When Hell Came

It was a nice sunny day in Tucson Az, when the world was attacked by zombies. Now a group of friends tries to survive through hell. Zombies, Vampire, Werewolves, and Hunters are the least of their problems.


1. Oh Hell

I stayed up late that that night thinking about what I could do to make life better for my friends, and me. All of us met in a high school called City High, which was located in the middle of downtown. All of us met in our freshman year, and now since some of us are leaving to go to the military, or to start our lives, we would always be friends. None of us could have seen that the next day would be the day you survive or we die. My name is Rudy Gutierrez, and this is the story of me and my friends surviving the end of the world.

The day started off like any other day, starting at 9:00 am, and we were all in first period. I have history, and for some odd reason, our teacher thought it would be cool, to watch a documentary on zombies. Ten minutes into the film, both Josh (one of my best friends) and I were called down to the front desk. Our teacher for some reason wouldn’t tell us why, but she had a weird look of horror in her eyes. We did as we were told, and walked towards the stairs.

    “Josh, what do you think Charles wants from us? What did you do?” asked Rudy as he turned to the stairs.

    “I don’t know. I didn't do anything. What the hell did you do?” asked Josh as he started to walk down the stairs.

    “Me I didn’t do anything. Whatever he wants it must be important.” said Rudy as he got down the stairs.     


    Both Josh and Rudy turned for the front door when they saw people with blood covering their mouths, banging on the windows. The principles, and the P.E teachers were trying to see what was going on, when all of a sudden, the people smashed through the huge windows on the sides and attacked the teachers.

    Standing only a couple of feet away, Rudy grabbed two baseball bats, and handed one to Josh. Josh looked into Rudy’s eyes, and knew what he was going to do. Without saying a word both Josh and Rudy ran towards the front gripping the bats tightly, running to the front where charles was ducking under the desk. He saw both Josh and Rudy jump over the desk he was under, and started to whack away at the attackers.

    One of the attackers came towards charles, but Josh had smashed the bat into his head causing him to fall to the ground, and hit the intercom that went through the whole school. There was a loud chime, then everyone could hear only grunts, and yelling. Charles grabbed it and started to speak to the whole school.

    “Attention all students, please follow your teachers in calm orderly fashion, and get out of here. I repeat  follow your...Rudy look out!” yelled Charles.

    “One minute, I’m little busy. Die you son of a bitch, shit! Josh kill them all. More are behind you! Duck!” yelled Rudy as he swung the bat over Josh’s head as he ducked down.

    “Hey Rudy, watch your mouth, and please follow your teachers.” said Charles.

    “Go get out of here, damn it. Go seek safety. Rudy, where are you going?” asked Josh.

    “I’m going to draw them away from the school. We need to get them out, so we can escape. Here!” yelled Rudy as he tossed a set of car keys.

    “What are these?” asked Josh as he caught the keys.

    “That’s for my hummer. Get Liana, Aurora, Luke, Sarah, and Ariana out of here. Go to the warehouse and stay safe.” said Rudy as he grabbed a piece of glass.

    “What are you doing Rudy. You can’t leave, school is still in session. You can’t just run out of here, especially when it comes to going against fifty or more zombies.” said Charles.    

    “It’s either me going out there, making time for everyone to get out of here or, we can let everyone else in the school get eaten alive.” said Rudy.

    “Yeah, well..uh then go ahead, but be careful.” said charles.

    “Before I go, I need to  say something, to one important person. Before I cut my hand open, and all these zombie bastards chase after me, I want to say that if I don’t come back that I love this person with all my heart, and soul. I would go to the ends of the world to see that this girl is safe. I have family here at school, but I will say this because I don’t know if I am going to come back, and I know she is listening right now, so here goes. Aurora, I love you.” said Rudy as he stabbed the piece of glass into his hand.


All of a sudden every zombie looked at Rudy as blood ran down dripped down to the floor. There was a long silence, then all of a sudden when he gripped the bat, was when zombies screeched out loud, and chased after him as he ran down the street with blood running down his palm, dropping to the floor.

Josh looked at Charles who was turning the announcements mic off, and looked behind him too everyone walking up behind them. He stepped aside to let everyone pass him, but when the school was empty; there stood Liana, Aurora, Luke Ariana, and Sarah.

    “So he is really that stupid?” asked Liana.

    “I think he is doing this because he wants us to be safe.” said Josh.

    “Do you really believe he is going to come back?” asked Sarah.

    “Rudy is the craziest mother fucker I have ever met. Liana, you know he won’t give up for anything like the time he saved you from the that gunman. Four bullets he took, but he still stood up.” said Luke.

    “Yeah, I know, but that was a close one. One bullet went straight to his heart. He almost died, and now to do it again.” said Liana.

    “Now he is doing it for all of us and I believe he will come back.” said Aurora.

    “So what’s the plan?” asked Luke.

    “We are going to get into Rudy’s hummer, and go to a safe spot, then rethink this.” said Josh.

    “Then lets go.” said Ariana.


 As the group went to the garage to find the hummer, Rudy had a huge horde coming after him. They were catching up to him. He looked to his right, and saw the garage. Rudy made a turn, and began running towards it. The front had zombies everywhere, not doing anything until he passed by. All hell broke loose after that. Zombies one by one smelt the scent of fresh blood, and lunged at Rudy.

    Running up the stairs, trying to not trip, and fall; Rudy was trying to make it to a car at least. As he came to the fourth floor, he was surprised to see a dirt bike, that had the keys in it, plus two shotguns around the handle bars. Rudy ran up to it, and started it up, but had no idea that the group was on the ground floor, climbing into the hummer. As he revved the motor bike, Aurora looked around before she got in.

“Did you hear that? It sounded like a motorbike.” said Aurora as she heard it again.

“I heard it, but who is that crazy enough to do that?” asked Liana.

“I can only think of one person that would be that crazy.” said Luke.

“Sounds like it is coming closer. Get ready.” said Sarah.


As everyone climbed into the hummer, the rumbling of the bike got closer. Aurora saw lights, and was shocked to see Rudy holding two shotguns, coming down the ramp. He spotted the hummer, and stopped to the side of the car. Aurora opened her door, and rushed over to Rudy who was getting off the bike. Rudy saw her, and grabbed her in his arms, swinging her around before letting her down. He bent down to kiss her, but she was already thinking the same thing. The kiss was a passionate kiss. There both Aurora, and Rudy let their emotions, out for each other. The kiss broke apart when everyone started to get out of the car, and made their way to them.

“Hey Josh, here take this.” said Rudy as he handed him a shotgun.

“I thought you took off towards the Ronstat.” said Luke.

“I did, but there fires, and only the undead walks around there.” said Rudy.

“Are you dumb or just plain stupid?” asked Liana as she slapped him.

    “If I didn’t distract the horde, they would have eaten everyone. I had to do the right thing to keep you all safe.” said Rudy.

    “Well don’t do it again. Lets go before more of them come around.” said Ariana as she climbed into the hummer again.


    Everyone climbed into the hummer except for Aurora who was on the bike with Rudy. Before they left one zombie came from behind, and lunged at Rudy. He gave the zombie a kick and nodded to Josh as the hummer went forward. Closely behind the car was the bike as they drove off, getting away from the downtown area. At that moment, we were looking out for each other, and keeping each other close.

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