The Bad Boy-ZaynMalikFanfic

Hannah is just a average teenage girl, living next to 18 year old Zayn Malik


11. Calm down you'r live longer

Hannah's POV

"Zaynn" I poke his sleeping face, "Zayynnn" I carried on poking. "Go 'way" he swatted my hands away turning his back to me. "Oi Malik wake up because we got school." He slowly opened his eyes and pulled me into his arms. "Let's skip, I'm tired" he moaned. "Please Zayn, We need to go in! Don't you wanna see your gang?" He released me and slowly got up. "We're going out after school, no excuses!" He kissed my head and slid out the window, closing his curtains as I copied.

After Zayn left I done the normal morning routine; Shower, brush teeth/hair, eat breakfast with the family, add make up and walk to school.  "Cya  guys!" I shouted exiting out the front door. I plugged in my headphones and started listening to 'Lego house' by ed sheeran, mouthing the words while skipping along the pavement, I felt someone tap my shoulder lightly so I quickly pulled out my headphones. "Uhmm you're Hannah right?" The brown haired boy asked. He looked quite intimidating but also looked like one of those kids which joke around a lot. "Uh yeah? Can I help you?" I smiled at him.

"Well, I'm Zayns best mate. Louis, Louis Tomlinson" he returned the friendly gesture. "Zayns  mentioned you quite a bit to me, he seems to really like you but Hannah I gotta warn you, Zayn can change really easily. He can't really stick to one girl, he's a player." He spoke quickly looking deep into my eyes. I was speechless to be honest, I didn't know what to reply so I just said the first thing which appeared in my mind... "Thanks for the warning Louis but I don't like Zayn in that way" which is the truth, I care about Zayn but I don't know him well enough to start liking him. "Ooh... Well I thought I'd just warn you Hannah, you seem a real nice girl and I don't want you hurt but Zayn gets what he wants and if he wants you Hann... He'll get you." He mumbled, walking off.

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