on. 
"Cmon, we have to go to Dumbledore about this." he says while pulling me out the door. 
"Lumos!" he says to activate the light in the wand. I do the same, and then we run down to Dumbledore. 
Without knocking we barge into the room to reveal Snape and Dumbledore sitting by this desk. 
"What are you two do-" snape was cut off by Harry. 
"Voldemort has tried to kill Maggie before." Harry says while bringing me forward.
I lift up my shirt and turn around so that the professors can see the scar. 
"look at it sideways." Harry said. 
The professors tilted their heads.
"The mark only left by Voldemort, when he uses the killing curse." Harry says. 
"Anna, how come you never said anything about this?" Dumbledore says after I pull my shirt down. 
"I never knew. My parents told me it was a birthmark and that I should never show anyone, and from the angle I could look at it in the mirror it didn't look like Harry's." I say. 
"You're parents knew about this. We must inform them, and ask them to come to Hogwarts." Dumbledore says. 
Snape begins to write a letter and then gives it to Dumbledore's owl who then flies out the window. 
"The bird will know where your parents are, and deliver it to them." Harry whispers to me. 
"Anna, this means you are in danger. From now on you are not to leave the castle until we know why Voldemort has tried to kill you. You will take extra classes with Snape to learn how to protect yourself. Harry, Ron, and Hermione can help you too." Dumbledore says. 
"Okay" I say, trying not to let my panic show. 
"Now go back to bed and get a good nights rest. you'll need it." Dumbledore says. 
Me and Harry walk back to the Gryffindor common room together in a comfortable silence. 
"Today has been crazy." I say.
"Yes it has." Harry says and I somehow manage an actual laugh. 
"what's funny?" he asks.
"Nothing, it's just this is so surreal. how is this my life? A month ago I was with my friends at a mental institution painting flowers to calm our minds. Now the the greatest dark wizard of all time wants me dead, and I'm hanging out with a boy who is also on his list, oh and I'm also a wizard." I say. 
"Yup, that sums it up pretty well." he says while chuckling. 
I sigh and say goodnight to harry. 
In my dorm I find Hermione, Ron, and Maggie looking worried.
"ANNA!" Maggie says while running over to give me a hug. 
"Um, hi.." i say surprised. 
"Where were you? Do you know where Harry is?" Hermione says. 
"I was with him in his dorm and the. we went to go see Dumbledore together." I say confused. 
"When I walked out of the bathroom you guys were gone and I couldn't find you, so I went to get Maggie, thinking you were there. When you weren't there we came here." Ron says. 
"I'm sorry, we should've told you we left..." I say. 
I hear a knock on the door.
"Ron's not in his room." Harry says while coming inside to find Ron sitting with Hermione on her bed. 
"Oh?" he says motioning to everyone in my room. 
"What's going on?" he asks. 
We inform him and then he laughs and we all laugh with him. 
"Why'd you guys go to Dumbledore anyways?" Maggie asks us. 
I look over at Harry. 
"We couldn't find my wand. I remembered that I left it in his room earlier today." Harry lies. 
"Oh, you found it?" Hermione says. 
"yep." Harry says while showing his wand. 
Everyone went back to their dorms and I slipped under my red covers. 
"goodnight Anna, glad you're okay." Hermione says. 
I was definitely not okay. 
"Goodnight, and thanks. me too." I say.

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