The Bad Boy-ZaynMalikFanfic

Hannah is just a average teenage girl, living next to 18 year old Zayn Malik


17. Parks and groups

*Sorry loves, i've been very busy lately. I had just entered my GCSE year! I will try and update more regularly, so please continue reading! Don't forget to like, fan & Favorite.* -BradfordBadBoy'sGoodGirl x

Hannah's POV:

"Wake up Zed' I poked his cheek, as he pouted and put his hands over his face. "Zayn don't be a knob and wake up!" I went to poke him again but a sudden movement caused me to be underneath his towering body as his plain silver dog tag necklace slapped my cheek. "What did you just say?" his hands wondered to my sides as he tickled me. "Z-Z-Zayn please, G-g-g-e-t off" I giggled as my legs started to kick, automatically hitting Zayn full pelt in the stomach. My eyes widened as my hands went over my mouth, "Z-zayn i'm sorry" I started to panic as his face turned to me as he started laughing. "Babe you actually thought that hurt me?" he rolled off me to my left side. "Yeah-" my phone started buzzing flashing with the name 'Louis' under my pillow. I quickly grabbed it and answered "Hey Hann, are you with Zayn?" I looked at Zayn who was looking straight back at me. "Uhmm yes, why?" I looked back to my blanket. "Well, can you tell him, his mums calling me asking where he is!" I looked back at Zayn and replied "Yeah, i'll see you around" and hung up. "Who was that?" "Louis" "LOUIS! How the fuck do you know him!?" he grabbed my chin forcing me to look at him. "Your mums worried about you" I sighed and looked into his angered orbs as they turned soft. "Okay, I need to head off then but I need to know how you know Lou" his thumb lightly rubbed my chin. "He just came up to me once and asked if I liked you, that's all" He nodded and moved his hand away. "What did you say?" "I honestly can't remember now Zayn, you'll have to ask Louis" He sighed and got out of bed pulling his t-shirt and jeans on. "I'll see you later babe, i'll be back round tonight" he kissed my head as he climbed out the window.


Zayn's POV:

I quietly opened the door, flipping my shoes off un-neatly. "ZAYNIE"  The black haired girl squealed as she leaped into my arms. "Vas happenin' princess" I smiled as she giggled hiding herself in the crook of my neck, "Wheres mum?" she removed her head to look at me "Upstairs, she was on the phone" I nodded kissing her head, "I'm just going to see her." I walked upstairs, knocking on mums door and slightly opening it. "Mum?" She span around as soon as she heard my voice. "Zayn! where have you been?" She embraced me into a massive hug. "I've been around my friends" "Which friends? I called Louis, he said you wasn't with him!" She unwrapped her arms and sat down on her bed. "Well I was with Hannah..." Her eyebrows rose "Hannah? as in Hannah which lives next door?" I nodded and sat down next to her. "Shes very pretty and nice, is she your girlfriend?" a smirk came across her face at the mention of 'girlfriend.' "No mum, were just mates." The smirk became a frown "Well, if anything does happen you treat her right!" she smiled and kissed my cheek as she stood up. "I'm making dinner, do you want some?" I stood up with her "Uhh no thanks, i'm gonna meet Louis and Josh" she nodded calling Safaa to help her. 

I rang Josh and Louis to meet me at the park down the road. Now I am currently with Louis smoking a joint waiting for Josh on a bench. It was turning dark, the park was empty except from another group of teenagers on another bench. Far enough so me and Lou could make out who they were. "Yo lads" Josh came and sat by us. "Yo" me and Lou nodded passing him a blunt and a lighter watching the other teenagers as he lit it up and inhaled. Me and Lou were high as while Josh was catching up. I went to finish of my blunt when Louis tapped me, "Oi lad" he nodded his head at the teenagers, "Ain't that Hannah?" I looked up as a blonde girl and a blonde boy ran over to the group with cans of drink.   













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