The Bad Boy-ZaynMalikFanfic

Hannah is just a average teenage girl, living next to 18 year old Zayn Malik


14. Liar

Hannah's POV

"No Hannah! That's not tru-" he was cut off by a high pitched squeal "ZAYN! Baby, where were you the other night? I thought we were gonna meet as have some fun?" My mouth dropped as my eyes flickered to Zayn "You are a prick." I spat walking away as Zayn tried to defend himself as the caked-faced ginger spoke over him "Leave her, let's get out of here." 

I was so annoyed I couldn't stay in the same building as him so I desided to walk home. I strolled slowly down the alleyway; How could Zayn lie looking me in the eyes? How could he have the heart to do that? Ooh wait the dick hasn't got a heart. Phaha why do I care? I don't even like the guy in that way- my thoughts took over my mind as they got cut off by a light voice. "Hannah?" The brown haired boy starred into my soul surprised. "Louis?" He chuckled and threw his cigarette on the floor, putting it out with his black converse heel. "Ain't you meant to be in school?" "Well yeah... Ain't you?" He shook his head in disagreement "I don't go to school I'm 20, only Josh and Zayn" I bit my lip nodding "You wanna hang?" He asked me and shoved his hands in his skinny jeans. "Uhm since I got nothing better to do, why not" I smiled. He took my hand and carried on walking through the alleyway, "What do you wanna do?" He questioned. "We can watch a movie? Or go to that park other there" I pulled him to the gates and opened them allowing ourselves in the children's play area. "LETS GO ON THE SWINGS" Louis shouted as we both hurried over to the swinging seat. "Yo Hann, push me!" He chuckled as he swang with the force I was giving the swing. 

Zayns POV

"Get off me!" I shook Lucy off me. "Really Zayn? You're ditching me because of that bitch?" She laughed, "She isn't a bitch, you are slut" I said detaching our arms and walking off in the direction Hannah went as Lucy shouted insults to me. 

I looked all around school and even asked her group of friends, they just told me to leave her alone which I didn't do. The school bell rang as the day had finished. Hannah wasn't in art, I grabbed my bag pushing people out of my way and leaving the shithole of a school. I hopped on my motorbike riding off to Hannah's. 

I pulled into my garage closing it and fixing my helmet hair. I quickly ran next door, knocking on the hard door. It took a couple of minutes... Until someone answered, it was Bella. "Hiya Zayn!" She smiled as I returned the kind gesture. "Hey Bell, is Hannah here?" I spoke. "Uhm, no sorry. She went to one of her friends house after school. I'm not sure which one? It was a boy, I think." Anger flowed through me hearing she was at a boys house! I nodded to Bella storming off.







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