The Bad Boy-ZaynMalikFanfic

Hannah is just a average teenage girl, living next to 18 year old Zayn Malik


18. Banter.

Hannahs POV:

"Niall! is that what they wanted?" pointed to the 5 packs of monster cans on the shelf. "Yeah, and rockstar" He said picking up the bright pack of cans. We brought the cans and started making our way to the park where the rest of the gang were hanging. "Right lets do a bet" Niall smirked, "What bet?" "I bet you £5 that i'll beat you in a race to the park" a smirk formed on my face "Deal!" we shook hands "Right altogether yeah" he asked " 1..2..3!" we both sped off to the park. 

"C'mon Han you snail!" Niall shouted as he opened the gate, we both pushed past the gate. Me pushing through first running towards the bench with Niall trailing not so far behind me. We both carried on running until we reached the bench surrounded by: Harry ,Liam, Demi and Dani. Ofcourse me winning! "I WON" "I WON" I shouted giggling at the out of breath Niall. As I took a seat between Dani and Harry, "Hey babycakes" I put my two arms around their shoulders still giggling. "Hannah Banana!" Dani giggled and hugged the side of me then leaned back into Liam. "Hannah's mine" Harry pulled me onto him chuckling as I stumbled "Hey cuties" I waved at Liam and Demi as they cuddled into their partners. "I could say the same with you and Harry" Demi smiled and Liam nodded. "Hey NiNi wheres my fiver?" I smirked and sat up. "I'll give it to you tomorrow Hann" the blonde haired boy spoke as he cracked open a can. We drank 2 cans each when Liam poked me "Ain't that Zayn with his mates?" my eyes widened as I followed his gaze. "Shit." 

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