The Bad Boy-ZaynMalikFanfic

Hannah is just a average teenage girl, living next to 18 year old Zayn Malik


12. Avoiding the player

Zayns POV

"Bye mum" I kissed her head and kneeled "Ill take you to the park after school princess" I kissed my little sister after I spoke. I walked out the door and hopped onto my motor bike letting it roar as I drove off my street. 

I entered school with all eyes on me. "Zayn baby!" I heard some powder faced girls sqeaul as I strolled past them. I heard the bell ring and headed to my favourite lesson art,  "Malik" I heard Josh shout running up to me. "Vas happenin lad?" I asked as he entered the topic of drugs and drinking. 

After my 10 minute chat with Josh I continued walking as I bumped into a smaller body "What the fuck, watch were your walking!" I pinned the weak nerd againest the wall. "I-I-I'm s-sorry" he mumbled,  "Next time you walk into me, I'll break your legs" I released him as he fell to his knees catching his breath. 

"Mr Malik! You're 15 minutes late!" The middle-aged women shouted. As I sat down and leaned back on my chair.

Hannahs POV

I sat on the right side of the art room as I heard Miss raise her voice at someone. I looked up through my eyelashes and noticed the highlighted quiff, I kept my head down hoping he doesn't notice me... He sat on the left side of the room. "Hannah? Can you tell me how I can get the colour purple without using the actual colour?" Everyone's attention turned to me even the dark

boy with a smirk printed on his face. "Uhmm... Red and blue?" I asked. "Correct!" She smiled

returning back to whatever she was speaking about. 

I started sketching a fruit, I choosen cherries. I felt someone crept behind me "Hey babe" warm lips placed on my cheek. I automaticily knew who it was... Zayn. I didn't let myself look at him as he took a seat next to me. "That's amazing" I could hear a smile in his voice, "Thanks.." I whispered quietly not letting my gaze remove from my sketchbook.  "What's the matter?" He raised his voice forcing me to look at him. "Nothing" I gulped. "Stop being so fucking blunt, tell me what's wrong or I will make you tell me!" 

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