The Bad Boy-ZaynMalikFanfic

Hannah is just a average teenage girl, living next to 18 year old Zayn Malik


9. Hype

Zayns POV;

I reached the ground and reached to grab Hannah's hand to help her. She softly landed and smiled "Thanks, now let's go!" She ran off dragging me behind .

"Slow down" I laughed pulling her arm so she collided into me, "Sorry. You're just slow" she smirked. "I don't think so babe." 

We arrived at the shop buying; 4 cans of monster and a bag of chilly Doritos. We ended up at her house and climbed back up into her room. We grabbed the pillows and blankets off her bed and led them on the floor along with our food and drink...

"I dare you to down a monster" I smirked at her 

"fine I will, I do my dares like a pro" she grabbed a can and opened it, pulling it back in one swift movement emptying the drink into her mouth and finishing it.

"done!" She giggled 

"Woah, who knows innocent Hannah can play dares" 

then her whole mood changed...

"I'm not bloody innocent!" She raised her voice not that her household could hear her.

"Yeah fucking right, bet you haven't kissed a boy" I laughed 

"Ooh trust me I've kissed plenty" 


"You don't know shit Zayn, now shut the fuck up before I make you!" 

"What you gonna do? And tell me about yourself then" I towered over her, remaining calm at her tone.

Hannah's POV

I shoved him away, "Its non of your business."  

"Please  Hann" he wrapped his arms around me and we both sat on the floor.

"You don't wanna know Zayn" I sighed 

"We all got secrets, you can't bottle them up forever" he spoke calmly 

"Why don't you tell me one of yours?" 

"Fuck no, nobody knows my past" he shook his head 

"exactly" I leaned my head on his shoulder as he leaned into me. "We need more drink, we are being saddos" I laughed and he chuckled standing up and throwing a monster at me "Ready 1-2-3" 

We both tilted our heads back downing the liquid and swallowed. I could feel my body becoming more energetic as I let my hyper ness take over. "Zaynieeee poop" we laughed as we led on the floor cuddling. "Hannahhhhh bananas" he spoke through chuckles. We both turned our heads to face eachother. "You got really pretty eyes Zayn" I said leaning in as he copied my actions... 

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