The Bad Boy-ZaynMalikFanfic

Hannah is just a average teenage girl, living next to 18 year old Zayn Malik


6. Shhh:X

Zayns POV

I felt something vibrating in my pocket, I opened my eyes and it was pitch black outside. I blinked to let my eyes adjust to the light and realised I was still with Hannah, her soft snores filling the room, her head buried in my neck. 


I carefully reached into my pocket grabbing my phone and opening a text 

'Zayn baby, where r u? We were meant to meet! Louis has came so ill fuk him instead. I was looking forward 4 2night'-Lucy 

I sighed and locked my phone, stuffing it back into my pocket. "What she'll I do?" I whispered and turned to Hannah which just rolled off me. "I don't know why, you are so hard to get but one day, you'll be mine." I slowly reached and kissed her head 

Hannah's POV

I slowly opened my eyes and looked at the beautiful boy which was smiling at me.

"Why are you smiling?" I wiped my eyes 

"I dunno" he bit his lip 

"Well okay then, b-" My phone started ringing and I went behind my pillow and answered

"Hannah my gurlll" It was Harry 

"What's up curly?"

"Well you wanna come and meet at the park with the lads and the girls?"

"Which lads? Which girls?" I questioned

"Hann don't be silly you know, the normal people; Niall,Demi,Liam,Danielle,Me and you!" He laughed 

"Okay, I'll be down in 10 minutes" and ended it 

I looked over at Zayn and he looked pissed off but there was a hint of sadness in his eyes. 

"Going to see your faggot boyfriend?" He clenched his fist 

"Harry's not my boyfriend! He's my bestfriend!" I raises my voice and hopped off the bed 

"Yeah right, bet you fucked all of the 'lads' but no your a pathetic little girl which no boy would find attractive!" He shouted

Tears fell down my face "Hannah I'm so so-" "Save it Zayn! I'm not the pathetic one, your a messed up prick which doesn't give a shit about anyone! Get out of my house!" I screamed 

He reached to hold me but I pushed him away. "You think I got no feelings" he laughed "you'll find out one day Hannah and your regret what you said" he spoke through clenched teeth 

"I'll be waiting for you about 11:30 in here, don't be late with Harry and if he touches you, he's gonna be dead! Got it?" He said as he climbed out of the window into his own and slammed his bedroom window shut...






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