Army Help

“We’re going down! Brace for impact!” yelled the pilot as he tried to control the plane.

Huey was helping Michaela get strapped in when the plane crashed into trees and went down lower to the ground. Josh was yelling at Huey to buckle in, but was cut off. Supplies started to fall out of the the hole, and as Huey tried to get to his seat: a huge create smashed into him. The creat sent Huey flying out of the hole, but he grabbed onto a piece of metal, stopping his fall. Huey looked up at Michaela, and Josh who were watching his every movement. He tries to climb back into the plane, but it smashed into the soil; dragging him under the plane. Silence came after that as the plane stopped in the mud.


2. 2.

 The general stepped back so he could give Huey some room, but he noticed Michaela laughing silently. He looked back to see Huey setting up for his first shot, but a sound went through the whole range. The targets started to move side to side, but Huey started to fire at the enemies; not missing a single target. He was almost done when two of the targets had fallen behind two civilian boards, and this was what the elites wanted to see what he would do if that really happened in a real battle. Huey shifted his head to left then to the right, using his sense of hearing to locate a spot to take the targets out.

    The clicks of the wheels the boards used to move around the course, the ways the boards moved were different. Huey slowly aimed his gun towards the right, and waited for his chance, but everyone saw the civilian moving at the same speed as the targets. Huey fired his gun a second before the civilian moved in front of the target. He motioned back to the last target, but before he could fire, something had hit the base.

    The whole room started to shake, and the door was blasted through letting russian soldiers through the door. The elites tried to rush out of the room they were in, but the door was blocked by a huge piece of rubble that fell from the roof. The general saw Michaela and Josh on the ground trying to recover the rubble falling from the roof, but then saw Huey who was still facing the practice course, not paying attention to the soldiers, but as one came close to both Michaela and Josh, a shot was fired from behind them. Still blindfolded Huey had shot his last bullet, and saved Michaela and Josh.

    “Both of you get your gear out of your lockers when I clear the path.” said Huey as he reloaded his gun faster than a heartbeat.

    “Huey, do you think you can fight these guys blindfolded? When are you going to get your weapons?” asked Josh.

    “I have my gun, and the other weapon is a sword in the foot locker at the end of my bed. We will head there, then if you run out of bullets; pick up one of their guns.” said Huey.

    “We will follow you wherever you go. Lets get out of here.” said Michaela as she stepped behind Huey.


    The general saw Huey take the blindfold off, and dropped it to the ground, before he aimed down the iron sight, and started shooting at the soldiers as they entered the room. The FN FAL soon ran out of clips, so he charged at the group with the barrel in his hands and the butt in the air. Michaela and Josh followed Huey through the whole battle, but as soon as they got the lockers it all changed. Michaela got everything she needed as well as Josh, but Huey was still kicking ass with the gun he used as a blunt object. He was swinging the gun around the way hitting the enemy in the temples knocking them out cold, and tried to dodge every shot that was fired at him.

    Michaela had gotten her gear and started to shoot the enemy covering Josh so he could get his hands on the heavy machine gun that was sliding on the ground because of people kicking it, but once he got his hands on it; bullets started to fly past both Briana and Huey. Huey dropped his weapon and picked up an AK-47 off the ground, aiming for the enemy while he ran towards the barracks. Michaela looked back to see Huey making his way to the barracks, but he was running as fast as he could to get there. She looked back at Josh, then started shooting again, covering Huey.




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