The Bad Boy-ZaynMalikFanfic

Hannah is just a average teenage girl, living next to 18 year old Zayn Malik


25. Reconciliation.


"So it's just us now huh?" he smirked. 

"I guess so". I turned around walking towards the house. What have I got myself into?

Zayn's POV-

I slowly follow her into the house, slipping off my shoes. Cam rushes down the stairs, jumping the last step and lifts up his hand "Zaynnnn!" he shouts as I high five his hand and bring him into a side hug. "What's up lad?" I chuckle, I notice Hannah watching me intensely. "I haven't seen you in ages! I'm about to go to football, would you like to come? even Bella's coming! Don't tell anyone but she has a crush on Zackary." He giggles, my gaze travels to Hannah, "I would man but I gotta unpack! maybe tomorrow yeah? Do you need a lift or anything?" He bends down and put on his boot hopping in the process of tying his shoe laces, his head slightly tilted to look at me. "It's okay, it's only down the field. Me and Bells are going to ride our bikes!" He stands up straight and slides on his back pack. "Bell-" he shouts "I'm coming- I'm coming!" she rushes down the stairs, "Hey Zayn! Uhm guys how do you think I look?" she blushes as Hannah tells her that she looks pretty and all the young boys are going to fancy her. "You look very beautiful Bell, don't let any of those boys try and kiss you!" I laughed as Cam responded "I won't! Now Bella hurry up!" he groans as she pulls on her shoes. "Okay thankyou, see you guys!" she slips out of the door waving as Cam runs out mumbling a goodbye. 

"Are you going to show me my room then Miss?" I smirked at her, as she glared at me. "No find it yourself! I still don't want to see you after what happened at Louis'" I sighed, pulling my bag into my hands. "Hannah i'm sorry. I never wanted to hurt you in anyway, look what if I take us out for dinner tonight?" I smiled and leaned over to kiss her head. "Okay then, deal" she smiled back. She then showed me the guest room which was light coloured, white bed sheets, a small TV, a dresser with a long mirror by the side and a small TV. There were various pictures scattered on the wall such as; I small painting of a daisy, a four sectioned picture of different leaves and a sunflower. I put my suitcase on the bed and walk over to Hannah, embracing her. "I've missed you" I sighed in relief, to be honest I have missed her touch, her voice and sleeping next to her. "Naaah!" she giggles and lets go of me. 

Hannah's POV-

I missed him too, in a strange way. I like to tease him but when his face showed sadness when I pulled away I started to feel guilty... Towards Zayn Malik. His caramel brown eyes scanned over my face, taking in every detail; his hands gently went to my cheek. "You're the most beautiful girl" he smiles to himself as he closes the small gap between us and encloses his face towards mine. "Can I kiss you?" he asks lowering his eyes from mine to my lips, "I really just want to kiss you Hannah" he diverts his eyes back to mine. All I can feel is my heart beat, I know how this is going to end out; I don't want to be hurt. As he leans forward I turn away, the realisation hits me, hes never going to change, I can not fall for this boy; he hasn't proved himself worthy of controlling his anger or his controlling persona. 

"Why won't you kiss me?!" he pulls back and raises his voice. "I'm trying Hannah! can't you see that!?" He steps closer towards me, "I thought you wanted to kiss me!" he backs me towards the wall, his eyes darker shade than his usual. "Do you have someone else?!" he barks as I shake my head to say 'no' he raises his hand as I close my eyes, waiting for him to hit the wall behind me. Instead I feel softness against my cheeks and his thumb gently stroking me. "Please try with me, i'm not good at this but Hannah I would really like you to be my girlfriend."

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