The Bad Boy-ZaynMalikFanfic

Hannah is just a average teenage girl, living next to 18 year old Zayn Malik


23. Business Trips and The Dreaded Name.

Zayn's POV:

"Louis, I can't find her; what have I done?" I sighed as I sat on his messy couch. The dreadful thoughts of losing her treading through my mind, reminding me how much of a fuck up I am. Louis' deadly stare pierced though me as he sipped his beer.

"You're pushing her away mate." He strolled over, sitting next to me; "You need to leave her alone, unless you learn to control yours-"

"What are you talking about, is this because you like her!? do you like her more than a friend Lou!? You're pushing me away from her!?" I accuse, standing up within the process.

"No Zed, I'm with Eleanor!" his eyes burn with frustration.

I shake my head, storming back out of his home, slamming his gate behind me as I head towards home.


Opening the door, I am greeted by a familiar faces as they all turn to stare at who's walked in. "Ah Zayn, please sit down." the man suggests as my mum simply nods, smiling at me.  

 "Whats going on?" I question as I sit down.

My mum smiles widely, "You know Robert and Julia? Our neighbors?" The couple smiled at the mention of their names.

"Uh, yeah?" I have visited their house about a thousand times, I smirk.

"Well Robert has got a business trip to New York and Julia will be going with him; for two weeks or more." Whats this got to do with me? 

"Right?" I looked towards Robert, who started speaking.

"We were wondering if you could babysit? My step-daughter Hannah is 16 but she likes to go out after school and she's got exams coming up so she needs to study, so we would rather someone older and mature to look after the twins." He smiled towards my mum. "Also your mother said you're very good with looking after your younger sister and mentioned it would be a great opportunity for you to get your own cash." She nodded. 

"When are you leaving and how much?" I smirked.

"We're leaving, 11am tomorrow morning also £250, since it's long hours and maybe over two weeks." Julia sips her coffee before mentioning. 

"You may stay in the guest room. So are you up for this or no?" She goes back to sipping quietly, observing the situation.

I look towards my mum, seeing how happy she is about me making a good amount of money. I think about being able to see Hannah and also use this 'babysitting job' against her. 

"I'll take it" I shake Roberts hand as he smiles, "Thankyou Zayn!" He withdraws out of his chair, giving my mum a hug and a kiss on the cheek as Julia shakes my hand, and pulls me in for a hug muttering; "Be good, I know you have a soft spot for my daughter." She smiles and gives me a nod as she approaches my mum, giving her a hug and then leaving as me and my mum escort them out.

"Thankyou for doing this my darling son." She kisses my head and hugs me tightly. 

Hannah's POV:

"So who do you think is hotter?" I ask Bella as we drool over the Salvatore brothers. 

"Defiantly Damon" she smirks;"What about you?" 

"I honestly don't know, they're both to hot!" I dramatically wave my hand towards my face imitating a fan as Bella laughs. 

The thud of the front door closes, "Hannah? Bella?" Mum and Robert peer through the door. "Helloooo" Bella drags as she pauses Netflix

"Where's Cam? Mum asks as she looks around the room. 

Bella shrugs "Playing video games?" 

"Cam?" Robert shouts as you hear a quiet "Yeah Dad?" as Cam treads down the stairs. 

"We need to all talk." Robert sits on the over sofa, his arm around Mum as she smiles up to him. 

"Whats wrong?" Cam peers around the door, sitting beside me. 

Please don't say they're having a baby, oh god please no.

"I got a business trip for 2 weeks or maybe over and Julia is coming with me to New York, we're leaving tomorrow morning around 11 am." We all nod, does that mean I got to baby sit? 

"Who's babysitting? I got to study."  Mum stares at me as she said the dreaded name.





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