The Bad Boy-ZaynMalikFanfic

Hannah is just a average teenage girl, living next to 18 year old Zayn Malik


20. So close..

Hannah POV:

My breathing became faster as the question replayed in my head.

"Hannah do you want me?" "Hannah do you want me?" The echo stopped as Zayn sucked in my neck as reality hit me.

"Get off me!" I pushed him as hard as I could as he stubbled off me, hitting the space in my left. His eyes became dark as he prompt himself onto one elbow glaring down at me. 

"What the fuck! Why did you do that!?" He shouted obviously losing his temper. I sighed and shook my head. 

"I can't fuck you, I'm not that easy! And as I said your not my bloody boyfriend!" I turned my head to look at him. He chuckled while shaking his head.

"Baby, I wasn't gonna fuck you. And one day, your regret not being with me. And either way, I'm gonna make you mine." A smirk spreaded across his plump lips. 

"I'm never gonna be yours!" I giggled as he climbed on top of me.

"You are babe no ones stealing you from me." He buried his head in my neck again, leaving a small kiss. I quickly moved me head so he couldn't kiss my neck. 

"I'm tired, go to sleep dickhead." I smirked up at him, poking his cheek. As he kissed my head, muttering a insult back, which I couldn't give a crap about since i'm tired. 



"Wake up we got school." I heard a husky voice whispered. I jumped at the sound, hearing a low chuckle at my reaction. 

"You scared me" I pouted and tiredly slapped his tattooed chest. 

"Get up you lazy fuck, I need to go home and change." He ruffled his black locks, smiling down at me.

"Yeah I need to change to." His eyebrows rose as a smirk was placed on his lips as I widened my eyes.

"I didn't mean in front of you pervert!" I laughed. He shook his head, placing a quick but sweet kiss onto my forehead and climbed into his window. 

I did my normal morning routine, and made sure the twins caught their bus. Mum and Robert are back tomorrow afternoon. I left the house, walking down the main street, listening to Eminem 'Guts over Fear.' I continued walking noticing the brown haired boy across the road, smirking at me. I quickly gave Louis a wave as he returned the gesture, stomping on his cigarette. 


I entered the shithole by shit hole I mean school. I made my way to art class, taking my seat. I spoke to Dani which was a desk in front of me. Everyone else was sat down talking to each other, when Mrs Sanders walked in demanding to be quiet.  


"Dan, Dan." I whispered as everyone in the class, had their heads down working on a painting. I picked up my eraser throwing it at Dani's Curly haired head.


"Hannah! We do not tolerate people throwing equipment around the classroom. Get out!" The wrinkled lady screamed, pointing a long stick like finger at me. I quickly jumped out my seat, not fighting back.


I stood beside the door, checking my texts. [1-Louis Tomlinson] [2-Hazza Styles] [4-Zayn.] I clicked onto Lou's message first:

Louis: 'Seen you this morning! need to hang soon babe:)xx' -30 mins ago.


I gave a quick reply to Louis, asking when he's free. Next I stumbled upon Mr Styles messages.


Hazza: 'Cya in English Han:* got some gossip bout Malik <3'- 1 hour ago.


Me: Looking forward too it! Really Haz, I don't like him!<3'-Just now.


Next was Zayn...


Zayn: Hey babe x- 40 mins ago

Zayn: Missing you:(xx'- 33 mins ago.

Zayn: Ignore me then.- 20 mins ago.

Zayn: Fuck you then!- 10 mins ago.


I sighed and slipped my phone into my pocket. How could someone get so angry easily? Maybe I should actually stay away... 




After a couple of words about my behaviour and Dani apologising, I headed to English. I sat down leaving a space for Harry. 


"Hey blondie" Harry spoke unpacking his bag. Making sure he's got every thing he needs.

"Hey cheeky" I giggled and poked his left dimple. as he pouted. 

"So about Malik. He's took Perrie home." My eyes widened at his words. 

"You don't mean...?" he nodded. "He's gonna fuck her." Harry said bluntly.

I shook my head, "I don't care, Harry." 



--- Sorry guys, this was kinda rubbish but please keep reading, fanning and favouring/liking. Also don't forget to comment I love reading them.  Anyway, How does Hannah know Perrie? Does Zayn actually take Perrie back just for a quickie? Is Harry lying? Has Harry got secret feelings for Hannah? 

#Zannah for #Harrah? 











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