The Bad Boy-ZaynMalikFanfic

Hannah is just a average teenage girl, living next to 18 year old Zayn Malik


22. Conflict

Previously: 'Zayn turned around and came towards me, opening his arms. "I'm sorry baby girl." I moved suddenly as he tried to embrace me...

"Don't touch me."

Hannah's POV:

I stared at the floor, ignoring the intense glare which was coming from Zayn. "What the fuck Hannah. What have I done?!" his voice bellowed.

"Mate calm-" Louis' soft voice interrupted my stare as I diverted my vision onto the black haired boy. 

"Fuck off Louis!" The anger was evident within his features; the dark gaze, his tighten jaw, balled fists and his bottom lip which was being squished between his pure white teeth. 

"I-i'm gonna go, I'm sorry Louis." I started walking towards the front door as I heard foot steps behind me, "You're not going anywhere, until you tell me why you wouldn't hug me!" he sternly said, I felt a large hand grab my arm and swiftly turn me around. "I said DO NOT touch me Zayn, i'm not a doll." I pulled my arm from his grip.

"You're mine, I can do what I want. Now calm down and stop being a little bitch!" that was it, that sentence did piss me off. I stared into his eyes and finally spoke my mind; "I am my own person, I am not 'yours' and never will be. Just leave me alone and go fuck Perrie!" his eyes turned soft as he was took back by my words, sadness took over his anger.

"Y-you don't mean that!- I never slept with Perrie." I didn't want to get Harry in trouble so I blurted "I seen you together." His eyebrows lowered in confusion as he thought back through his week. "Monday? I gave her a lift home... Nothing happened! I swear!" I shook my head and gazed into his eyes which displayed honesty. "I believe you, Zayn it's okay... We're not together which means you can get with her, me and you are only frie-" 

"Stop! don't say that, I want more, I want-" He rambled. "No Zayn, forget it." I quickly opened the door and slipped out, slamming it in process. I hid behind a tree as Zayn stumbled out the door, scanning the street. "Hannah!" he yelled as he jogged along the side walk towards my street... I sat and waited until I knew he was out of site. 

I went the opposite way to Zayn which was a longer way to get to my street. I cant give Zayn a chance; hes violent and controlling... Why would I want that? sure, he can be nice and gentle but that's hardly ever. He's to mysterious, I hardly know him. I was took out of my deeps thoughts as my phone vibrated against my leg.

'Hann are you okay??'-Louis (1 minute ago) 

'I'm fine thanks Lou, sorry about this. See you soon:)' I replied quickly. As my phone started vibrating rapidly 'Zayn Malik' appeared on my screen as I allowed it to continue ringing... He finally ended it as I quickly enabled my 'Do Not Disturb.' My notifications popped up at the top of the screen reminding me that I have missed 5 calls off Zayn and 3 voice mails from him. 

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