The Bad Boy-ZaynMalikFanfic

Hannah is just a average teenage girl, living next to 18 year old Zayn Malik


2. Parttyyy

Zayns P.O.V: 

"Zayn Zayn" I heard as I turned around, I was walking home from school. I normally have motor bike but I accidentally broke it on a drunken night... Ye don't ask... On the bright side its being repaired!

"Hey, Vas Happenin lad?" I asked as my neighbor Cameron ran up to me. 

"Well I was wondering... A boy stole my lunch money today and refused to give it back, He's been doing it for weeks! And I new you do boxing so could you teach me how to punch? Please? he added with a little smile

"Yeah, but you have to tell me how bad you beat up this lad after mate" I said laughing

We were in his bedroom, him throwing punches at me 

"Right hook" and he hit me straight in the mouth

"Shit! I'm so sorry Zayn, she'll I get you some ice or something?" 

"Wow little man that was one hell of a punch, I think training over and don't worry I'm used to it" I said still laughing 

"I'm gunna go for a shower bro, you know the way out! And again Thankyouu!" He shouted as I continued walking the stairs

As I walked out I came face-to-face with Hannah, Yes I know Hannah she's in some of my classes. I got put back two years because I left school for personal reasons

"What you doing here Zayn? you got your own house 'yanno" I could see she was pissed with me here

"Calm down babe, just teaching Cam a couple of boxing moves. He's getting a bit bullied at school and he asked me to come round and show him some punches" I laughed as I put my hand onto her soft cheek... I've always had a bit of a crush on her, I can't admit it though i'm the bad boy, the player.

"Fair enough" She rolled her eyes

She slipped past me and I quickly grabbed her arm, pulling her back. I needed A date for Josh's party, Hannah was the perfect date.

"Come to Josh's party with me later" 

"No, I'm not going anywhere with you" She ruffly pulled her arm out of my touch

"It wasn't a question babe, be ready by 7" I smartly replied with my normal smirk on my face.

I got home had a shower, noticed I had a bunch of homework..."Ahh well" I muttered as I threw it down 

[2 hours later] 
After I done that, I collected my bike from my mate Justin and sped off to Hannah'.

I knocked and knocked and I was starting to get inpatient. Finally she opened the door...

You finally answered, I was gunna walk in if you were gunna be any longer" Irritation in my voice. DAMN... She looked beautiful
"Can we just get this over and done with?"  I grabbed her hand quickly and we both got onto my bike

"Hold onto my waist, you dickhead. Unless you wanna fall off" I laughed as I spoke

She grabbed onto my waist as I drove off. We got there 20 minutes later, Hannah still hasn't spoke... Probably offended her..Oooh well...

"C'mon let's get a drink, what you what?" I said as I put my arm around her and walked into the party

" Cola" She said bluntly , Oooh shit she's pissed off with me

Got her a cola and myself some beer

"HANNAH" Look who it is the one and only Harry Styles

"HARRY" Hannah replied giving him a hug.

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