Here are some poems that I created when I was in a dark place, but some of hem are not as dark as others. Hope you guys like them.


7. First Time I..

The first time I ever entered a contest

But not some ordinary contest, oh no

Walking down the street on a saturday

Morning, about 7:45 am, listening to

The cars whizzing by, seeing people walk by

Some of my friends waiting for the

School to open on a saturday morning

The starting of Labor Day weekend of

Nothing, but sleep, and fun. We stood

Outside the doors, wanting someone

To open the doors up, so we could begin

An idea, and conjure up a novel in

3 days, that’s right. On the beginning of

Our three day weekend, where we could

Sleep in, instead of getting up early,

Or play video games instead of doing homework

We decided to take the challenge to make a

Novel in only seventy two hours

Standing in a jacket, but the weather was

Fine, waiting for someone to open the doors,

The sound of laughter passed by of people

Thinking that we are dumb, because we

Are there on a freaking saturday morning

The clock finally clicks to 8:00 am, and

Here comes Charlie with his keys in

His pocket as he takes them out, and

Opens the door to greet everyone

To say good luck to you all

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