When Hell Came

It was a nice sunny day in Tucson Az, when the world was attacked by zombies. Now a group of friends tries to survive through hell. Zombies, Vampire, Werewolves, and Hunters are the least of their problems.


6. Oh Sh*t

The garage was dark, nothing to be seen until they got out of the hummer. Josh felt a pair of arms wrap around him, and instantly felt happy, but heard Rudy’s voice come up above.

    “Ladies, and Gentleman! Are you ready to pick you own car? Then god said, let there be light!” yelled Rudy as the light revealed all sorts of cars.


    Everyone’s mouth dropped almost hitting the floor, looking around at all the cars. Rudy was right, but when they walked up to some of the old cars, Rudy popped up behind them.

    “Pick which ones you want, they’re all full of gas, and they are all tuned up to go against hell.” said Rudy.

    “How in the hell do you know that?” asked Ariana.

    “Well because all these cars here in the garage, I fixed up myself. Did you ever wonder why I wasn’t with you guys during the evening or in the morning?” asked Rudy.

    “You were here weren’t you? That’s why you would show up with grease and oil on your hands. Why didn’t you tell us.?” asked Liana.

    “I had to keep this place a secret until the right time. There are fifty cars in here, and every single one is worked into perfection. Choose the one you like.” said Rudy.

    “I think we should say what we’re going to do. Who's leaving.?” asked Josh.

    “I’m leaving. I’m sorry, but I need to find my boyfriend.’ said Ariana.

    “We’re leaving as well. We need to find our family.” said Aurora.

    “Even though you're leaving, it’s been an horror. I wish you all good luck. Find your car, and get moving.” said Rudy as he got everyone moving.


    Arian got into a red mustang, both Aurora and Haley got into a white pick-up truck. Liana found a blue corvette convertible, while Josh got into a huge military Humvee. Luke climbed into a purple lamborghini, as Sarah got into a porsche. Lastly Rudy  got into the general lee from dukes of hazzard. Once everyone got into their cars; every single one roared to life. Rudy and Luke started to load all the weapons into the humvee, and the ammo as well. Rudy then walked over to the door, and opened the door to allow everyone lets out.

    Ariana went straight ahead, Aurora and Haley went to the left, while the rest of the group went to the right. The group was smaller now as Rudy was up in front, with the girls behind him, Josh was on their left, and luke took the left. They were moving towards the camp grounds like planned. Rudy picked up his radio, and spoke to everyone in the group.

    “Everyone, do you still want to go to the camp grounds, or do you want to go somewhere else?” asked Rudy.    

    “I think we should go to the camp grounds, sleep there then move on. While we’re there, we can be in the water.” said Liana.

    “That sounds like a plan.” said Josh.

    “It’s all your call. You know I got got your back.” said Luke.

    “What do you say Sarah; do you want to stop, or do you want to keep moving?” asked Rudy.

    “Night is drawing near. It’s worse to travel at night. I say we stop.’ said Sarah.

    “Than I guess we will stop, but we must hurry. I believe we’re being followed. I’ll draw them away, while you find a safe place to hide, go now.” said Rudy as he slowed down.     

    “What are you saying to do ?” asked Sarah.    

    “The only thing I know how to do. I will do something I am good at.” said Rudy.

    “Oh boy, you mean you're going to drift out of here. You haven’t drifted for a long time.’ said Josh.

    “Don’t doubt me, or you're not going to believe what I’m about to do.’ said Rudy.

    “What are you going to do?’ asked Liana as she was speeding up.

    “Something really stupid.” said Rudy as he came to a complete stop.


    As everyone went to hide, Rudy climbed out of his car to see five cars coming up to him. All of a sudden, Rudy dropped his head because the man who got out of the car was none other than Antonio, the man who made Rudy’s life a living hell. Antonio stood out of his car, and stared at Rudy.

    “So look at this. It’s hopeless little idiot.” said Antonio.

    “Antonio, what the hell do you want now?” asked Rudy.

    “What do you think. I’m going to kill you, and take your car.”’ said Antonio.

    “Then I have to go. Bring it you bastard.’ said Rudy as he climbed into his car.


    Antonio climbed into his car, and chased after Rudy who was speeding up, but also drifting past the group, and went off. Antonio pulled out a glock to shoot Rudy’s tires out, but Rudy was moving too fast. he was moving back and forth, drifting from the left and righ. Rudy grabbed his radio, and called for the group.

    “Josh, lead them on. You're the leader now. Lead them to the camping ground, and if I don’t come back in three days; then lead them to safety. Luke knows everything about guns, and he is strong with them. I don’t believe I’m coming back from this one. Liana, we had our ups and downs, plus all the fights. I know you don’t like me, and now if I die from Antonio, than it was suppose to happen. Sarah, my dear Sarah, I wish I could come back, but if I don’t take care of your sister. Be strong in everything you do, and take care of everyone.’ said Rudy.

    “What are you talking about, you're the best drifter I know. No one can beat you in a drifting chase.” said Josh.

    “Just lead them Josh. Ask no questions, and do what I ask?” said Rudy.

    “I’ll protect them then. Three days, and we’ll leave to somewhere else. I believe you can come back, but if you don’t come come back, then I’ll be saying that it has been an honor to fight alongside you.” said Josh.

    “Rudy, please try to come back.” said Sarah.

    “I’ll try but I don’t know if I can, oh shit! God damn, I guess she is still mad at me.” said Rudy as he had to drift out of the way from a car moving towards him.

    “Who’s still mad at you?” asked Luke.

    “Ariana, I guess she was still mad at me, now she is trying to run me off the road.” said Rudy.

    “Rudy, you be safe, and I’ll be ready to be in your arms.” said Sarah.

    “I’ll be safe, and I’ll return soon I hope.’ said Rudy.


Rudy was Antonio moving close to his side, so he quickly pulled his hand brake, and made his car face Antonio, his group, and Ariana as he drove backwards. He flipped them off, as he started to notice more cars coming. About thirty or forty cars showed up behind the little group Antonio made a big grin on his face. Rudy hated how he could never fight his own battles one on one. It’s always has to be one on one hundred. Now he had the opportunity to beat Antonio and his friends while bringing in a car.

    Rudy pushed the middle button of the steering wheel lite up like a christmas tree. buttons were appearing on the wheel, all sorts of colors for them. Rudy smiled as a picture appeared on the side of the dashboard. The picture was of him and Sarah in the grand canyon. He kept the photo when they broke up because he thought it would be one hell of a bad idea to get rid of it.

    “The buttons started to pop out, and Rudy chose one button as his car changed from a normal car to a military car that had .50 cali machine guns on the hood, and RPG’s on the roof. Rudy saw a grin on Antonio’s fade to a look of pure “fuck you” expression. Rudy hit the red button to fire the machine guns, but aimed for the tires, because if he blew out the tires, that Antonio couldn’t chase him, and he would be stuck with the loudest person on the planet. He wasn’t paying attention when Ariana rammed into his head of the car, and made Rudy surve off the road.

Antonio pulled out an RPG launcher and aimed for Rudy’s by Ariana’s car. Rudy saw the RPG in Antonio’s hand, and pulled his hand brake, to pull off onto another road, messing Antonio’s shot up. Ariana went in front of Antonio causing him to swave out of the way, but he caught up to Rudy with Ariana behind him. Rudy started to drift left and right thinking of what in the hell he could do , trying to lead them away from the group until he spotted the group. He grabbed the radio to warn them.

“Josh, stop moving, or Antonio will shoot you on sight.” said Rudy as he turned his car around.

    “Where are you at?” asked Josh as he started to look around.

    “Coming around the corner. Turn off your cars, and duck down. Stay down until I tell you too.” said Rudy as he pulled around the corner.

“Alright, everyone power down, and duck down in the car.” said Josh as he turned his car off.


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