When Hell Came

It was a nice sunny day in Tucson Az, when the world was attacked by zombies. Now a group of friends tries to survive through hell. Zombies, Vampire, Werewolves, and Hunters are the least of their problems.


5. The Rescue and Beating


    Aurora held tightly as Rudy gained speed by doing a wheelie, then looked back to the hummer, and heard Liana yelling at him. Zombies were running at them, but Aurora was enjoying herself. As they got closer to the gun shop, Rudy reached for his sword, but then reached for Aurora with one of his arms. She noticed that he was going to do something either really stupid or insane that could get him yelled at by Liana later. He looked back at her, and winked while she nodded at him.

    Reading his thoughts she began to stood up carefully, then watched Rudy jump up into the air, as he grabbed Aurora bridal style. The bike went flying into the zombies as Rudy landed on the ground behind the bike. Luke quickly pulled to the side of the store to not hit the two of them. Rudy pulled his sword, and ran forward as Aurora started to shoot the zombies. Luke pulled as close to the door as possible so that they could get out of danger. Liana got out of the car, and turned to Rudy who was jumping everywhere, slicing zombies down.

    “Jesus Gutierrez! What the hell were you thinking?! You reckless stupid bastard! I care about what happens to Aurora, but I don’t care what happens to you!” yelled Ariana as she didn’t notice two zombies running towards her.

    “You should start searching for Haley now. Go and.....Ariana get down!” yelled Rudy as he pulled out two knives.

    “What do you mean.......someone help me!” yelled Ariana as she ducked down, but two knives slammed into the zombies.

    “Get moving, and load the hummer up. Go Ariana, don’t worry we got this.” said Rudy as he sliced another zombies down.

    “You bastard!” yelled Ariana as she ran into the store.


    Josh, and Luke looked over the counter to see the owner dead, and no zombies in the store. Luke nodded at Josh as he started to load black duffle bags up with a certain gun and the ammo that went with it, while Josh, and the girls searched the rest of the store. There was armor, and guns all over the ground with shelves knocked over. Josh took point with a glock while Luke took the rear with a shotgun.

A girl scream came from the managers office, and Josh told everyone to get back as he kicked the door down. As the door hit the ground, five zombies ran out of the room at him. Luke shot at them with two shells, and told them it was safe. Blood was everywhere on the ground with the stench of death, but there was a closet that wasn't closed right. As Josh slowly walked up to it; he heard a little whimper, and stopped in front of it.

“Haley? Is that you?” asked Josh.

    “Who is there?” asked Haley.

    “My name is Josh, and I’m here to get you out of here.” said Josh.

    “Do you know where Aurora is? Is she safe?” asked Haley.

    “She’s with Rudy right now, but yes she is alright. Come out, and we’ll get to safety.” said Josh.


    The door slowly opened, and Haley came out to face the little group. She slowly took Sarah’s hand that was stretched out to her. Luke walked over to Josh, and pulled him aside.

    “We need to get out of here now.” said Luke.

    “What do you mean? Are we done loading all the guns and ammo into the hummer?” asked Josh.

    “It’s all in the car, but right now; we need to get the hell out of here. Downstairs Rudy is fighting a......Get down!” yelled Luke as he doe out of the way.


    Someone came crashing through the glass, and rolled to the opposite wall. Josh ran over to see who it was, but as he was half way there, Josh noticed a sword that was stabbed into the ground. He looked back to see Aurora in Rudy’s arms unharmed, and Rudy’s eyes were closed. He opened his eyes to see Josh staring at him in utter shock, then he looked down to Aurora who was also shocked. She looked up at him, as she started to stare into his eyes. Rudy winked at her, and Aurora made a small smile. He helped her up before he jumped up, and walked over to the wall.

    “What happened?” asked Josh.

    ‘There is one nasty bastard brute that had me around the neck. Once he threw me, I thought I was done for, but Rudy somehow jumped up to me; pulled me into a tight hug, and took the whole damage. It was the bravest thing anyone has ever done for me. Rudy, are you alright?” asked Aurora.

    “Yeah, I’m fine. Now this is where you stay with the group, whiIe I finish this up.” said Rudy as he leaned against the wall.

    “Wait no, I’m going with you to finish this.” said Aurora.

    “No, besides there is someone that wants you to be with her.” said Rudy as he looked over to Haley.

    “Before you leave, take this.” said Aurora as she handed him a photo.

    “If you give me this, than I will have to give you this. I was waiting for your birthday, but now might be a good idea now.” said Rudy as he pulled out a locket.

    “What’s this?” asked Aurora.

    “This locket has a picture of our first kiss, and your name is engraved into the front with your birth stone.” said Rudy.


    Before Rudy went back out to the battle, he cupped Aurora’s face with his hands, and kissed her. Aurora closed her eyes, and wrapped her arms around his neck as they kissed. It went for a couple of seconds then when they broke apart, Rudy tucked the photo in his pocket. Josh looked at Rudy as he nodded as Liana, Ariana and Sarah moved to the edge of the hole. They saw a huge red zombie picking up cars, and throwing them around like baseballs. Sarah looked back at Rudy who was standing up against the wall, but she noticed blood dripping from his hand.

    Before Rudy started to run, he winked at Aurora. Before anyone could say anything, Rudy took off out of the window, grabbing his sword in the process, and landed in front of the raging brute. Sarah noticed him shaking, blood dropping from the same hand to the ground, and a feeling she hasn’t ever felt.

    “Oh boy, we got to go. Right now.” said Luke.

    “Why, what is it?” Does it have to with this feeling?” asked Ariana.

“Yeah, I know what this feeling is, but we have to go now. I know you have felt this feeling before Ari. This blood hungry death feeling.” said Luke.

“Ariana, what is this feeling?” asked Sarah.

“Well remember on the freshman trip, we were coming to school. You and him were sitting on the bus together. When we got back, he went for a walk to think about what was said on the bus, and I followed him to speak with him. I was almost to him, but a group of guys stopped him, and started to beat the hell out of him. I tried to help him out, but one of the guys pushed me down to the ground; while coming onto me. I thought something was going to happen before Rudy grabbed onto one of the guys   shoulders with a tight grip. Before I knew it, this feeling came from Rudy, as his eyes changed from brown to a bright red. That’s when he started to fight back, and win.’ said Ariana.

“Is this that feeling? Rudy told me about it. He didn’t go into details, but he said that if he ever goes into this, to get as far away from him.” said Liana.

“So if he said that then we must get out of here. Back to the hummer now!” yelled Josh as he started heading for the hummer.


Everyone followed him, running towards the hummer which was right outside the door. As they were running, Sarah saw Aurora holding her arm, but couldn’t understand why. Luke who took the rear was trying to help Haley out of the gun shop. Outside there was no movement until a small rain drop fell, hitting the ground making a slupsh sound if you watched it in slow motion. After the drop, the brute charged at Rudy who only looked up. The brute threw a punch, but something unimaginable was happening to Rudy. His skin was turning a reddish color, but the sword started to glow. Rudy barely placed his sword up, and blocked the punch, but when the brute hit the sword, there was a feeling of determination.

Josh started helping everyone into the hummer, but saw Rudy glowing a red color, and the brute started to get overpowered by Rudy. Luke, and Haley were the last ones in the hummer when Josh started the car to begin driving. As they drove off, the brute was forced back near them, and threw a punch at Rudy while he did the same. The force from those punches caused both of them to be blasted backwards. The brute got impaled by a dozens spikes sticking out of a building, while Rudy was put into the ground.

Luke got out, and ran towards Rudy who was climbing out of the ground. He tackled Rudy, and held him down whispering something softly so no one else could hear. In a split second the feeling of death disappeared, and Rudy went back to normal. Everyone stared at Rudy as he looked back at them. He saw the terrified look in Aurora’s eyes, and looked down at his hands that were covered in blood. The doors opened up, and everyone got out. Aurora started to walk to him, but Josh grabbed her arm, and stopped her.

    “Now this is what I meant back at the store. Reckless, you almost got us killed!” yelled Liana.

    “What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you really want all of us to be killed, or worse; to become one of them. I regret agreeing to make you our leader. You must leave, and never come back.” said Ariana as she walked up to him, and punched him as hard as she could.

    “Ariana, you can’t make him leave. You must understand why he did that.” said Aurora.

    “Don’t try to protect him! He is like Liana calls him. He’ a no good reckless jackass. he must leave us, so he doesn’t get us all killed!” said Ariana as she kicked Rudy while he was still on the ground.

    “Ari, you must calm down or you’ll get us killed. Did you see the size of that brute. He picked up cars as if it was nothing. If we went past it, that god for saken brute could have picked us up, and killed us like nothing. I can understand why he did it.” said Josh.

    “So you're going to go with him on this. You might have everyone fooled, but not me.” said Ariana as she started beating the hell out of Rudy as he laid on the floor.

    “Stop! Can’t you see he’s had enough. What if someone was beating the hell out of you.” said Liana as she stepped forward.

    “No, I won’t stop until he can’t see out of his eyes. He must see why I am doing this.” said Ariana as she kept her punches up.

    “I don’t know you, but I will not let you finish this so called punishment” said Aurora.

    “Ariana! Stop, he’s not going to last any longer. He’s blacking out!” yelled Josh.

    “Josh grab her. Rudy won’t last much longer.” said Sarah.


    As Sarah said, Rudy’s face was all bloody, and beaten in. Ariana’s fists were covered in his blood, but she wouldn’t stop hitting him. Josh locked Ariana in a defense position while Rudy tried to roll over as he spat blood onto the ground. Sarah pulled out a bandage, and started to wrap it around his face. Aurora walked over to Rudy’s left side, and grabbed his hand, but let it go because she couldn’t look at him all bloody. Liana walked over to Sarah, and bent down next to her, as she finished wrapping the bandage around Rudy’s head.

    “So what do we do now?” asked Liana.

    “We.....go.....to.......L.A.” said Rudy as he coughed more blood up with every word he spoke.

    “Don’t talk Rudy. If you talk much, you might choke on your blood.’ said Liana.

    “You bastard, let me go. I have to kill that son of a bitch for almost killing us!” yelled Ariana as she tried to get out of the hold.

    “Ariana, you need to fucking calm your ass down!” yelled Liana.

    “Shut the fuck Lilly! I never believed you, and now when I try to stick up for you, you instead go to stick up for his sorry ass? Fuck you bitch!” yelled Ariana.

    “Oh hell no! That’s the final straw, your ass is mine!” said Liana as she charged at Ariana.


    Josh quickly let go of Ariana to grab Liana around the waist pulling her into him while she kicked at Ariana. While Josh was holding Liana back, Ariana got up, and grabbed the shotgun that Josh had dropped to hold Ariana. She quickly got close to Rudy when she cocked the shotgun, and pointed it at him. Rudy whose head was covered by the bandage looked down, and got to his feet. Sarah quickly looked up to see Ariana holding a shotgun to Rudy’s head, and Liana trying to kill Ariana, as Josh held her back.

    Luke started to run straight at Ariana, before she even pulled the trigger, but something wasn’t right. Even though Ariana had this powerful weapon in her hands, Rudy didn’t flinch or show any feelings of fear or regret. He stood there with a five inch barrel next to his head, completely still, spitting blood out of his mouth to the ground. Before Ariana pulled the trigger, Luke and Sarah grabbed her, tackling her to the ground. As they fell, the barrel was right in front of the same knee that Antonio shot, Ariana pulled the trigger blowing his knee cap out. Sarah hit the ground but quickly got to Rudy’s side as he hit the ground, screaming in pain as he tried to reach his leg. Josh let Liana go as he ran to Rudy’s side.

    Liana put her hand over her mouth, because it reminded her of that day Antonio shot him. She looked past them to see Ariana laughing in enjoyment of what she did. She wore no sad emotions about what pain she just conflicted onto him. Liana could feel a fire growing inside of her, and what Ariana said before was like fuel to the fire. She slowly walked to Ariana, but then broke off into a run at her. Before long Liana was going for Ariana as she laughed about Rudy’s pain, but when Ariana turned to the sound of footsteps; Ariana was knocked down by a strong punch from Liana.

    “What was that for?” asked Ariana as she watched Liana’s first go back to her side.

    “You don’t understand what you have done, do you? You have beaten Rudy scentless, then shot his knee that was already injured from the time Antonio shot the same knee, and now you have blown it out. Now after he is in pain, your laughing about it.” said Liana.

    “All the things you have said about him, and now that I agree with you, you're going to side with him?” asked Ariana as she got up.

    “I did say all those things, but I would never shoot him, causing him more pain. I didn’t try to do anything that would make him hate me.” said Liana as she looked back to Rudy.

    “Than explain why you said all that stuff about him being a reckless jackass.” said Ariana.

    “I call him those names because of what he does. Rudy doesn’t think what he’s going to  before he does something stupid like running out of the school yesterday, so we could get out safely. He does what it takes to keep his family safe, no matter what he has to do to his body. Running straight into a fight with the odds impossible to win by, and fight it. he does anything to keep us safe, but even though he saved your life three times, you instead to turn around, beat him up, and shoot him.” said Liana as she looked back to see Ariana laughing.

    “Do you not hear yourself? You are talking about a boy who ruined your freshman year, and ruined our lives by just dating us all in less than a year, then on our freshman  trip, he out of no where asked Sarah out. I know you wanted to throw him into the grand canyon because he asked out Sarah, but instead you didn’t do anything.” said Ariana.

    “I didn’t do anything, because didn’t want to be in trouble. I didn’t talk to him for a while though. he just accepted it, and we didn’t talk for about a couple of months. I wouldn’t have taken a gun, and shot him because he asked he asked out my sister. What you did was too far. You need to understand why he did this. It was to save us. If he didn’t, that brute would have killed us all.” said Liana.

“He deserves what he got. If you don’t like it then kill me.” said Ariana.


    Before Ariana knew it, Liana had thrown a punch at her, and knocked her down to the ground like before. Ariana jumped up to her feet, only to get kicked back down by Liana. Ariana couldn’t do anything, but try block, and get hit. Liana threw eight punches, ten kicks, and one slap as this fight went on. Josh ran over to Liana, and grabbed her around the waist; trying to pull her  back as she still kicked at Ariana.

    “Liana, she’s not worth it. Stop, your just wasting your strength.” yelled Josh as he pulled her back.

    “No, I’m going to kick her bitch ass.” said Liana as she struggled to get out of Josh’s grip.

    “Liana, listen to me. Rudy needs our help.” said Josh as he turned around; not noticing Ariana picking up the shotgun again.


    Ariana aimed for the back of Josh’s head as he was focused on bringing Liana back to Rudy’s side with Sarah trying to help him. When Ariana cocked the shotgun, Josh turned around to the noise, and saw Ariana aiming at him. In a split second, someone grabbed the barrel of the gun, and pushed it up. Ariana shot the gun, but only to be shocked on what had just happen. The look of horror came across Ariana’s face when she noticed the person who pulled the barrel up, should have still been on the ground, not able to stand up.

    In front of Ariana holding the gun barrel, standing where Josh was amazed to see was Rudy. He had jumped up even though his knee was blown off, and grabbed the gun before she could kill Josh, and Liana. Ariana fell backwards on the ground, dropping the gun, and stared up at Rudy who was looking down at the ground. Sarah walked over to help Rudy while Josh, and Liana tried to think of what just happened. Aurora who got back into the hummer with Hailey couldn’t believe that Rudy would go to such a point that would almost kill him. She didn’t want him to die, or get hurt more; so she got to the top the hummer to yell out.

    “Rudy! It’s over! Just go away, and leave me alone!” yelled Aurora as she watched everyone turn around.

    ‘Enough! Enough with all this hate. If you want me to leave, then I will just go. Josh, keep my hummer or should I say keep your hummer.” said Rudy who was still looking down.

    “No, please stay. Stay with us, with me.” said Sarah.

    “Do you really want me to stay?” asked Rudy as he limped to Sarah.

    “Yes, I know why you did that, and I thank you for it. Please don’t leave.” said Sarah as she grabbed his hands.

    “We can split the group.” said Josh.

    “Lets ask the group.’ said Liana.


    Luke walked over to help Rudy when he started to fall with Sarah next to him. Liana and Josh turned around with Rudy to help him when he started to fall with Sarah next to him. Both of them got Rudy up on their shoulders, as they all turned around to face the group.

    “Listen up, we will be heading to L.A now, but you have a choice. You can either stay with us as a group or you can leave.” said Rudy as he looked up at them.

    “Where are we going now?” asked Josh.

    “In L.A there's a garage with many cars. After we hit there, you can make your decision.” said Rudy.

    “Fine, lets get out of here.” said Ariana as she headed for the hummer.

    “Liana, you ride with me.” said Rudy.

    “Fine, and thank you.’ said Liana.

    “Josh follow me. I’ll lead you over to the garage. I think after this, it’s going to be only five of us.” said Rudy.

    “Okay, lets go.” said Luke.


    The five of them walked back to the hummer, but Rudy pulled the bike up. He started it up, and handed Liana a helmet as he grabbed his sword off the ground. The bike roared to life as Rudy pulled out of the sidewalk, and drove with Josh driving behind him. Josh looked down at Sarah who was sitting in the front seat, and in a deep thought. Sarah was thinking about how brave Rudy is, and how unpredictable his movement are. She wondered how he could stand after losing his knee, and still have quick movements. Rudy is one questionable boy who would never give up.

    Josh needed to break the silence in the car, but before he could say anything, there on the bluetooth was a call. Josh hit the talk button, and there was Rudy’s voice.

    “Josh, we’re almost to the garage. I know I’m on speaker, so I might have to say this. If you guys leave, then I will have to say is it’s been an honor to survive with you guys, and you all be safe out there. “ said Rudy as he hung up.

    Josh looked back at Aurora, Haley, and Ariana who all had a look of their minds made up.He looked at Luke, and nodded as he gave him a no as he shook his head. When Josh looked back to the bike, he saw Rudy perform a wheelie, and Liana smacked him over the helmet. He laughed, and heard a soft laugh from Sarah. Even though Rudy was hurt, and unpredictable, the only thing anyone knows about him is that he will piss Liana off whenever he got the chance to. That’s one thing he was good at, but it was great for him. Josh watched Rudy turn into the garage.

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