Mina's and Mira's Superhero Creator

Hi! Just wanted to make a movella about creating superheroes/Villains! All you gotta do is fill out the form in Ch.1 and we'll make it. Doesn't satisfy you? Don't worry! We'll redo it! Oh! And we might even make a comic about it!!(SPOILERS:comics coming out soon!!)


1. Fill it Out

Hey guys! So since you all know we're superhero geeks,We might as well do a little favor with our other geekies. We're going to do superhero requests! We'll make covers every once in a while,but we will DEFINITELY make heroes/villains. Now enough chatter! Let's make heroes!!!

1)Hero/Villain name




5)you want me to make a comic/movella about it?

((The rest are for people who want one))

6)If so,comic or movella?

7)any relationships? ((Family,friends,romance,etc.))


And like we said,if it's not satisfying,we'll remake it ;)

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