When Hell Came

It was a nice sunny day in Tucson Az, when the world was attacked by zombies. Now a group of friends tries to survive through hell. Zombies, Vampire, Werewolves, and Hunters are the least of their problems.


4. The Plan

Rudy, and Aurora walked into the garage as Josh broke the kiss with Liana. Ariana, and Sarah walked in as well with Luke carrying camping gear over his shoulders, but he pulled Rudy away to speak with him.

    “Rudy, I believe there is someone still alive.” said Luke.

    “What are you talking about?” asked Rudy.

    “I got a text from Haley Grove, asking if Aurora was safe. She says she took shelter in a place called “Andy’s Gun Shop”. Should we help her out?” asked Luke.

    “Yes. I’ll draw them off so you can get a head start to that store. The only problem is that I’ll have to drive like a lunatic to do this. No one will survive that but me. That gun store will be our resupply.” said Rudy.

    “Everyone listen up! Change of plans. We are still going to L.A, but we have heard that there is someone still alive close by. We will go get her, then go to our destination.” said Rudy.

    “Who is the person, you two believe is still alive?” asked Aurora.

    “Last night we got a message from Haley Grove that she took shelter in a gun shop. She could be still alive, and we have the chance to save her.” said Rudy as he looked at Aurora.

    “So what’s the plan?” asked Aurora.

    “You seven will be moving by the hummer while I get there on the bike to draw the zombies off. When it’s clear, I want the girls to find Haley, while the guys pack every gun and piece of ammo you can find.” said Rudy.

    “Got it, but if we are in the store, then where are you going to be?” asked Aurora.

    “He’s going to be moving the zombies away, right?” asked Sarah.

    “Sort of, but for this one; I’ll try to kill them and cover you the best I can.” said Rudy.

    “How in the hell are you going to do that? Are you really that reckless?” asked Liana.

    “I’m okay to cover you with this.” said Rudy as he grabbed a sword.

    “Where did you find that?” asked Aurora.

    “It was behind the counter.” said Rudy as he slid the sword in the sheath.

    “What about the bike? You're going to need something bigger and faster if we are going to L.A.” said Sarah.

    “She has a point.” said Ariana.

    “So the plan is we’re going to save someone, grab all the guns and ammo we can carry, then go to L.A, and try to live out there for a while until we find somewhere else to go?” asked Luke.

    “That’s the plan. Anyone think its a bad idea?” asked Rudy.

    “Who will watch over the camp at night, so none of those things come and get us? Didn’t think of that huh dumbass?” asked Liana.

    “Actually I did. I will watch over you all at night. Since I don’t sleep much anyway, I’ll stay up until sunrise.” said Rudy.

    “Really, stop trying to make yourself cool! No one can miss more than twelve hours of sleep. Do you mean to tell me that you don’t sleep at all?” asked Liana.

    “No I sleep, but its like the gifts I have now. For example, I can withstand extreme temperatures hot or cold. It’s a gift I can choose to use or not.” said Rudy.

    “Lets just go.” said Liana as she hopped into the hummer.


    As everyone got into the hummer Luke, Aurora, and Josh huddled around Rudy who was sitting on the bike.

    “Are you sure you want to do this? Going up against zombies with a sword no gun.” said Josh.

    “Yeah, it doesn’t matter, you guys will need cover and I’m the only one who can do so. Only one person who can fight alongside me, but its their choice.” said Rudy as he handed his bow to Aurora.

    “Me? You want me to help you on this fight?” asked Aurora as she stared at him.

    “Yes, I need someone can handle one of these, and I know you can. Plus you're good at it. Would you help me fight?” asked Rudy.

    “Will you protect me while I’m with you?” asked Aurora.

    “I will always protect you.” said Rudy as he winked at her.

    “Yes, I will help you. Wait, does that mean I get to ride with you on this one?” asked Aurora as her eyes lit up.

    “Hmm, it does mean you get to come with me on this one. here you go.” said Rudy as he handed her a helmet.

    “So we will follow you then. You should get going, because the faster we do this, the faster we are out of the open. At night, more walkers come out.’ said Luke as he loaded his rifle, and cocked it.


    Rudy nodded, and helped Aurora onto the bike, as Luke, and Josh climbed into the hummer. Liana rolled down her window that was right next to Rudy’s helmet. She knocked on his helmet hard, and watched him flip his visor up.

    “Yes, what do you need?” asked Rudy.

    “If this is a waste of time, and we are surrounded, I will kill you with one of those shotguns, I swear to god, I will.” said Liana.

    “Thanks, and I’ll be waiting for that.” said Rudy as he put his visor down.


  Luke started the hummer as Rudy started the bike. Aurora squeezed Rudy’s waist as he revealed the gas, but had the brake on. Luke pulled on a chain, that opened the garage door, and Rudy released the brake to the bike sending it flying out the door.Luke ran to the hummer as he hopped in, and they followed the loud bike to Andy’s gun shop to save Haley.


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