When Hell Came

It was a nice sunny day in Tucson Az, when the world was attacked by zombies. Now a group of friends tries to survive through hell. Zombies, Vampire, Werewolves, and Hunters are the least of their problems.


7. The Chase, and Leaving

One by one everyone turned their cars off, and ducked down in their cars. Josh saw the three cars approaching fast, but he saw Rudy’s car in a different form. He noticed the twin machine guns on the hood, as he reached for his radio. Sarah slowly looked up, and saw Rudy who was drifting from side to side, and avoiding the bullets from behind him. Liana looked up to see Antonio chasing him, and dropped down as she started to think. In school she was his friend, but she knew he hated Rudy ever since she dated him. Now it was a battle between  what Antonio knew against what Rudy knew. One thing she wanted to know was that where was his sister, the person who fought all his battles, and the person who made her life hell until Rudy tried to save her. Where was Gabby?

    Right as she asked herself that two cars zoomed by the group. These two cars were headed for Rudy, and pulled out their guns. One of the cars was purple, and Rudy realized who it was. With nothing else to lose, he opened fire on the purple car. Bullets made contact with the car, and some bounced off. The purple car pulled a RPG out, and made aim for Rudy, but as it launched; Rudy swerved out of the way revealing Antonio, and Ariana. Both of them moved out of the way, but saw Rudy go down a left turn. He grabbed his radio, and spoke to the group.

    “Don’t move yet. Now it’s Antonio, Ariana, his crazy brother, and that bitch he calls his sister. Now it is hard to say if I will be coming back. Odds changed, and now it ends here. The battle between me and them will have to end.” said Rudy.

    “Are you insane?” asked Liana.

    “In some ways yes, but I must do this. I know I’m staring death in the face with this one, but it’s something that must be done.” said Rudy.

    “You're not coming back from this one are you?” asked Sarah.

    “I’ll try my best power to return. I might have to use every trick in the book, for this one. Until then I love you Sarah.” said Rudy.

    “I love you too.’ said Sarah as she saw Rudy drift from one street to the main road.


    Rudy knew he had to get this away from the group, so he moved back towards the freeway with everyone on his tail. As he drifted up a sharp turn, he grabbed the radio.

    “Josh, move out of there now!” yelled Rudy.

    “Alright, everyone move! Where am I taking them?” asked Josh.

    “Take them to the sea. I promise you all a night in the sea. Take them there, but be careful. You dont know who else is roaming around looking for trouble.” said Rudy as he started to fire at his enemies again.

    “Alright, but you gotta watch your ass too. If you don’t then I might have to save you this time.” said Josh.

    “Ha ha ha, don't even push your luck. Just be....god damn you som-bitch. I got to go, and kick this girls ass, and three bastards dumbass. Wish me luck.” said Rudy as he put his radio down.


    Antonio’s group was closing onto Rudy, until he quickly pulled the handbrake, and pulled his car around to face the four of them before he started to shoot at Antonio and his group while driving backwards. Gabby pulled a handgun, but when she had a shot, Rudy saved to the right, moving fast down a small road. At this rate Rudy could lose them easily, but then if they found the group, everyone would be dead. If there were some way to get them away from the group, and to lose them forever, that would be so fucking great, but how? Antonio kept shooting rockets at Rudy, but missed every time. Everytime Rudy was running out of ideas, he would look down at the picture of him and Sarah, and got into a focused state. Moving after Rudy , Gabby was getting closer to Rudy everytime he would turn, but wasn’t expecting to see Rudy hit a NOS conister that made his car zooming forward, past her, and made a sharp turn into a tunnel.

    As Rudy’s speed went to two hundred thirty miles per hour down to his normal speed of one hundred seventy five miles per hour. He knew that he only had five more NOS canisters left,  and there was the damn asshole that were chasing him. He looked at a purple button, then started thinking about it, but didn’t want to risk it. Rudy was looking around, trying to find a way to end this when he saw a bridge that was up ahead, so a boat could go through. It was a long shot, but it was the only thing to do. Rudy headed for the bridge, and picked his radio up. If he didn’t make it, than Josh would have to lead on, and if he had any last words, Rudy could sat them to Sarah, the person he loved. If he does come back, then he will get the fight from Liana he had ever gotten in. That was just something, he had to deal with.

    “Guys, I am going to do something really stupid, but it might lose them.” said Rudy.

    “Where are you?” asked Liana.

    “Coming up on the bridge, why where are you?” asked Rudy.

    “In front of the bridge. We put it up, so they wouldn’t use it to find us. What are you going to do?” asked Josh as he climbed out of his car.

    “I’m going to jump it. That’s my plan.” said Rudy.

    “Are you fucking kidding me? That’s a long jump, and one hell of a way. So it brings me to my next question. Are you fucking insane?” asked Liana.

    “Nope, just tired and wanting to have Sarah in my arms while spending time with her. Here we go.” said Rudy.

    “Move, he’s going to do it!” yelled Luke as he took off to a street away from the bridge.


    Josh jumped into his car, as everyone backed up, getting back to let Rudy land or fail. The radio was stacking, but then there was a button sound. Josh looked up to the sky above the bridge to see Rudy’s car almost flying in the air. Rudy yelled out like he was a cowboy, and looked back to see Antonio, and his group[ as they stop to watch Rudy fly. He saw Gabby holding a RPG, and aimed it for the car. Rudy looked back to see the purple button, and knew it was a long shot, but maybe his only option. He grabbed his radio to warn the group about what was about it happen.

“ Put the headphones on. Their next to the radio. Put them on, and hit the blue button.” said Rudy as he looked back to Gabby.

“Alright, everyone has turned them on, now what are you going to do?” asked Josh.

“Sonic blast. Don’t move.” said Rudy.


Gabby fired the RPG, and as it came close to the car as Rudy hit the purple button; sending him higher into the air. The rocket exploded, glass shattered from the buildings, ear bursting sounds ringing in Antonio ears. Rudy then hit a grey button that dropped smoke pellets to cover their escape. He was coming close to the ground, that he used a canister of NOS, and the car smashed into the ground. It was rolling on the sides until the car out of no where popped up into the air. The car slammed into the ground before the group.

Sarah got out of her car to wait if Rudy was alive. There was no movement until the door was kicked opened. Rudy slowly climbed out of his car, and wiped blood from his lip. He turned to see the group in shock that he was still alive. Sarah ran to him, as he stood there wiping blood from his lip. He looked at Sarah who was wanting to be in his arms, then back to Liana who was pissed as ever. Rudy almost was knocked to the ground, because of Sarah, but held onto her for dear life. He wanted to stare into her eyes, but blood started to run down his forehead, so he pulled away to wipe it away. He heard many footsteps coming towards him, but as he looked up; Liana punched Rudy as hard as she could.

    Rudy hit the ground, blood dripping down his face to the ground. Liana shook her hand, trying to get blood off her hand; Sarah got up lost to say something. Josh and Luke stood next to their cars, not wanting to get involved with this.

    “You grunert jackass. Do you want to run off, and come back near death. Leave and never come back.” said Liana.

    “Liana, don’t make him go.” said Sarah.

    “No Sarah, don’t even start. I don’t even like that you two are together. He has been nothing but trouble. I regret stopping Ariana from killing you. You need to go, and leave us alone.” said Liana.

    “Now Liana.” said Sarah.

    “If that is your decision, then I will go.” said Rudy as he slowly climbed to his feet.

    “No Rudy, she didn’t mean it.” said Sarah.

    “If I don’t leave, than Liana will do anything in her power to kill me. I will go, but when you are in danger, I will be there to save you.” said Rudy.

    “Let me go with you.” said Sarah as she held onto Rudy.

    “No, stay with them. Trust Luke, he’s a crazy gun bastard, and will keep you safe.” said Rudy.


    Sarah backed up from her love, and turned her back as Rudy started to walk away. He walked past Josh, but got two shotguns from Luke, plus his sword. Rudy started walking as he got his gear, when he heard moans ahead of him. He drew his sword, but without thinking about a plan; he ran forward leaving the group.


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