The Only One

Two teenagers quickly become tangled up in the world of wizards and witches, but as enemies strike and relationships are lost, the world of magic comes crashing down; taking everything and everyone down with it.


10. Feelings

*Maggie's POV*

I woke up shivering, with my head on Draco's chest and his arms wrapped around me. We were laying on the grass by the pond. The sunlight was warm on my back, the there was still a very cold chill in the air.

"Draco?" I whisper, sitting up.

"Mmm.." He slowly opens his eyes.

"I can't believe we fell asleep here.." I say laughing. 

"Yeah, i reckon the sleeping bags would've been more comfortable." He says stretching his arms above his head, revealing his built stomach. 

"Maggie?" Anna calls over to us.

I felt immediately self-conscious that was cuddled up to Draco.

"Oh, uh, good morning." I say, smoothing down my hair and standing up. 

"Is everything okay?" She says, eyeing Draco with an opposing glare. 

"Yeah, we just fell asleep." I say, forming the best smile I could. 

"Right, well, Hermione and Daniel prepared breakfast..If you want some…" She says looking to both of us before turning away. 

I quickly follow her, leaving Draco in the cold.

"Morning." I say to everyone. 

"Here." Ron says, handing me a plate of eggs and toast. 

"Don't tell me you brought a portable fryer…" I say to Hermione. 

"Okay, I wont." She says blushing. We all laugh and sit down at the table. 

Draco enters the tent a little while later and joins us for breakfast. All the talking and laughing immediately stopped, and was replaced with an awkward silence that filled the room. 

"Okay, look. This is pathetic. We are a team now. We have to keep each other safe, and its going to happen if we don't like some members of our team. You know nothing about me,so you have no right to treat me like this. Just like I don't know you. Can we put the past in the past, and move on with our lives. This is like some kind of soap opera…God." Draco says, staring at us all. 

For once, Hermione was speechless. 

"I agree. I know you aren't the biggest fans of Draco, but you have to put your differences aside." I say.

"I'm sorry for what I said earlier in the Tunnel. You're right, I don't know you. But maybe we can get to know each other." Hermione says, smiling. 

"All is forgotten." Harry says, patting Draco's shoulder.

Ron and Anna smile at him.

"I don't really understand whats going on, but i forgive you too man." Daniel says, laughing. 

For the next hour, we all just laugh, talk, and learn new things about each other that we didn't know before. 

"Psstt." I hear a voice come from the other side of the tent, causing me to jump.

"You okay?" Anna asks me.

"Did you guys hear that?" I ask everyone, walking over to where it came from. 

"Over here." The voice says again.

"In the fire!" The voice shouts.

I opened the door the fireplace to reveal Dumbledore's face formed in the fire. 

"Guys! It's Dumbledore!" I call over to them, grinning.

"Dumbledore? Whats going on? Hows everyone?" We all ask.

"Everyone a fine, a few minor injuries, but no one died. You all need to get a move on. Voldemort found the tunnels, and is on his way. We're trying to delay him as much as we can, but it won't do. He has gotten more powerful." Dumbledore says.

"How long do you think we have?" Harry asks.

"A day, at the most. Head west, and good luck." Dumbledore says before his face disappears, and the fire burns out. 

We all look at each other, before packing our things. The tent was down in a matter of seconds, and we began another journey. 

"East is this way!" I say pointing to the mountains straight ahead. 

We all fall into step, with our wands ready to fight.

Although it was snowing last night, it was extremely hot today. 

I took of the plaid shirt, and tied it around my waist, to reveal my black tank top.

The further we walked, the hotter i became. I started to feel like I was going to throw up.

the world spun around me, and i became light-headed. 

"Draco…" I Mutter to him. "I feel like i'm going to pass out." I say, wobbling.

"Here, lean on me." He says pulling my arms around his shoulders.

"Guys, I think Maggie's dehydrated." Draco calls out to the rest of them.

The last thing I felt was someone's arms wrap around me, and my feet lift the ground.

*Anna's POV*

Watching Draco carry Maggie over to soft patch of grass made me realise just how much he cared about her. He carried her gently but sternly and studied her face, hoping for movement.

"We can't stop for long…" Ron says, looking around. 

"I know. Can someone hand me a bottle of water please?" Draco asks.

"You're okay…" He says, wiping water over her face, causing her to flinch. 

"What…Whats going on?" Maggie says looking around.

"You're dehydrated…Drink this." I pass her the water bottle and she downs it.

Suddenly Harry and I both moan in pain. The scar from voldemort felt like it was being torn open, and someone put salt on it. My hand slides down to her back, and Harry's to his scar.

"What's going on?" Hermione asks looking at us.

"My…my scar..It feels like someone is stabbing me right where it happened." Harry says gritting his teeth. 

"My back feels the same…" I say, holding Daniel's hand to stand up. For some reason, even when i'm standing up, he doesn't let go, and neither do i.

"Bloody hell…" Ron says, looking down the mountain.

"He-Voldemort. He's here." Ron says pointing his shaking arm towards him.

Voldemort was far away enough that he couldn't see us, but he was close enough that we could see him. 

"We need to go right now." I say, backing away. 

No one says anything, we just run down the other side of the mountain. 

We ran and ran and ran until we all had cramps in our side. We settled on the top of a mountain, surrounded by trees. 

Once we settled down, Harry and I began to talk about the pain. 

"It's so strange…It seemed that the further we got away from Voldemort, the less it hurt. It's almost like…like a warning." I say, more to myself than anything. 

"Maybe our parents put it there, to help keep us safe." Harry suggests. 


I spot Daniel sitting on a tree stomp by his self, so i walk over to him.

"Hey." I say, sitting down next to him.

"Hey, how's your back?" He asks.

"Better, thanks." I smile. 

"No one has really told me about Voldemort yet, you know…" Daniel says, looking embarrassed.

"Sorry about that, but he's not someone that people like to talk about.." I then explain Harry's encounter with him and everything else I knew about him. 

We decided to take shifts for being on guard, while the others slept. We did it two by two. Me and Daniel, Maggie and Draco, and Hermione, Ron, and Harry went together. 

*Maggie's POV*

"Mags…wake up.." I heard Anna's voice faintly. 

"Ehh…" I mumble, rolling over but when i rolled over i hit my head against a tree stomp.

"Uh god, things just aren't going good for me." I say, sitting up. It was time for Draco and I's shift to keep guard. 

"You guys good?" Daniel asks, before getting under his covers.

"We'll be fine. Sleep tight." I smile at both of them.

I hated being alone with Draco, but I also loved it. I hated it because he made me feel powerless, weak, one single thing he said could completely ruin my day or make it. He had such control over my feelings, and I didn't like it at all. Even with all that, there was just something about Draco that drew me to him. His charming, witty humour, and the rare laughs outweighed the bad. Being alone with him made me feel giddy and happy, something that I didn't feel too often. 

We sat back-to-back to a sleeping bag, keeping our eyes and ears sharpened.

"I'm freezing…" I say through gritted teeth, pressing my back closer to Draco's.

"You're like an oven, I can actually feel heat coming from you." I say laughing.

I get no response from Draco. 

"Where do you think he is right now?" I didn't even have to say his name, Draco knew who I was talking about.

"I don't know Maggie!" Draco says, sternly.

"Whats your problem?" I turn around to face him.

"What.." He mutters, looking at the floor.

"You've been quiet ever since this morning, and now you're pissed about something. I can tell." I shift my gaze to his eyes.

"I'm not pissed…" He says, looking at me with an expression that i though was fear. 

"Are you scared…" I ask him, cautiously.

"No. I'm worried. I don't…I don't want anything to happen to you. I feel like…I feel like I need to protect you…Not because you're weak, but because i feel as though i need to, i don't know. All i know is that I can't let anything happen to you. I won't" Draco says, finally looking me in the eye.

I didn't know what to say, I wasn't used to Draco showing his sensitive side. 

"You're so amazing Maggie, and i…I'm not used to feeling this way about people, but you…you bring out the best in me, and i thin-"

"Me too." I wrap my arms around his neck. Draco's arms immediately curled around my back and pulled me close.

He murmured something I could hear, but the breath on my neck caused me to squirm.

"This, what we have, it's so special." I say. "And I'm so scared, i'm so so scared." I say, pulling away.

"I know." He says, stroking my cheek.

Me too." He says.





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