The Bad Boy-ZaynMalikFanfic

Hannah is just a average teenage girl, living next to 18 year old Zayn Malik


15. Trouble

-Hey guys! Sorry for the wait, I've been on holiday in Spain for two weeks! Anyway thanks for reading& love you all💕 don't forget to favourite, like & fan👍-

Hannahs POV

"Thanks for walking me back Lou" I smiled and gave him a hug. "No worries, next time I want a rematch and I'll kick your ass" he chuckled and wrapped his arms around me. "Excuse me Tomlinson but we all know Hannah is better than you at FIFA" I poked his cheek and opened the gate walking to my front door leaving Louis standing at the gate with a smirk spread across his face. "I'm amazing, I was tired today that's why you won." I opened the door and waved "Keep telling yourself that! Text me when your home!"  He nodded and raised his left hand heading down the street.

"IM HOMEE" I kicked my shoes off jogging into the living room. "Hannah! Zayn came here for you, but I told him you were out with some boy" Bella spoke eyes still glued to the TV.  "You what?!" "He stormed off, he seemed really annoyed" she shoved popcorn in her mouth. "Shit! He's gonna kill me!" I ran upstairs into my room, locking the window and closing the curtain. "Hann you left your phone charging in my room" I jumped and quickly turned around facing Cameron.  "You scared me" I chuckled and thanked him while he handed me my phone. "I'm gonna go and play FIFA, you wanna game?" He smiled. "Nah thanks Cam, I'm gonna go to bed I'm tired" I spoke as I collapsed onto my bed. "Okay goodnight" he quietly closed the door. 

I turned on my phone, waiting for my lockscreen to appear. I closed my eyes as it started vibrating. 22 miss calls from 'Zayn Malik' 5 texts from 'Zayn Malik' and 1 text from 'Louis Tomlinson' I had a couple of Kik messages off the group chat but I decided to check Zayns first;

'Who are you with?!' (2 hours ago)

'Stop fucking around and answer me!' (2 hours ago)

'Fuck you' (1 hour ago)

'Stop ignoring me' (30 minutes ago)

'That's it I'm coming round' (just now) 

He even left me 20 voice mails... I don't think I wanna listen to them. 

I pressed the 'back' button, switching onto Louis text; 

'Hey love, I got back safely. Have a nice night:)xx' (5 minutes ago) 

I sighed and quickly replied 'Hey Lou! Glad you got back safely, and yourself(:xx' I pressed send and locked it shoving it under my pillow. I closed my eyes but got interrupted by something tapping on my window... Well we all know who it is and I'm scared half to death. The tapping be came banging in a matter of seconds and then he shouted "HANNAH! OPEN THIS FUCKING WINDOW BEFORE I SMASH IT!" I quickly jumped up and opened the curtain. His hair was soaking wet hanging low on his forehead and his teeth were chattering, his eyes were slightly open trying not to get water in them. I opened the window and let him climb in shutting it behind him. He starred at me for a while removing his black shirt. "Get me a towel" he spat as I picked up my pink on hanging on my chair throwing it to him. He dried himself and sat in his boxers dying his hair with the towel. "Who were you fucking then?" "Nobody, why do you think if I hang out with a boy, I'm in there bed?" "Because your a whore" he shouted and I shook my head trying to ignore his words. "I'm not! I'm a virgin, if anyone's a whore it's you!" I raised my hand and swung it towards him but with one swift movement he caught it. "What did you fucking say?" He tightened his grip. "Did I stutter?" He pushed me against the wall and kissed my neck, "you're mine and only mine"    






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