The Bad Boy-ZaynMalikFanfic

Hannah is just a average teenage girl, living next to 18 year old Zayn Malik


19. Babysitting and Drunk calls

Hannahs POV:

"Hide me" I simply say as I hid my body behind the side of Harry. "Just ignore him babe" Harry smiled down at me, "Don't let him control you." I smiled at Harry and ruffled his long curls. 

Two hours have passed, Zayn left an hour ago. Liam and Dani went home for 'alone' time so did Niall and Demi. As for Harry he had a date. I think her name was Taylor? I'm not to sure. Anyway I've been looking after Cam and Bella since Mum and Robert have gone to see some old fashioned band. 

"CMON CMON, YES!" Cam laughed in my face as he scored on FIFA. "Shut up" I giggled as the time ran out; 5-4 to Cam in the last minute. "Hann, someones calling you" Bell says looking up from her laptop, passing me my phone. "Uhm hello?" everyone's attention on me, even though Bella's on her laptop I still know she's listening while Cam makes it obvious by starring at me. "H-h-ey babe" the slurred familiar male voice replied, "Zayn? whats wrong?" 

"Nuuf-in I miss you" he chuckled, I rolled my eyes "You're drunk, where are you?" I heard shuffling and people talking. "I'm over L-louis-s" he started speaking to someone named Josh. I sighed and hung up, I know that's harsh but he wasn't even paying attention. "Who was that?" Cam smirked as Bella nodded with a grin on her face. "It was Zayn from next door It's no worries" I faked giggled as they just nodded. "Anyway shouldn't you two be in bed? It's half 11?" Cam groaned as Bella rubbed her eyes and mumbled a barely audible "Yeah."

"Night Cam" I gave him a hug before he went into his bedroom. Bella automatically went up while Cam needed some convincing. I turned the other way heading into my room. I pulled some PJS on and starting texting on the group chat, since only Liam and Demi were up. '2:00AM' my phone glowed as Liam messaged me saying 'Night banana xx.'    

"Hannah?" someone stumped through my door into my room. I opened my eyes in shock, as I noticed the tattooed arm which was leaning on my door. "How the hell! why did you come through the front door!" I whispered shouted as he chuckled and tripped grabbing onto my bed and collapsing onto it, letting out a groan. "Why did you put the phone down on me?" he climbed on top of me. "You know I wouldn't of called you if I knew you were gunna do that" he whispered, dropping his head into the crook of my neck, "But I really missed you, I wanted to speak to you at the park." he lightly kissed my neck as my eyes widened. "But I seen how close you were to Harry, I was honestly gonna beat the living shit out of him. But Louis stopped me and took me back to his. He literally had to get Josh to help him I was that pissed." his lips moved up towards my ear, "I went to Louis' and got pissed and blazed to forget about you and Harry. It didn't work but I missed you so I called you. Louis was with his girlfriend Eleanor so he dropped me off when he took her home." he nipped my ear gently and whispered "Hannah do you want me?"


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