The Bad Boy-ZaynMalikFanfic

Hannah is just a average teenage girl, living next to 18 year old Zayn Malik


8. Wooo!

Hannah's POV

"Ill see you tomorrow guys" I said giving them each a hug and heading for my front door.

I quickly took off my converse and went into the kitchen seeing mum in there. "Out with the 'gang'? She smiled and gave me a hug, "Yeah, where's the twins and Robert?" I asked her while grabbing a chocolate bar. "He's gone to bed and Cam's playing video games in his room, Bell went straight to bed when she got home" she laughed "I'm going to go up now sweetie, don't stay up to late" she spoke as she headed to her bedroom. 

I sat on the counter drinking a glass of water, swinging my feet back and forth. I looked up and stared at the big white wall clock which was reading '11:30' I carried on drinking the ice liquid until realisation hit me. I stood up leaving my glass in the sink, rushing up stairs to find a empty bedroom. I sighed in relief and sat on my bed texting 'The gang' on our Kik group chat.

My eyes got heavier as I locked my phone and stuffed it under my pillow but something made me jump out of tiredness.

"Hann?" I lifted my head like lighting and flicked the nearest lamp on. "Zayn? It's-" I looked at my alarm clock "1am" 

"I'm sorry, something came up and fucked my whole night up" he sat on the edge of my bed, I slid out of the blankets and sat next to him.

"What happened?" 

"Non of your business!" He snapped 

"Calm down, you'll live longer" I tapped his shoulder in a teasing manor 

"Fuck off" he smirked and pushed me down on the bed, his hands made there way to my sides and began tickling me

"Z-Z-Z ayn! Stop" I bit my lip to stop my laughter from waking up the household and kept my voice to a whisper

"What if I don't?" He smirked 

"Than you'll wake my family up and Robert will kick you out" 

"You're clever" he said sarcastically and rolled off onto the other side of me 

"Wanna do a all nighter?" I asked him "We can sneak down the shop and get energy drinks" 

"Ooh little miss Nerdy becoming a rebel sneaking out" he winked and stood up offering his hand 


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