How does it feel to kill people? To show no mercy as you plunge the knife? How does it feel to be a demon? To work with the devil? To have a constant evil glint in you eyes? Well Dylan knows. She has spent her whole life as an empty soul-less person. And this is her story.


1. Job Done

“Help me please,” the young girl begged softly, using her final breaths as best she could. Coughing hard she jumped at the sight of blood.

“You’re dying there is nothing to do,” the shadowy girl said harshly.

“Some...someone will realise that we’re here,” the young girl stammered softly, her voice getting weaker and weaker.

“This house has been abandoned for years you idiot,” the shadowy girl cackled loudly, filling the whole room.

“But...but,” the girl cried, welling up with tears. She reached for her throbbing chest and brought her hand back drenched in blood.

“I want to show you something,” the shadowy girl said calmly as if the young girl had never spoke. She stepped out of the shadows and raised her arms. Slowly two black angel wings stretched from her back.

“You’’re an angel,” the young girl stammered stretching out towards the girls vast black wings.

“More like a demon,” the demon said a glinting smile stretching across her face.

“ what,” the girl asked coughing up blood.

“Here listen to this,” the demon said before striding over to a piano in the corner. She sat down and started to play. As beautiful as it was the young girl was astounded that the demon didn’t care at all that she was dying.

“You are a cold and soul-less person,” the young girl stuttered slowly glaring at the demon.

“Oh you only just noticed,” the demon said pulling a fake smile.

“You...You mean you already knew,” the young girl said clearly shocked.

“I have been a soul-less person all of my life,” the demon said laughing, “That is basically what a demon is.” The demon turned back to the piano and continued to play, her fingers swiftly dancing across the keys. Her wings gently fluttered as she played beating a steady drum beat along with her piano piece.

“What song is that?” the young girl asked her blood trickling down onto the floor.

“Oh what I’m playing,” the demon said looking up, “It is a song all demons and angels are played when they are little. Humans don’t know it.”

“Oh right well even though I hate you I love that song,” the young girl said wiping the blood from her chest.

“Thanks I guess,” the demon said turning away from the bleeding girl.

“When you think about what you have done how do you feel?” the young girl asked trying to buy some time.

“I feel empty, I always feel empty,” the demon said glaring, “Now shut up and die.” The demon continued to let her fingers dance across the keys on the piano. Suddenly she heard a gasp.

“Help,” the young girl gasped before going still.

“Serves her right,” the demon cackled, “She deserved to die.” The demon walked over to the girl and closed her eyes and her mouth, making her look peaceful.

“Is the job done,” a booming voice echoed around room. The demon rolled her eyes walking back over to the piano.

“Yes Ky the job is done so you can show yourself,” the demon said sarcastically. A man with black wings materialised in front of the demon smiling.

“It is just a precaution,” Ky said patting the demon on the shoulder, “You know that right Dylan?”

“Yes I do,” Dylan said shallowly rolling her eyes. She swung her black dress sideways, sitting back down on the piano stool, and continued to play.

“You know I love it when you play,” Ky said gesturing to the piano.

“Shut up,” Dylan said glaring at him.

“Someone is feeling more empty than usual,” Ky said taking a step back, “Have you got a soul?”

“No you know that I don’t,” Dylan said but she smiled slightly.

“Anyway where is the body?” Ky asked glancing around the room.

“Over there,” Dylan said letting her beating wings gesture towards the girl, instead of her hand.

“Cheers,” Ky said picking the limp, lifeless body in one hand. Ky smiled enjoying showing off as he walked back to Dylan.

“Told you I could handle it,” Dylan said knocking the body out of Ky’s hand for fun.

“Hey,” Ky said picking the body back up off the floor, “So are you coming to drop this off?” Ky asked softly using the limp body as a weight.

“No I kind of wanted to work on the song that I’m writing,” Dylan said shrugging off Ky’s offer.

“Oh come on don’t you want to take the credit?” Ky said lighting the spark of evil in Dylan’s eyes.

“How come you know me so well?” Dylan asked her evil side shining through more than normal.

“I just have a talent,” Ky said chuckling, “So are you coming?”

“Of cause I am but let me finish my song first, “Dylan said starting to play again.

“Why do you only ever play that piano?” Ky asked causing her to stop playing.

“I only like this piano,” Dylan said feeling empty again.

“Sorry I brought it up,” Ky said sensing her pain, “Hey I thought Soul-less people couldn’t feel empty.”

“Well I guess that they can,” Dylan said shrugging, “But you know I always do I can’t be evil all the time.”

“Nope just most of the time,” Ky said laughing.

“Hey,” Dylan said glaring, “True but still hey.” She shoved Ky causing him to drop the body and send it sprawling across the floor.

“Ok that was uncalled for,” Ky said glaring at Dylan grumpily.

“What can I say,” Dylan said smiling, “I’m an empty, soul-less person remember.”

“I have missed you,” Ky said dragging Dylan into a hug, pulling her closer and closer to him.

“Hey what are you doing?” Dylan asked trying to escape.

“Hugging you,” Ky said.

“Have you got something to tell me?” Dylan asked suspiciously.

“Nope,” Ky said smiling, leaning closer and closer to Dylan, “Let’s go.” Ky shoved away laughing and took off into the night sky with the body in hand. Rolling her eyes Dylan took off after Ky. Laughing.

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