Mina's and Mira's Superhero Creator

Hi! Just wanted to make a movella about creating superheroes/Villains! All you gotta do is fill out the form in Ch.1 and we'll make it. Doesn't satisfy you? Don't worry! We'll redo it! Oh! And we might even make a comic about it!!(SPOILERS:comics coming out soon!!)


4. A/N

Hi! You all remember me,right? Yeah...um I just wanted to tell you how surprised I am at how many people are so interested in looking at MY version of YOUR description of a creatively made superhero. Honestly,I didn't know so many people would love to see my drawings...But I can't take all the credit. You came up with the hero/villain yourself,so congrats to you too! 

Secondly,don't expect your avatar to come early. I will do my best to do the drawings in my notebook,but believe me,it rakes a bit of a while to get all the detail digitally. I'm gonna try and be as active as active can be but in the meantime....


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