When the sun no longer shines

She was a good student, he was trouble...yeah, yeah, yeah! The usual story. But what happens when they can't live without each other? When they are so diffrent but crazy about each other? What happens when feelings are in game? When they actually fall in love so hard that they'd do anything for each other?
I have an ideea...It's called love.


3. chapter three

Hello! Here is chapter three! I hope you anjoy it! :)

"So have you seen somebody you like?" Prissy asked me. What? No.

"I am not looking for boys , I was about to tell you that i will study hard this year, but that jerk bumped into me." I saied. Ok that was my fault too, but he took it too serious.

"Well that sucks. You are pretty boring if all you want to do this year is sitting in your room and studying." She told me. Actually is very cool. I think. I don't know, i'm not a cool person.

"Well maybe, but I don't care." I saied trying to sound cool by saying that i don't care but it was pretty much a fail.

" You know what you need? You need a party!" She saied.While looking at a sign 'Frat Party! Tonight 8:00 P.M. A party? In her dreams.

"What? I am not going to a party with you." I told her. I promissed my mother i won't go wild. My mom! I need to call her when i get back to my room.

"Oh come on! It's just a small party! And you know that song 'A little party never killed nobody!' " she saied. I guess she's right, but here at college, the parties are never small.

"I need to unpack my things and I will watch some movies!" I told her. I can't go to this party.

"Don't be a boring ass! I need you to come with me at that party with me! I don't know anyone but you." She told me.

"Oh and why do you need me to come with you? " i asked her.

"Well maybe that hot guy, you bumped into, will be there!" She saied. And what's the deal with that?

"So...?" I asked waiting for her to continue.

"So I need you there with me in case that I get too drunk! You need to take me back." She saied. Of course. I'm not buying it.

"If I am not going to the party you aren't going either?" I asked her.

"No!" She told me hoping for me to come.

"Well you're doing a good thing for yourself that you aren't going to that party." I saied.

"Please! I am begging you!" She told me.

"Ok." I simply saied.

"Seriously?" She asked me confused.

"No." I saied smiling.

" Please only this one! This will be the last time I will ask you to come with me at a party!" She begged me. Ok now i feel bad for her, but I feel bad for me too because she is putting me in a hard situation.

"Fine." I saied. Why did I just saied that?

"Aaah! Oh my God! It will be AMAZING! You won't regret it!" She told me. I hope not.


After we get back to our dorms i called my mom and Prissy started getting ready.

It's just 6:30 P.M. and the party begins at 8:00.

"Now let's make you look beautiful." She saied with mascara in her hand coming to me.

"What! No. I don't want those things on my face." I told her.

"It's just a little make up, and we need to pick a dress for you!" She saied. What? A dress?

"I am not going in a dress!" I protested.

"We are not going to camping! You can't wear jeans and a large sweater!" She told me. Yeah, actually I can.

" I am not coming in a dress. I am coming in jeans and a top." I told her while getting out of my bed.

" You are so boring! At least let me apply some make up." She begged me. A little make up it's ok I think.

"Well...ok." I simply saied. She jumped happily.

"Yeeey!" She saied happy.

This will be a "great" night.

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