When the sun no longer shines

She was a good student, he was trouble...yeah, yeah, yeah! The usual story. But what happens when they can't live without each other? When they are so diffrent but crazy about each other? What happens when feelings are in game? When they actually fall in love so hard that they'd do anything for each other?
I have an ideea...It's called love.


1. chapter one

Hey so this is my story! :) I imagined Patricia like Emily Osmet. This is my first story so take it easy with me, i just love writing...So if you like my story thumbs up! ;) Enjoy!

Hello! My name is Patricia Holt and i am from Sitka,Canada, but i live in Virginia at my mom. My mom and dad are divorced. They divorced when i was 12 and from then I live with my mom in Virginia.I don't have any brothers or sisters since my parents couldnt't even handle a child that much.

I don't have cool friends or cool clothes or a cool life , full o parties. I just want to live my life in peace and ,when it will be the time , to get married with a good man.

I don't think that now is a good time to have a boyfriend. I just don't get why all girls go so crazy when they meet a boy they like.

Ok enough about my boring life. My exciting story begins in a ending summer, when i was getting ready to go to the university

" Honey! I think you made the perfect decision!" My mom tells my while we both pack my things

" With what?" I ask a little bit confused.

"New York University! It's so you!" She says happy.

" Yeah mom, but i think you are more excited than me." I saied with a small smile.

" Remember I will call you every week, and don't forget to answer to your dad's calls too ,even tough he's not too interesed in you going to college and remember to ea..." She tries to says but i intrerupt her. She is so carring.

" To eat fruits everyday and don't go wild parties and don't begin to smoke or drink because smoking and drinnking is bad! Yeah i got it mom. You saied the rules like one hundred times." I saied with a big smile on my face.

She really thinks that i am going to go wild and be a bad person with bad grades and a bad future while i'm in the uni.

" I am just so proud of you! You are not a baby anymore...i just forget that sometime." She says a little bit embaressed. She's such a dramma queen.

" Yeah well i hope you won't cry while i'm gone to the uni! " i saied laughing.

I really hope that my mom won't call me every week and cry at phon and tell me how much she miss me.

" Don't doubt on that." She says with a half smile. At least she's beeing sincere.

" Well...I think i got everything i need" i saied while looking at what i've packed.

" You have your flight at 4:30 p.m. , so i think you gotta go" she tries to fake a smile but i see the sadness in her eyes. She's sad? It's not like i'm going in the opposite part of USA.

" You mean let's go! We're going together to the airport remember?" I saied smiling. I saied getting to the car with my bags, and i am glad i don't have many clothes!

So this is my first chapter i hope you liked it, even tough it's boring! :)

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