The Only One

Two teenagers quickly become tangled up in the world of wizards and witches, but as enemies strike and relationships are lost, the world of magic comes crashing down; taking everything and everyone down with it.


3. He Who Shall Not Be Named

"Maggie! Wake up!" I say loudly as I shake her shoulders. I was starving and I wasn't about to go down there by myself. 
"what? what's going on?" she says while pushing me away. 
"I can tell you what's not going! but if could be if you GOT UP." 
"Fine, okay." Maggie said while getting out of bed, and giggles escaped her lips. 
After about half an hour of trying to find wherever you ate In this place, we  found it. It was a long, rectangular room with rows and rows and tables with hundreds of other kids. At the head of the room, I saw Professor Dumbledore sitting in a chair in the middle with, I'm guessing, other professors sitting next to him. I immediately spotted Ron's red hair with Hermione sitting across from him and a boy with glasses next to him. 
"where should we sit?" I ask Maggie. 
"I guess with Ron and Hermione, since we don't know anyone else." she said while strutting towards them, ignoring everyone staring at us. That was one thing I admired about Maggie, she doesn't care about what people think about her. I wish I could say the same about myself. instead, I was twiddling my fingers while trying to ignore everyone's glances as I walked by. If i was as pretty as Maggie, i'd walk as confident as her. Her long, wavy, brown hair bounced as she walked. Her tanned, clear skin actually shined and her green eyes glossed when the light struck them. She was an average height for a 16 year old, and she wasn't too skinny nor too plump. I, on the other hand, had plain dark-brown hair down to my shoulders. My green eyes didn't sparkle, and face was extremely pale and covered with freckles. I was tall for my age, and average size.
"Hey, do you mind if we sit with you guys?" Maggie asked them. 
"Yeah, of course." Ron answered while scooting over to let Maggie take a seat. I sat next to Hermione who smiled at me and complemented my bracelet. 
"Anna, Maggie, this is Harry Potter. Harry, this is Anna and that's Maggie" Hermione said while motioning to us as she spoke our names. 
Something about Harry caught my eye. He look strangely familiar...He looked like me. The black hair, bright green eyes, and pale skin matched mine completely. I also noticed he had a scar above is left eyebrow that look like a flash of lightning.
"Nice you meet you guys" Harry said while smiling at us. 
"Bloody hell, you guys could be brother and sister. You look identical." Ron said whilst pointing at me and Harry. We laughed and began eating our breakfast. 
"Excuse me, students, I would like to introduce 2 new witches. Anna Bennett and Maggie Saner. Please come forward." professed Dumbledore said. I looked nervously towards Hermione, but she said I'd be fine. 
Me and Maggie walked side by side up to the head if the room. 
"Anna, please take a seat." Professor Dumbledore mentioned toward the chair in the middle with a hat on the top of it. 
Once I sat down, he placed the hat on my head. 
"Easy one, Gryffindor." the hat said. 
Everyone in Ron, Hermione, and Harry's row cheered and mentioned me to come over. Before I walked over to them I turned around and have Maggie an encouraging smile and mouthed, "you'll be fine." 
Maggie took a seat and the hat was placed on her head. The hat looked confused for a minute. 
"Slytherin is where you belong, Maggie Saner." the hat said. 
Immediately mummers were heard from all around the hall, and the row on the far left cheered and welcomed her. It was the first time I've ever seen her nervous. 
"Why did everyone look surprised when she was chosen for Slytherin?" I asked them. 
"Well, er, Slytherin has a negative reputation, many say it's the source to the most powerful dark wizards in the world. For example Lor-" Ron was cut off by Harry. 
"Ron is a bit dramatic. Slytherin is fine. Maggie will be fine." Harry said while eyeing Ron. 
"Right, okay, well do I get to see her?" 
"Yes, but you will have different common rooms, and won't share the same Dorm anymore. You can share a dorm with me if you want, I have. free bed." Hermione says.
"oh, thanks." I say. 
After we're done eating, Dumbledore calls me and Maggie up to the head of the room. Standing next to him was a very tall, big man with a brown bushy beard. 
"This is Hagrid, the keeper of keys and grounds in Hogwarts, he will be taking you to get your wands, in Diagon Alley." Dumbledore says. 
We were led to Hagrid's house, just on the outside of the castle, but we saw no car. 
"Are we walking there?" I ask. 
"good question, but no, we're traveling by Apparition. A magical
method of transportation. You need to put all your focus into your desired location, and you will end up there in seconds. If your desired location slips from your mind, you could end up anywhere." Hagrid said while taking Maggie and I's hands. 
"Ready?" he asks us. We both nod in return. 
In a second we were in the middle of a crowded alley, which I assume was Diagon Alley. 
I wished I had more eyes to look at everything. There were stores on both sides of me selling robes, owls, wands, broomsticks, and every other magical thing you could think of. the walls were wooden with tinted glass windows.
"Welcome to Diagon alley! Everything a wizard could ever need can be found here. From Owls to wands, they have it all. Speaking of owls, did you girls get your pet yet?" 
"We get pets?" Maggie asked with a small laugh. 
"This place keeps getting better and better." I say while smiling and Maggie. 
"You have a choice of an owl, cat, or toad." Hagrid says. 
"Definitely a cat." I say. 
"I want an owl!" Maggie said while taking my arm and squeezing it.
"can you believe this?!" she says excitedly. 
"Hagrid, since wizards are supposed to be a secret, how do the...normal people not know about us if there is a whole alley way selling broomsticks and wands?" I ask him while looking around. 
"We call normal humans muggles, and they can't see it because there are muggle-repelling spells around Diagon alley to keep them away. That's also the case with Hogwarts, muggles see a broken down building with signs that keep them away. Since they have no magic in them, they can't see magic unless that wizard allows them to." Hagrid says while leading us to a shop called "Ollivander's wand shop". 
"Anna, Maggie, meet Garrick Ollivander, he will help you recognize which wand is best suitable for you." Hagrid says while we shake is hand. 
"Nice to meet you girls, come with me." Garrick says while leading us between shelves of long slim boxes. 
"How do we know which wand to choose?" Maggie asks. 
"Actually, Maggie, the wand will choose it's owner. You will simply wave a wand, and if it causes the lights to flicker or moves things, it's chosen you." Garrick says. 
"Now, which one will go first?" 
"I will." Maggie says boldly. 
"Ah, Slytherin?" Garrick asks her. 
"How did you know?" she asks. 
"they stand out." he says while handing her a wand.
She waves it and nothing happens, so she try's about 10 more until one wave caused all the lights to completely turn off and the door to swing open causing the cold wind to blow all the papers in the shop all over the place. 
Hagrid waves his wand, says some words in Latin and the door swings shut and the lights then on. 
"Look like we've found your wand. 12.5 inches Yew, Dragon heart strings. Your wand is longer than most, with a flexible and long-lasting wood. Dragon heart string is a common core. This wand specializes in jinxes and hexes. Handle this wand with your life, and treat it like family. It belongs to you know." Garrick says while placing the wand gently in her hand. 
"thank you" Maggie says with a glow in her eyes while walking over to Hagrid. 
"Your turn, Anna." 
I walk over nervously and begin trying out wands. The 5th one I try out knocks Garrick over and turns the lights back off. 
"oh my god, I'm so sorry, are you okay?" I say while running over to Garrick, with Hagrid and Maggie close behind. 
"I'm fine, I'm fine. You've found your wand. It's a very special wand." Garrick says while standing up. Hagrid and Garrick lock eyes for a minute and Garrick nods at him. 
"This is an 11inch Holly, Phoenix feather wand. A very nice and supple wand. The Phoenix feather was donated by Albus Dumbledore's Phoenix. It's seems to be that Harry Potter's wand also had his Phoenix feather donated by Dumbledore's Phoenix well as he-who-shall-not-be-named?" Garrick says while placing the wand in my hand, not looking at me in the eye.
"Who is he who sha-" I was cut off by Hagrid. 
"Okay, well looks like that's enough for today, thanks Garrick." Hagrid said while putting money and Garrick's desk and rushing us out the door.
"Hagrid, who was he talking about?" I ask impatiently. 
"Nobody important. What's important is that we find everything that we need, Dumbledore'll kill me if I'm back after sunset." Hagrid says.
We walk into a shop called the magical menagerie. It's crowded and smells like a barn. I look to my right and what looks like a baby dragon is napping inside a cage. It was actually cute, while it wasn't breathing fire in my face. 
"Anna, cats are to the right. For owls, we will have to go to another shop just down the alley." Hagrid says while leading us to the cats. 
I immediately spot the one I want, a small ginger cat, named cinnamon. I go over to her and pick her up, she immediately curls her body to fit perfectly in the crook of my neck. 
"I love her." I say while rubbing her belly. 
"Alright then." Hagrid says while taking money out of his pocket and giving it to the cashier. 
"Our next stop is Eeylops Owl Emporium." Hagrid says while walking down the alley.  we walk until we come across a store with owls in cages hanging from the railing of the roof. Maggie immediately smiles; she's been fascinated with owls for as long as I can remember. Since owls are nocturnal, inside the shop was dark and small. Cinnamon purred against my shoulder and I brought her closer to me, as it was cold and her body was like a heater. 
Maggie decided on a large, white, snowy owl named Sky. It was very intimidating, so the name, sky, didn't really suit her in my opinion. 
After getting something to eat, we traveled by apparation back go Hogwarts. We said thank you to Hagrid and headed to our dorms to put our items away. For the  Gryffindor hallway you had to turn right, but for the Slytherin hallway, you had go turn left, so we hugged goodbye and made our way to our dorms. On my way to my dorm I bumped into Harry. I was looking down at my wand, so I didn't see harry looking down at his wand, which caused to to bump into each other, dropping both our wands, and me dropping cinnamon. 
"Ouch!" I say as I land on my back and cinnamon digs her claws into my forearm. After Harry reaches for his glasses and puts them back on, he grabs my hand and helps me up. we both lean down and get our wands, mine in my box, and I stroke cinnamon to let her know she's okay. 
"I'm so sorry, Anna." Harry says apologetic. 
"It's fine, it was my bad." I say while looking at his wand.  
"Nice cat, cinnamon, is it?" he says while stroking her. 
"Yes, Maggie got an owl named Sky." I say. 
"I've got an owl named Hedwig, Hagrid have it to me as I gift when I first arrived at Hogwarts."
"Are you close with Hagrid?" I ask harry while leaning against the wall.
"Yes, he is like a big brother to us." 
"us?" I ask confused.
"Me, Ron, and Hermione."
"Oh, that's nice." not sure what to say next, I excuse myself and say that I have to go to my dorm. 
"Wait! after you drop your things off at your dorm, want to meet me in the library" He asks.
"Sure, give me 20 minutes." I smile.
When I get up to my dorm, there's a box on my bed that says "from Hagrid." I open it up to find a bed, toys, and food for cinnamon. I place the bed next to my bed, with the toys beside it, then I lay her in it, and pour food into her food bowl. 
"Oh hey, I didn't hear you walk in." Hermione says while walking out of the bathroom. 
"Hey." I say while standing up and putting the box in the garbage. 
"She's adorable!" Hermione says while picking her up.
"Yeah she is, her name is Cinnamon. Hagrid said we needed an animal." 
"It suits her. I also chose a cat, well, it's actually half-cat and half-kneazle. His name is Crookshanks. He's probably around her somewhere." She says while getting up and looking under the beds. 
"Ah, here he is. C'mere crook." Hermione stands up holding a huge "cat" that looks like it good be a baby tiger. 
"Isn't he adorable?" she asks while scratching his ear.
"That's one word I suppose." 
"I almost forgot, I have to go meet Harry at the library." I say while putting cinnamon down and running to the door.
"Bye!" she says. 
When I arrive at the library, harry is sitting by the window looking outside.
"Hey" I say, taking a seat next to him. 
"Hey, did you like the gift?" He asks
"I loved it, but how did you know about it?"
"Hagrid doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut." he says and we both laugh. 
"So tell me about yourself, Anna." 
"Well, I'll be 16 next month, I'm from Cheshire, but moved to London when i was 10 so my parents could admit me to this mental institution that has really good reviews, because I accidentally turned some girls pigtails into pig ears. I met Maggie there, and we clicked the second we met. I love reading and writing. I had the brother, but he died when he was 2. That's really all there is to know. What about you?" I ask him. 
"Well, it's not a very happy story." he says. 
"I don't care" I say.
"Okay, well I lived with my parents in England until I was one, because they were killed. Then I moved to My aunt and uncle's house with their dreadful son, Dudley. I always knew I was different then them, because I could do things that normal people couldn't. At the age of 11 I got my Hogwarts letter, and Hagrid arrived to bring me there. I've been here ever since, all though every summer I go back to aunt and uncles house, only because Hogwarts closes during summer. I usually stay with Ron during the last few weeks and Hermione does too. Now I'm 16." Harry says while readjusting his seat. 
"I'm so sorry about your you know who killed them?" I ask. 
I can tell this question makes Harry uncomfortable. 
"Um, no, I don't." he says while avoiding my stare.
"Was it, he-who-shall-not-be-named, by any chance?" I ask quietly. 
Harry immediately looks at me and then makes sure nobody's around.
"How do you know who that is?" he asks sternly. 
"I don't, it's just, when I got my wand, Garrick Ollivander said my wand, your wand, and he-who-shall-not-be-named's wand are brothers. I asked Hagrid about it but he wouldn't tell me." 
"Let me see your wand." he says. 
I pull my wand out of my boot and place it in Harry's hand, and he does the same. Sure enough, they were exactly the same.
"If I tell you this, you have to swear not to mention this to anyone. They can't know that you know. not yet"  Harry says.
"I promise, but who's they?" 
"The professors. They think that it will keep you safer if you don't know." 
"Are they right?" I ask.
"I hope not. 
"He-who-shall-not-be-named is Voldemort, the dark lord. Otherwise know as Tom Riddle. He used to go to School here, he was in the Slytherin house." Harry said.
"So that's why it has a bad reputation?" I ask.
"Yes. Voldemort killed my parents because long ago there was a Prophecy that said that the person who can kill Voldemort will be born in July, to a couple that has tried to kill Voldemort 3 times, and there were only to two people that this could have been referring to. Me or Neville Longbottom. Voldemort chose me, so he killed my parents as I watched. He then tried to kill me, but my mother's love and sacrifice created an Invincible spell, which rebounded the curse he tried to put on me, and out it on himself instead. He lost nearly all his powers, and body. He's been in hiding ever since, some people think he's dead, but I know he's not. I can feel him getting stronger. Dumbledore had been watching me for weeks, so when the attack happened, he immediately knew and sent Hagrid to come save me. Hagrid brought me to my Aunt and Uncles house." 
"Woah. That's crazy." I say. 
"What's your scar from?" I ask.
"From when, you know who, tried to kill me." he says, lowering his voice. 

"Oh…I'm sorry. Does it hurt?" I ask. "Sometimes, out of nowhere, it really hurts, but in in few minutes it goes away. It's weird." Harry says while sliding his finger over it.  "What happens if he comes back?"   "We fight until we can't anymore." Harry says while looking out the window. 
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