her secret

Dylan grew up in a small family home with both her parents and her older brother.her life was amazing untill she turned thirteen. Her mom died in a horrific car accident. After that her views on everything changed. She kept a huge secret from her family and her bestfriend. she started getting bullied on her appearance . when people started realizing her secret her family was left in shock about how the night slowly dissappeared into a huge blur covered in blood


1. The move

 Dylan sat in the passenger seat of her brothers truck with her music playing way too loud. She didn't make eye contact with her brother as he followed the moving van her dad was driving. They were moving because they needed a "fresh start". dylan honestly thought that was bull shit. but her dad and charles thought it was a great idea. she started playing  Payback by attila at full volume when her brother pulled into the drive way of the new house. when she stepped into the house it was big but old. it was a victorian home in georgia looked nice but it wasn't the home she was used to. her room was big, it had its own bathroom and deck with a view of the beach. now al she could do is move into her new room.

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