When the sun no longer shines

She was a good student, he was trouble...yeah, yeah, yeah! The usual story. But what happens when they can't live without each other? When they are so diffrent but crazy about each other? What happens when feelings are in game? When they actually fall in love so hard that they'd do anything for each other?
I have an ideea...It's called love.


2. chapter two

Hey guys! So here it is! Chapter two! Enjoy :)

This is a huge step in my life! Going to New York University? This is so cool!

"Alright honey.Have a good flight" she saied with a half smile.

"Mom! Don't cry." I tell her while laughing. That's quite weird. We're at the airport , she's almost crying and i am here laughing.

"I'm sorry, dear. But you are so big and beautiful!" She tell me with a sad smile.

My mom was very emotional and protective. I mean in the third grade she punished a girl from my class because she broke my Barbie.

My mom always pushed me for better , for a good life.

"I love you mom" i saied. I really loved my mom

"Love you too!" She saied again with her sad smile.

"Goodbye mom!" I tell her while getting away.

"Goodbye Patty." She saied with tears in her eyes.

This is the first time she called me Patty. She usually calls me honey or dear or other nicknames. This time she called me by my name.

I looked one more time to remember her face and waved at her.


The flight was really quick! Ok I slept all the voyage, but still.

New York is so big. I've never imagined that New York is so big.

I need to find a taxi and go to campus.


My room was G-45. When i steped inside, I saw that there were two beds. A girl was sitting next to a bed.

"Oh My Goood! You are my new roommate! We are tottaly gonna be besties! Your name is Patricia, right? Can I call you Amanda! Haha! What a joke. My ex-best friend's name was Amanda. Hahaha!" She saied while grabbing me into a hug.

I am glad she is excited, but she is way too weird.

"Oh and we could borrow clothes! And tell secrets! And if you want an advice, don't be shy! Ask me! I am your new best friend!" She saied smiling. She is too excited. I don't even know what should i do!

" Ok! What's your name?" I asked.

"My name is Prissy! What's your name!" She asked me. I tought she knew my name.

" My name is Pat..." She didn't let me finish my sentence.

"Haha! Another joke! God you're so funny!" She saied laughing. Ok now i really think she is on drugs.

"Ahaha" i tried laughing and not to make her feel bad.

"Well let's go!" She saied. What? Where are we going.

"Where?" I asked confused.

"Let's have a walk. You aren't going to unpack in your first day, right?" She asked waiting for me to answer. Actually I was planning to unpack in my first day, but i didn't planned on having a rommate so happy.. But I didn't want to make her feel bad.

" Erm...no. I...Let's have a walk." I saied with a smile. She smiled back. I think that she thinks that we are Bff, but it takes time for me to make a best friend.

"Cool! Then let's go!" She saied,again, way too excited.


We walked through the campus, talking.

"So what are you excited about in university?" I asked. Ok maybe she is going to tell me that she is excited even when it comes to breathing.

"Hotties. Duuh!" She saied like i should knew it.

Oh so she is a hormonal-girl. I don't have a problem with these types of girls, but they push me in doing stupid things.

"What about you?" She asked me with a smile on her face.

"I am looking forward stud..." I couldn't finish my sentence, because i bumped into someone.

"Hey watch out where are you going!" He saied angry. He had brown curls and green eyes and he was full of tattoes.

"I...I am s-sorry." I saied suttering. Why am I such a loser?

"Yea sure you are!" He saied while getting away.

"What a hottie! He's mine!" Prissy saied looking at his back.

"More like an asshole!" I saied mad. It wasn't a bug deal that I bumped into him.

"But look at him. He's so sexy that it hurts!" She told me still looking at his back.

"You can have it." I saied.

"Good, cause i told you he is mine." She saied laughing.

If all the boys are like him here, then i'll be careful not to bump into somebody.

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