The Only One

Two teenagers quickly become tangled up in the world of wizards and witches, but as enemies strike and relationships are lost, the world of magic comes crashing down; taking everything and everyone down with it.


1. Introduction

When I was 10 there was this girl in school who always wore pigtails and buttoned her shirt up all the way. She also used to make fun of me for not being rich like her family was. So one day while she was in the middle of saying that my converse were too dirty to be worn inside the classroom, I turned her pigtails into actual pig ears. It's not like I meant to do it or anything, but it was pretty funny. that was when I figured out something was really wrong with me, and so did my parents. they admitted me to a hospital for crazy people. I stayed there until I was 15. My parents only visited me on Christmas and my birthday. you're probably thinking that it was absolute torture, but surprisingly it wasnt. I made my 3 best friends there, Emily, Maggie, and Kyle. Emily was admitted because she has a major case of depression. Maggie was admitted, surprisingly, the same way as me (she turned her science teacher into a rat). Kyle was submitted because he attempted suicide. we all get along really well, and tell each other everything. Maggie and I have grown quite close over the fact that we both have some kind of weird power thing. 
Every day is usually the same here. you get up, eat breakfast, clean up, and for the rest of the day you attend different "classes", and see friends. but today was different...the usually warm friends halls were cold and un inviting. Outside there was a snowstorm, and thunderstorm. 
"I heard we're supposed to get 5 feet of snow tonight." Emily said when I met up with her in the hallway. 
"I know, I can't wait." I said, which was true on some levels; because I loved snow but I didn't really like being around it, it made me anxious.
"Did you have any dreams last night?" she asked. 
lately I've been having these sort of dreams where I am in a big castle and I am attending classes, but then all of a sudden this face appears in smoke form, and goes straight through me, and then I wake up. 
"Nope." I lie. 
We met up with Maggie and Kyle for breakfast. Maggie tilted her head to the bathroom, suggesting that we go there and talk. 
"We'll be right back." we say while getting up and pushing in our chairs. 
"what's up?" I ask her.
"I've been...feeling strange today" she says. 
"strange? like nervous about something?" I ask.
"yes, exactly. I feel on edge, like something and is about to happen. something really bad" she says while leaning against the wall. 
"Maybe we should tal-" I was cut off the windows in the breakfast room shatter all over everyone. coming into the room were ghost-like creatures dark and smoky. My break went I to immediate panic mode because I've seen those things before, in my dreams. 
I immediately scanned the room for Kyle and Emily, but they weren't there. 
"Kyle And Emily are gone." I tell Maggie in panic. 
She grabs my hand and we run through the crowd of screaming people, down the hallway, to Kyles room; which was right across from Emily's. 
"okay, you go to Kyles, I'll go to Emily's." Maggie said while running down the hall.
I push open kyles door only to find his room empty. I was just about to look in his bathroom when I heard Maggie scream. I run across the hall to Emily's room, and find Maggie laying on the floor with the ghost creature floating above her. 
"NO! STOP!" I scream as I run over to her. Another one comes though the door laying over me. it's the scariest thing I've ever seen in my life, and it was killing me. 
I could myself slipping away from humanity, I don't know what it was doing to me but all I felt was pain. I looked over at Maggie and she was screaming louder than I was. I slowly felt my eyes close, as I reached for Maggie's hand, they close completely. 

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